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🔞canon fic where jk and tae are talking random shit one night while they're lazing around in tae's room, and tae says, "i bet nj-hyung is gentle in bed." jk blinks. his eyebrows furrow. he sits up, staring down at tae, and says, "wh- what?" "nj-hyung. i bet he's all gentle."

jk's lips purse. at this point, he should realize it's weird and a little intrusive to discuss nj's sex life - it's not something they gossip about unless the member in question is the one who brought it up - but instead, all jk can think is— "no he's not." tae grins widely.
"oh? how would you know?" "it- it's nj-hyung," jk stutters out, as if that's explanation enough. "i'm not saying he's /mean/, but gentle, tch…" "jk-ah," tae teases. "i bet i'm right. nj-hyung makes sweet /love/—" "ahhh," jk interrupts, putting his hands over his ears. "hyung.
why did you even start thinking about this, huh?" "you mentioned you keep seeing hyung in the gym, so obviously i started thinking about him having sex." jk laughs. tae says it with the boldness of someone who's been drinking, even though they haven't. but jk can't imagine it.
not the part about nj having sex - that's easy, maybe too easy to picture, heat unfurling inside jk like opening up a box he's long since hidden underneath his bed. (of course jk has pictured that before. anyone with eyes would, right?) but he can't imagine nj /just/ gentle.
the way nj writes, some of the songs he recommends to them, the way he carries himself and the confidence he has those rare times sex comes up as a conversation topic… "i bet he isn't," jk finally says, and tae hums, wiggling around a little on the bed. "what do you bet?"
jk's eyes widen. "oh, i, uh." are they going to just /ask/ nj for the answer? that's mortifying. "the loser has to pay for dinner." "fine." "for all seven of us." "ugh," tae groans, "but fine. since you disagreed with me, though, the burden is on you to find out who's right."
jk's stomach clenches. "wait, that's not—" "bye have fun!" tae starts to headbutt jk's thigh and jk huffs out a laugh, pushing back at tae on the bed, "ai hyung, that's not fair." "all you have to do is ask. pretend you're drunk, or act cute or something, hyung will answer."
jk bites his lip. it'll be embarrassing no matter what, but, well. maybe part of jk really just wants to know what the answer is, too. he knows he's right, he does. there's no way nj is only gentle in bed. his voice alone, ah, jk would let nj say just about anything to him…
jk squirms a little. "fine," he mumbles, and maybe he should be more suspicious of how bright tae's grin is in that moment, but jk isn't. because his mind is now stuck on trying to figure out the best way to ask their leader how he fucks. —
things are busier than ever with their promotion schedule and filming for future projects, with the shocking success of dynamite, the giddiness that comes with that after such a long period of self-reflection and frustration. they're living on top of each other these days,
just more convenient to stay in the dorm when they're working so late (or early), so it's a genuine mistake when jk walks in on nj just getting out of the shower. nj glances up just as he finishes wrapping a towel around his waist, water still dripping down his shoulders, chest.
he's so broad. maybe the most broad jk ever remembers seeing nj, upper arms thick with muscle, stomach toned. jk's mouth has dropped open without him realizing it until nj huffs out an embarrassed laugh, "ah, i'm almost done." "yeah," jk breathes out, still staring. unblinking.
"jungkookah," nj says, tone stern enough to snap jk out of it. "ah sorry," jk mumbles. what did he even come here to do? pee? it can wait. "hyung is really muscular these days." nj lifts an arm to rub the back of his neck shyly, and his bicep flexes. seriously? "hah, c'mon."
"i mean it!" jk says, eyes suddenly wide. "really, you look so…" nj finally seems to give in to having a conversation while he's still half-naked and leans against the sink. "so what?" "hot." nj blinks. and then he smiles bashfully. "ah, really." "are you seeing anyone?"
nj gives him a very strange look then, and it takes jk a second, but then he's quickly adding, "just because— you've been going to the gym so much, you know, i wasn't sure if you were trying to impress…" nj laughs, head dropping forward, "impress someone, shit. no. i'm not."
"oh." jk realizes - about the same time he also accidentally glances down and feels his stomach jolt warmly at the sight of nj's bare thighs - that he has no idea how to transition this into finding out what nj is like during sex. and maybe it's not fair to ask him about it,
when nj probably just wants to dry off (jk hopes he dries off…) and put clothes back on. "are you?" nj asks, and jk quickly glances back up. "huh?" "seeing anyone," nj says. his voice is low, tone even. "you've been working out too." "no," jk murmurs. "i'm not. we're busy…"
"true," nj says, and there's a smile playing at his lips when he finally says, "jungkookah, was there something else you wanted?" jk gazes at nj's chest and licks his lips. "nope." "okay. you know, the other bathroom is probably free, uh—" "ah right sorry," jk blurts out.
he almost laughs nervously, and is glad he catches himself before he does, leaving the room with a small nod. that was so awkward, holy shit. he should just give up on the bet, tae probably won't even care, but… jk doesn't like giving up. he wants to prove that he's right,
that nj /does/ get at least a little rough in bed, and jk refuses to reflect on why proving that is so important to him. jk refuses to question why, in his bed later that night, when he's trying to quietly jerk off and remembers the water dripping down nj's broad chest,
a wet trail going all the way down his stomach to where the towel was wrapped around his waist, the glimpse of the cut of nj's hips, his thighs, the hair on his calves, how big and firm his chest would feel if jk rested his hands on it the way he sometimes gropes nj's arm—
imagining that same body sheened in sweat while nj fucks someone roughly from behind, deep voice snarling dirty things, praises, the strength nj would have, oh, it'd really be— jk comes over his fist with a soft gasp, eyes squeezed shut, face hot. he says very quietly, "fuck."
— it's hard to find time to be alone with nj, when they're all filming so much together as a group, but then jk comes across nj working in his studio one evening. the door is open, so he probably wouldn't mind jk stopping by. jk just watches him for maybe a moment too long,
but there's something comforting about how nj works, how he slouches back and plays a demo from his speakers, tapping along with it. singing huskily. off-key. jk smiles, and then disappears to order dinner for both of them before heading back to nj's studio. "oh, hell yes."
jk's face scrunches with a smile at nj's greeting, the way he rolls his chair over to the table in front of the couch. "ah, you're a lifesaver. marry me," nj sings, teasing, and jk hopes the real curl of warmth he feels at the words doesn't show on his face. they eat & chatter,
about music and a little bit about work, until jk can see the tension in nj's shoulders. they're doing so much lately, performing with just the energy they manage to give each other on set. jk sets his chopsticks down, stepping over to nj to rub his shoulders, and nj laughs.
"jungkookah, you don't have to—" "i don't mind," jk murmurs, "do you?" nj is still tense beneath his hands, but at jk's words, he finally slumps into the touch. eyes sliding shut. "you're too perfect," he complains half-heartedly, and jk snickers, massaging slowly, deeply.
"ah, hyung. you've been working really hard." he digs his thumbs into a tight spot and nj's groan is all throaty, his head dropping forward. "you have to make sure to take time to yourself still, to relax…" "what, are you asking me if i jerk off?" nj says with a little laugh.
jk thinks, oh. maybe this is how he can ask… "n-no," jk stutters out after maybe too long of a pause, swallowing before he continues, "i mean, it's not my business, but i'm sure that helps you relax, right? or like— sex." nj huffs out another laugh, tinged with disbelief.
"sure? i guess." "even if the sex itself isn't relaxing," jk mumbling, wondering if the only reason nj hasn't given him a strange look yet is because jk is distracting him with the shoulder rub. "because, ah, it's better when it's a little rough, right?" nj finally pulls away.
he turns in his chair, staring at jk with a baffled expression while jk's face rapidly heats. "jungkookah." "uhh." "you've been kind of… focused on my theoretical hookups lately." jk laughs nervously. it doesn't change nj's confused look. "is there something i'm missing…?"
jk shakes his head. "okay." nj hums. "did you have a specific question? you can just ask, really, it's just us." jk lets out a shaky breath, licking his lips. resisting the urge to grab for nj's shoulders again just to have something to squeeze at. nj's stare is kind, though.
"i- i want to know what hyung is like in bed," jk whispers, and nj's eyes briefly go wide. and then he smiles, head ducking with it. "jungkookah, really…" this is the part where jk could say, it's for a bet. but he doesn't. instead, "i just, ah, i have a certain idea…"
nj hums, arching a single eyebrow. motioning for jk to continue. "but i want to know for- for real, how, uh." "how i like it? how i fuck someone, baby?" jk knows he's being teased. he knows it. but he still nods, heat tugging in his belly at the pet name. nj stands up then,
and jk just kind of— gulps, when nj uses his height to now stare jk down. "will you tell me why first?" "just curious," jk answers quickly, and nj laughs, loud and genuine. "shit. you're so— jungkookah, you are being serious, right?" "of course i'm being serious," jk mutters.
"okay, okay." nj brushes past him when he goes to shut the door to his studio, and jk nervously tucks his hair behind his ear, letting nj lead him over to sit on the couch. there were a few times, years ago, when nj leading him over to a couch meant jk was about to get spanked.
a half-serious punishment for misbehaving even after being scolded. jk shivers when nj rests a hand on his thigh. "not everyone is into the same thing," nj murmurs, and jk nods. a fair statement. "but in general, i guess… yeah, i kind of like being in charge during sex."
"but not like, in a porn way, you know," nj laughs, and it's a little bit of a relief to see that nj is bashful too, even if that doesn't stop him from continuing. "i like making someone else feel good. i like when, uh— they want it rough, they can handle it. i like talking."
jk swallows, and knows how obvious it is, because the corner of nj's mouth twitches with a smile. but. holy shit. nj-hyung talking about this is so… "so you're not… gentle?" nj tilts his head. smirks. "define 'gentle'. being a little kinky is fun, right?" "right," jk rasps.
"being in charge is relative, anyway, like it's nice to be ridden, you know?" jk /doesn't/ know, really, but he nods. eyes wide. belly clenching hotly when nj squeezes a little where he's still gripping jk's thigh. "it's a bit— hm." nj stares at jk until jk shudders,
feeling too Seen under nj's warm gaze, the low murmur of his voice, the scent of his cologne this close. "i could just show you?" jk's breath catches in his throat. "h-hyungnim." he's joking, right? "baby," nj says slowly, "the way you've been looking at me this whole time."
jk's heart pounds. "tell me you're not interested and i'll leave you alone. seriously, if you're unsure, it's not—" something too close to guilt flashes over nj's face, "this isn't me pressuring you, as your leader—" "hyung," jk says quietly. "really?" nj smiles slowly. "mmm."
"n-now?" jk asks. nj leans in, and jk freezes, eyes fluttering shut, but nj only presses a kiss to his forehead before pulling back. "nah. we should both be heading home, we have to be up at like 3 am tomorrow for shooting, right? i want us to have time. i want you to be sure,
to feel ready for it." jk could say he's ready now. but he isn't, not in every way that he wants to be. "you won't change your mind?" he asks in a smaller voice, and nj's eyebrows furrow. he cups the side of jk's face, where his cheek still feels too-hot, and jk leans into it.
"no. isn't that—" nj pauses, laughing shortly, "isn't that terrible of me, that i'm so sure i want to try this? but i think we'll both like it. if hyung is being honest, jungkookah, it's been a long time since i've been with anyone." jk hums his acknowledgment. he's the same.
maybe it's the same for all of them, really, because of how cautious they've all been. "we could both use something that will help us relax, right?" jk could make a joke here, something like, how relaxing is getting his back blown out, really? but he doesn't. he smiles shyly,
nodding his head even with nj still cupping his face, "we could. i- i thought about you the other night—" nj's thumb brushes over jk's lips, and it takes everything in him to not open his mouth & teasingly suck at it. "yeah? go on, tell me." jk wants to squirm under nj's gaze.
"there's not much to tell," jk mutters. "you're just hot." nj huffs out a laugh. "jungkookah. did you get off, thinking about me? was it— fuck, was it after the shower thing?" "ah." jk tries to turn his face, but nj's hand follows. "that was embarrassing." "nah. you're cute."
it's hard to hold back a giggle, with nj being so openly flirty, and then he goes and says something like, "will you think of me when you touch yourself tonight?" and jk wants to just sink down on the couch as heat washes through him at the words, at nj's deep, confident voice.
"i- i, ah." jk takes a second to collect his words, licking his lips and seeing nj's gaze darken a little. "i will." "good," nj breathes out. "you're so good for me, aren't you?" jk wishes there was a way he could put one of nj's couch pillows over his lap without nj noticing.
"thursday night, okay? if you're not too tired, come meet me here." "okay," jk agrees, and nj leans in slow enough this time that jk is ready, when thick lips are pressed to his, a different kind of warm rush that pours through him, belly clenching with each kiss they trade.
nj kisses well. wet, and deep, surging forward with it while jk meets him in strength, just as eager, as hungry for it. jk is panting, eyes squeezed shut, hands groping for nj's shoulders for something to hold onto. nj's teeth catch his lip, his own breathing heavy,
and jk feels it like liquid heat poured down his spine when nj whispers in his ear, "i've wanted to do that for so long, jungkookah." jk curls his fingers into nj's shirt. "h-hhyung, ah." "wait for me," he adds, and then he smacks one last kiss to jk's lips, pulling back.
"wait until thursday, and hyung will show you, well—" nj smirks, all crooked and handsome. "i'll show you whatever you want, baby." jk leaves nj's studio still blushing, lips still tingling. dick annoyingly hard. he stops in the hallway and messages tae, "u owe us dinner 😙"
— tae: u just asked him?? jk: yes keke tae: i need more details before i believe u jk: hyung! i wouldn't lie! tae: meet me in my office when u get home please jk rolls his eyes and locks his phone without replying. he can't tell tae the whole truth, no way. if tae knows,
then jm will know, and jk wouldn't put it past both of them to snoop when jk goes to nj's studio thursday night… if jk is being honest, winning the bet doesn't even compare to the anticipation of hooking up with nj. it barely feels real. sex with nj, with their leader?
jk has some experience, but not a lot - the stress of privacy has always weighed heavily on his mind even during those times. he lets himself imagine how different it'll feel with nj, though. with someone who /knows/ him, someone jk trusts so completely, someone that he, well—
someone that he's really fucking attracted to. jk waits until his dick has calmed down a little to visit tae's "office" (aka bedroom), and he's glad he does, because tae immediately looks him up and down. "ahh, what, what?" jk mutters. "so nj-hyung told you just like that?"
"i mean." jk flops back on tae's bed, grabbing one of his extra pillows to hug (just in case…). "it was awkward. it was going to be awkward no matter what, but- but hyung talked about it. what he's like in bed." tae hums. he doesn't look convinced, so jk adds with a snort,
"what, you won't believe me until you get a sex tape?" tae's eyes widen. jk's eyes go wide too, when he realizes what he said. "uhhh." "jungkookah," tae teases, voice purposely deep. "you should tell me exactly what hyung said to you, i'm curious." "n- no thanks." "c'mon—"
"it's personal, i don't have his permission," jk says, dodging tae's fingers when they try to pinch at jk's nipple through his shirt. he uses the pillow as a shield. "the bet is a draw until i decide i believe you." "ah, no fair," jk complains. he almost adds, 'ask yourself',
but then realizes how much he doesn't want tae doing that. if tae also goes and quizzes nj on his sex life, then jk's questions earlier will become a thousand times more suspicious. like he tricked nj somehow, or doesn't genuinely want the experience of sleeping with him.
"if- if you won't believe me, i'll just pay then," jk says, and tae pouts at him. "no, that's no fun. the jungkookie i know doesn't give up." 'it's not really giving up,' jk thinks, 'if i still get rapmon-hyung's dick in my—' "just give me a couple days," tae says,
and there's something behind his eyes, something kind of mischievous that jk doesn't entirely trust. but jk still nods. "just please don't harass nj-hyung. i'll- i'll record him saying it or something if you want." "jungkookah," tae says with laughter in his voice, "it sounds…
it sounds like you just want to be the only one nj-hyung talks about sex with," tae finishes. jk huffs, and flushes, and says nothing. (because it's true.) later that night, jk remembers nj's request to think of him while he gets off, and jk lets himself be a little reckless.
he knows he has to be quick, as early as they have to be up, so he jerks off almost roughly, eyes squeezed shut and his fingers playing with a nipple as his pleasure climbs. he waits until he's close, and then starts recording audio with his phone set up right next to his face.
he's still quiet, of course. quiet, harsh breaths, panting as his hand moves, but he lets little moans escape too. a soft "a-ah" and a long hum, something needy that probably sounds close to a whine. his face is flushed hot when he lets himself moan quietly, "h-hyung, ah."
he says it a couple more times, breathless and hitching, "hyung, oh, it's— p-please, hyung—" jk comes with shuddering breaths, puffing loudly right into his phone. and then he stops recording, checks the message conversation three times just to be sure, and sends it to nj.
jk falls asleep before nj answers, but when his alarm goes off he sees it took nj 15 minutes to reply. nj: fuck nj: holy fuck nj: baby nj: i didn't think you'd really…wow nj: thank you nj: are you already asleep? probably ha nj: sleep well baby, hyung came so hard thanks to you
jk smiles into his pillow. he smiles at nj when they're all in hair and makeup later, too, in a way that feels goofy and obvious because it's still the middle of the night. but jk doesn't care. nj squeezes his waist and says with a smirk, something private just for them,
but not too unusual for anyone else listening, "your voice is something else, jungkookah. hyung is lucky he gets to listen to it." heat tugs low in jk's belly. he wonders if nj can just /tell/ how much jk likes being tucked into his side like this. "ah, hyung. thank you." —
time goes by quickly when they're busy - too quickly for jk's liking, when it comes to time spent sleeping or napping especially - and when thursday rolls around, jk's stomach is a tangle of nerves. he worries briefly that he'll be too nervous to get hard. and then he showers,
pressing his fingers inside himself after cleaning and imagining nj holding his waist, imagining nj's long fingers easing inside, jk's flushed cheek pressed against the shower wall and his dick chubbing up as imaginary nj praises him for being ready, for taking it so well—
jk is still blushing as he dries off. maybe getting hard isn't going to be an issue, then. he dresses how he normally would, in an oversized sweatshirt and loose sweatpants, no makeup but a little effort put into his hair, a simple chain necklace he forgot to take off.
nj has seen him sleepy, hungover, sick, a crying mess… jk knows this isn't about impressing him. but he still hopes nj finds him sexy. jk has been clinging to nj's whispered words, /i've wanted to do that for so long, jungkookah/, clinging to the ragged honesty in nj's voice.
just how long? jk isn't sure if he's ready to know the answer to that. jk knocks on nj's door when he arrives even though it's open, and nj turns around and smiles. it's bright, genuine. jk finds something relieving in the fact it isn't seductive at all, but just— their nj.
"wow, you look so good. let me save this really quick—" jk nervously tucks his hair behind his ear at the compliment, startling when nj must hit something on his phone and the lights dim, leaving just the colored lights at the room's corners. "go ahead and shut the door."
just like that, the mood shifts for jk. familiar into unfamiliar, his pulse kicking up. he turns around and locks the door, and nj nods to his couch, a large blanket strewn over it, the table moved aside up against nj's shelves. jk wonders if nj has had sex in here before.
(he immediately pushes that thought from his mind.) "ah, you look tense," nj says sitting down next to him, and jk's lips purse in a little pout. it has nj laughing, head ducking down shyly when he does. "sorry. it's a bit sudden, right? scheduling something like this."
jk imagines an alternate universe where he and nj hook up for the first time because of their gazes locking in the dorm or something, overcome by passion, and he snickers to himself. "what, what?" jk tells nj, and he laughs too. "ah, that would be sexy though, wouldn't it?"
"hyung," jk says, leaning back into the couch. the blanket nj covered it with smells nice. clean. "should i get undressed?" "c'mere," nj says instead, guiding jk with steady hands on his waist to straddle his lap, jk huffing out a nervous laugh as he settles there, knees apart.
he rests his hands on nj's shoulders, feeling the muscle there, kneading a little with his palms just because he can. "ah, your waist is so slender," nj comments, hands squeezing, and jk sinks his teeth into his lip so he doesn't do something embarrassing like moan.
he can't hide like this, but maybe that was nj's whole reason for doing it to begin with. "anyway, we should talk a bit first." nj meets his eyes then, and jk nods a little agreement. "jungkookah, please stop biting your lip, it's gonna— you're gonna make it bleed or something."
jk stops, nose scrunching. "you try being on rm-hyung's lap and not having to bite your lip, huh." nj grins widely. "i know. sorry. hyung is selfish for wanting you like this. jungkookah," he says in a deeper voice, eyes already heavy, "tell me first how far you want to go."
"i, ah." jk's breath hitches when nj's hands slide up beneath his shirt, fingers pressing coolly into bare skin. "all the way…?" nj hums. "do you have a position you prefer?" how can jk answer? anything. he wants /everything/. "from behind, like, ah… on my hands and knees."
"oh, that was." nj huffs out a short laugh. "that was a topping-or-bottoming kind of question, but okay. cool. noted." "like you didn't already know…" jk mutters, just to see nj smile. "sorry, i don't want to assume. have you ever been with a guy before?" jk nods.
he thinks nj already knew that, too, but jk's never given details. now, he doesn't know what possesses him, but he blurts out, "he wasn't as big as you." nj's eyes widen, and then a handsome smirk tugs at his lips. "oh, really? in what way?" "in every way," jk says softly.
nj hums. the mood is already a little less awkward, a little more like— like jk really wants to kiss nj until his lips feel swollen from it. "so the other stuff, ah. the rougher stuff," nj clarifies, and heat squeezes low in jk's belly, hips shifting restlessly over nj's lap.
"doesn't hyung already know what i'm into?" jk murmurs, thinking about how long nj has been teasing him for his masochistic tendencies. "not necessarily. oral, giving and receiving?" jk nods. if his mouth waters a little just at the thought of sucking nj's cock, well.
that's between him and the inside of his mouth. "okay, me too. pet names? praise?" jk lets himself smile. "ahhh, this hyung." nj smiles back. "yeah, okay, i already guessed with those. being restrained?" jk blinks. "like— a leash?" "what— no," nj laughs, startled.
"i mean, actually, i guess. but i just mean having your arms pinned or your wrists held above your head, that kind of thing." "yeah," jk breathes out. "if it doesn't bruise, then yeah." "rough sex? like, hard and fast? feeling used?" heat washes through jk. "h-hyung, ah…"
"yes or no, baby." "yes," jk finally answers. from the smug way nj looks at him, he must be able to tell how turned on jk is. "hair-pulling?" jk's nod comes quickly. "spanking? playing with your nipples?" jk nods, even as he says, "that's just another day at home, ah."
nj laughs. "hush. how about, hm. having to ask for permission to come?" jk nods. "what if i tell you no? tell you to hold out for me?" "then i will," jk answers quietly, and nj gives his waist a squeeze. "cute." jk lets out a shaky breath. "okay. condoms? i know i'm clean—"
"me too," jk says a little too quickly, "so no. no to condoms." nj raises an eyebrow. "i didn't think you'd like it messy." "it's not the mess, it's—" jk's face flushes with new heat. "it's feeling you bare. trusting you, let- letting you come inside me." nj stares at him.
he clears his throat, and his voice is deep, /deep/ when he says, "have you ever heard of traffic lights? green for keep going, red for stop." "like safewords? yeah," jk says. "yeah, that- that's fine." "good," nj says. "good," he repeats, and then his hands are sliding up,
up underneath jk's shirt, pressing at his naked back to bring him closer to nj's body, "good, now kiss me, please." jk tilts his face and meets nj's lips in an open kiss. nj exhales a shuddering breath, and heat tugs hard in jk's groin, the pleasure needy already, molten-hot.
jk rarely makes out with someone like this without some kind of music playing in the background. now, he feels like he could get drunk on the sound of nj's breaths, the wet smack of their lips. "you're so sweet," nj breathes out when jk can't hold back a moan, kissed so hard.
"hyung, ah—" "can hyung take your shirt off? wanna see you, fuck." jk nods, lifting his arms obediently, skin covered in goosebumps once it meets the cool air, the chain necklace dangling down between his pecs. nj stares. his hands run up jk's sides and his shoulders bunch,
a ticklish reaction, but then nj is smoothing a hand over his abdomen, up his chest. tracing each of jk's tiny dark nipples, pebbled hard. jk has been admired by nj before, but this is— different. nj guides jk's body close again, lips closing over a stiff nipple, sucking there.
jk huffs out a noise, half-laugh and half-whine, his face scrunching. he's sensitive. it feels so /good/. "h-hyung." "the voice clip you sent," nj groans into jk's chest, eyes so dark when they meet jk's. "i- i don't know if i've ever gotten hard that fast. the way you /sound/."
jk wants to protest, the awe in nj's voice making him shy. instead, he slowly rocks himself over nj's lap, grinding snug against the bulge in nj's sweatpants while pleasure spikes through him from nj's teasing sucks at his nipples. "please make noise for me, don't hold back."
"okay," jk says, because it seems like nj is waiting for an answer, and then his lips are finding jk's again, kissing roughly. it feels so desperate now, jk's cheeks are hot with it, his dick heavy. he turns his face to pant out against nj's cheek, "i fingered myself at home."
"fuck," nj swears, hands sliding from jk's back right down to the seat of his sweatpants, gripping jk's ass through the thin material. jk just humps himself closer over nj's lap, gasping a little. smiling into nj's neck. "thought of you when i did, and-and started to get hard."
"do you think about me a lot?" nj asks, guiding the way jk rocks over his lap now, and jk is amazed he can still feel new heat from a blush. his neck must be so red with it. "i just— sometimes." nj hums. "hyung can live with sometimes. will you let me check, though?" "check?"
jk leans back, and nj gives a little tug to the necklace, centering it against jk's bare chest. "you can speak up if you don't like something, if you wanna do it differently, okay? at any point." jk nods. "i want you to bend over my lap and get me wet with your mouth,"
nj says slowly, "while i use my fingers to make sure baby's done a good enough job opening himself up for me." "oh," jk says, clenching up around nothing, licking his lips wet while nj waits for his answer. "y- yes. yeah." nj smiles slowly. confidence makes his eyes darker,
jk thinks, even as he slides off nj's lap to undress, cock bobbing up embarrassingly hard, even as he hears nj say, "yeah, there you go," while jk settles on his knees on the couch next to nj, leaning over his lap. nj lifts his hips and drags his pants down, and jk just— sighs.
nj chokes out a laugh. "what is that? c'mon." jk licks his lips again, fingers curling around the base. "there's so much of it," he mumbles. "jungkookah." "where do you KEEP all of it," jk says a little louder, snickering when he glances up to nj's flushed, unamused face.
he knows nj finds him cute. he also knows nj will appreciate the way jk has practiced for this, on his own, sometimes to sate his oral fixation and sometimes just because it's nice to come with his mouth feeling full, with something to swallow around. "that's it," nj purrs out.
his voice is all husky, jk finds himself spreading his thighs on the couch even before nj has reached back there, fingers slick with lube, just rubbing over jk's hole as jk rubs the flat of his tongue over nj's cockhead. "you look—" nj uses his free hand to brush jk's hair back,
fingers pushing it off his forehead so he can stare down at jk's face as his mouth sinks over nj's cock. jk feels slightly overwhelmed by all of it. fingers in his hair, teasing over his clenching hole. nj filling his mouth so completely, so thick jk feels how his lips stretch.
"you look so damn good," nj finishes, and jk is more affected by the roughness of his voice than the words - more affected by nj slipping two fingers inside, pressing, and /fuck/, jk forgot how big it can feel when it's someone else's touch. he chokes on nj's cock and eases up.
"yeah, shh, take it easy," nj croons at him. "you don't have to— i'm still gonna fuck you, this is just for fun, baby. i've got you tight around my dick and my fingers right now, do you know how crazy that feels?" jk's face burns hot. he pulls off nj for a second, panting,
and nj pets gently through his hair, like his fingers aren't also stroking down inside jk, making him shudder, his cock jerking under his belly. "take your time," nj says, and jk stares up at him with wide, wet eyes before he asks, "three fingers, please?" nj exhales shakily.
jk loses himself in that rhythm of bobbing his mouth over nj's huge cock, in the kind of mind-numbing bliss that comes from feeling so full, both his mouth and his hole, nj's praise warm in his ears. "you're doing so well," nj says, "taking all of it so well, aren't you, baby?"
jk only pulls off after choking again, leaving nj's straining cock wet, letting out a low moan as nj draws his fingers out too. nj slaps right over jk's ass, and he jolts, gasping wetly against nj's hip. "a-ah." "way too good at that," nj says. jk smiles, still a little dazed.
nj gets undressed the rest of the way and jk watches, leaning into the couch now and smacking his lips, body tense with how turned on he is, with how much he wants to touch nj. nj settles over him and presses slow kisses to jk's lips, mouth curving when jk's hands find his pecs.
"yeah?" "i'd do this even if we weren't having sex," jk murmurs, just to feel nj smile wider against his lips. "so-so big, really, hyung…" "c'mon, turn over for me," nj says. "i mentioned it's been a while, right? god, can't wait to fuck you." jk shivers, letting nj move him.
the chain necklace he's wearing dangles down underneath him, his cock feeling— /needy/ as nj strokes it, as he lines himself up behind jk and starts to press inside. "that's right," nj tells him, "open up for me like that, baby, there you go." jk moans softly, face scrunched.
nj is a lot to take. there's no getting around it, even with the delicious friction of nj stroking his cock, the distraction of his deep voice, it's a /lot/. jk shudders and opens and his gasp stutters at the stretch, the raw ache of it. "doing well," nj babbles, "that's it."
"hhyuh- nng, 's big," jk slurs out, head ducked down as he takes it, as he wonders what wires are crossed in his brain that being split open by nj like this feels /so fucking good/. "d- don't stop, please—" "i won't, i've got you," nj breathes out, filling and filling. jk sobs.
nj pets over his back once it feels like - jk thinks, anyway - he's fed his whole cock inside, and then he's drawing back, easing back in. he adds even more lube, and jk hums at the extra wet stickiness of it, how it trails down to his balls. "h-hyung, ah." "yeah, baby?"
"you said—" jk's breath hitches with what might be another sob. he sounds either breathless or drunk, or maybe both, but his words don't want to come out normally. "y-you said you'd be rough. you'd use me." nj is still rocking inside with careful thrusts. "mm." "p- please?"
he can hear the smile in nj's voice when he answers, "oh, you're so good for saying please. yeah, i can be rough. you still remember your words?" "yes," jk whines, and he's grateful when nj lets go of his cock, when nj grabs at his hips instead, when he— when he /fucks/ him.
jk isn't even sure if he's making noise besides gasping, as loud as the clap of their skin is, his hands braced on the couch as nj's hips snap forward. it's so good. it's feeling full even when nj has pulled back because of how fast he thrusts, the heat and the heaviness of it,
a constant, building ache. jk takes it because he can't do anything else like this, moaning at how well nj rubs him everywhere inside because— nj is so big he can't /miss/. "this angle is— fuck," nj gasps, "your waist and your back, jungkookah, it's unreal." jk's toes curl.
"unh—" "how can you be this tight and still let me in, huh? you want it that badly?" nj's fingers slide into jk's hair, gathering it into a thick, short ponytail and using it to bring his head up, until jk is kneeling up higher, nj still pounding into him. jk's vision blurs,
tears of— relief, pleasure, the sting of nj pulling his hair, all of it. he gasps and his necklace bounces against his chest with every thrust, each deep push of nj's huge cock inside him, the strength behind the way nj moves. "hyung," jk manages to choke out, voice rough.
nj's thrusts slow, just grinding deep, letting go of jk's hair to wrap his arms around him, pulling jk's back flush to his chest. something about— about the way nj grinds up like this, it has heat /pulsing/ in jk's groin, a kind of desperation that leaves him breathless.
"what is it?" "n-no, it's not— i just like it," jk whines, shuddering on nj's cock as his neck is kissed so gently, as he's kept so full. "i like it so much." "you're so good," nj says roughly, lips against jk's ear, "so, so good for me, aren't you? my baby." jk nods shyly.
"can you take it hard again?" "yeah," jk pants, "yeah, please—" "okay, okay. and you'll still ask me, right? ask hyung when you need to come. the way you- you tighten up around me, you feel so good, jungkookah, 's driving me crazy." jk's moan comes out shaky, soft and mewling.
he moans again when nj tightly grips his hip and fucks into him again, moans louder when nj uses his other hand to slap jk's ass. it's— /shocking/, the sudden pain, the way it immediately melts warm with all the pleasure until jk finds himself craving the hits just as much.
"yeah," jk says, the heat inside him building, bright and huge and so urgent, how quickly it climbs. "yeah, yeah, uh—" "close?" nj asks, palming at his spanked-cheek, spreading him like he's staring at where he disappears into jk's tiny hole, and jk shudders. he moans weakly.
"close," he says after a few more seconds, and breathing the word out loud makes it more real, because he's /right there/, suddenly. "close, close, please, can- can i come, oh—" "shh shh, listen to hyung, just another second," nj tells him, still fucking forward fast,
all that heat building and tightening and jk struggling to keep himself from tipping over the edge. "puh- please," he sobs, "please—" "okay," nj finally tells him, "go on, let go for me. it's okay, baby, let go for hyung." jk does, head thrown back as he rides it out.
his body shudders with the orgasm, cock jerking and spilling untouched beneath him while nj goes still on top of him, hunched over his back. jk's eyes are still squeezed shut, stars in his vision, but even over the roar in his ears he can hear how pretty nj moans when he comes.
it's a minute of panting together, of jk desperately trying to feel the difference of having nj's cum inside him (was that pulsing feeling nj, or just his hole throbbing? he wants to believe it was nj…). and then nj starts to draw his hips back, and jk whines sadly, "don't go."
nj's laugh is short, choked. "jungkookah. i have to." "y- you don't, not yet—" "shhh, baby, it'll be okay. it'll feel weird, but— we still have to head home. you can't just cockwarm me to sleep here." "ahhhh, why'd you say that? that sounds so good," jk moans. nj laughs again.
it /is/ weird, when nj's spent cock slips out, the mess that leaks out after. jk rolls over onto his back and nj gets tissues, all flushed and smiling with his eyes even as he helps jk clean up. "how are you feeling? does it hurt anywhere?" jk shakes his head. "no, 's good."
nj hums, using a clean hand to brush his thumb high over jk's flushed cheek. "you were crying a little, earlier." "oh, i- i." jk pauses, feeling embarrassed when his breath hitches just at nj mentioning it. "it was good. it just felt so good, hyung." nj's gaze is so dark still.
jk is sure he'll feel some kind of soreness tomorrow, but whatever it is, it was worth it. more than worth it. jk shivers remembering nj's hand fisted into his hair. "ah, you're so cute when you look smug about something," nj teases, leaning down to kiss jk slowly, sleepily.
"you're really feeling okay?" nj whispers. jk nods, pursing his lips until nj takes the hint and gives him another kiss. "hyung, it- it was rough, yeah, but the way you talk and stuff…" jk draws in a sharp breath, a playful hissing noise. "can i call it making love, huh?"
"what are you saying," nj huffs out, finally standing up straight to go looking for his clothes, for jk's. but jk thinks he's right. he thinks tae was a little bit right, although jk will never let him have that. nj fucks so roughly, but he /makes loves/ when he does it.
it's possible jk is still just orgasm-drunk. "next time," jk says slowly, waiting for nj to object, but he doesn't. he stares warmly at jk, at his lazy dongsaeng naked and sweaty on his couch, so happily fucked out. "next time, i- i want to try, um. i've never…"
"try what?" "wanna ride you," jk says, and nj's eyebrows do this complicated little scrunch, his jaw clenching, which takes jk a second until he realizes— "oh. hyung likes the idea of that too?" "ah, we'll see," nj mumbles, but jk just grins. next time. mmm, next time. —
they make sure they're all cleaned up before they leave nj's studio, and the brisk cold outside even helps with that blushing, overheated-ness after sex. but still, as soon as tae spots them both coming inside, his mouth forms a small "o" of shock. jk's eyes widen. "what? what?"
he /knows/ they both look presentable. jk isn't even limping! (nj would probably panic if jk was limping.) "huh," tae says, tilting his head. a grin slowly spreading across his lips. "okay, i'll take us all out to dinner, then." "wait," jm says next to him, "what did i miss?"
"mm, nothing," tae says, and jk is painfully aware of how everyone in the room is listening carefully now, how all the attention is on tae when he says— "it's just to celebrate our jungkookie and namjoonie-hyung finally hooking up." the room erupts into chaos.
— the end!! link to the top 🥰❤️…
🍦🐰 semi ia 🍃

🍦🐰 semi ia 🍃

🔞canon fic where jk and tae are talking random shit one night while they're lazing around in tae's room, and tae says, "i bet nj-hyung is gentle in bed." jk blinks. his eyebrows furrow. he sits up, staring down at tae, and says, "wh- what?" "nj-hyung. i bet he's all gentle."
🍦🐰 semi ia 🍃

🍦🐰 semi ia 🍃

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