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lucerys get behind me

lucerys get behind me

Mar 16
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Someone crashes into luke car when he’s pregnant. Luckily it’s not bad, luke is mostly shaken up w a lil bruising but the crash itself looks really rough

Of course upon realization that it was a pregnant omega in the crash, the EMTs on site freak out and rush him off asap just in case
unfortunately, his phone was wrecked in the car so the hospital calls his emergency contact and husband aemond to the hospital too bad he’s in a business meeting w the rest of the family (and itching to get to paternity leave bc 🥺 he wants to be with his Lucerys 🥺 )
So of course when the family see him jump out of his seat and begin sprinting and hear the last thing he say is “what hospital is he in”, EVERYONE flips tf out
So cute a whole fucking fleet of designer cars breaking every known road law to get to the Rhaenys Targaryen Hospital
Meanwhile, Luke has been checked over and he and the babies are good :) he’s very tired though now that the shock is wearing off the the bruises are setting in All his superficial scrapes have been treated but it does look a lot worse than it is
So when aemond bursts in the room followed by the whole hoard of his family and they see Luke seemingly unconscious (sleeping), hooked up to IVs (just some light hydration), and wounded with blooming bruises (very minor cuts from some glass) THEY PANIC
Jace, joff, and daemon are going full fbi mode to hunt down who did this, rhaenyra and Alicent are interrogating the doctors and nurses about Luke and the babies, bb aeg and vis are inching closer to Luke to try and comfort him, corlys viserys and rhaenys are calling lawyers
Aegon helaena and daeron are trying to hold aemond back meanwhile aemond is silently crying w the angriest look on his face
And then, Luke wakes up 😃
His throats a bit sore so he doesn’t immediately speak he’s just pawing at the cup near him to get some water. It’s actually bb vizzy that notices and quietly hands him some water
Cue the baby boys (who are prob like 15) trying to get everyone’s attention but they’re so loud :/ Then, luke coughs a lil and aemonds head snaps toward him like a bloodhound
Basically everyone flocks to Luke yammering all over each other but Luke kinda just gives the a look and makes direct eye contact w his doctor and just calmly asks them to tell everyone the rundown
That all squared away and good, luke is given the green light to head home w the directions of just to take it easy Dramatic man he is, aemond very delicately carries him out of the hospital. yes the media have a field day.
(and yes the person who hit him gets sued to hell and back mfer tried a hit and run)
Luke gets home and is all sleepy so he completely misses that his whole family congregated together like a bunch of anxious meerkats to go over how to take care of Luke and the babes bc this genuinely freaked them out especially aemond :(
this goes on v early into the morning given that Luke got discharged at night and he wakes up feeling peckish and craving some stuff. So what does Luke do? Luke leaves home without telling anyone 😃
In Luke’s defense 1) pregnancy brain 2) he was really hungry but everyone was talking too loud in the kitchen and he didn’t wanna bother them bc they all seemed to be having a heart to heart moment 😔 so our boy waddles on past them grabs some keys, and bounces
he’s gonna grab some breakfast for everyone since they’ve had such a stressful day :D
Since he doesn’t have a phone he can’t order ahead but luckily he’s early so he puts in a massive order for a huge breakfast.
He’s kinda confused why the workers are being so gentle and help him take everything to the car tho? And they won’t take his tip? In fact, he thinks they severely undercharged him for whatever reason and also added a bunch of sweets that he didn’t order?
Luke, completely forgetting he’s bruised all over the face, has bandages everywhere, is clearly pregnant, alone, and ordering food at seven in the morning w no one around: hmm, wonder why they look so concerned
Anyways, the heart to heart session is still going on at the house but dwindling down. Rhaenyra and aemond are blubbering over each other when rhaena steps aside to go see how Luke’s doing since he’s been getting morning sickness.
She doesn’t see him in bed so she turns to the bathroom thinking maybe his nausea woke him up, but he’s not there. After some power walking bordering on sprinting she realizes he’s not there at all. So she does what anyone would do. She screams
lucerys get behind me

lucerys get behind me

not team black or green but a secret third thing - team Lucerys (21+ only pls)
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