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Mar 16, 2023
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peterpan🦊/tinkerbell🐰 + wendy🐻 // angst, mcd Sbn's head spun, swaying in the air as he lost his balance. Pain shot up his spine as he felt his wings losing its strength, thankfully falling in time as he managed to reach his small home inside the biggest hollow in the tree.

His whole body ached from the fall, cuts all over his palms and shins as he trembled, tearing up because he knows. He knows that behind him, his wings are weakly fluttering, his glow flustering as small specks of fairy dust barely twinkled. He lifted his head weakly to stare at
shard of glass at the corner of his home that acts as his mirror, lips curving into a smile weakly as the first drop of tears fell from his eyes. His light is flickering, skin paler than usual. He's barely glowing, unlike how he had been all his life, getting his glitter
everywhere just from the slightest flutter of his wings. He knows what all this means all too well. Had dreaded this moment from the first time he had agreed to become the male's companion. He's a companion fairy, meant to be with his human forever, for all eternity.
Until his human finally starts to fall in love. Then, he'll no longer be needed by their side. Sbn exhaled shakily as he looked away from his reflection, looking around the small of his that he had made for the last few decades he had been with ynjn. Every bit of memory he's had
with the human. The fairy coughed, causing specks of glitter to flutter from his frail wings that are weakening rapidly. It's a quick process, sbn knows that his wings will be wilting soon. Knows that in probably a few hours; or even minutes that he'll wilt and turn back into his
original form. A dandelion. A wilted dandelion. He reached behind to stroke one of his limping wings gently, tears streaming down his face as mourned the loss of his beautiful wings. "It's okay, It's going to be okay. Ynjn... Ynjnie will be okay", he whispered silently in the
silence of his small home as his lips started cracking, his dimming light flickering in the dark. Slowly, sbn allowed himself to lie down on the soft bed made from one of ynjn's old shirts, stroking the fabric lovingly. "He's falling in love", he whispered to himself as a sad
smile curved on his pale face. Ynjn won't be needing him anymore. He could feel the energy draining from his frail body, wings already falling limp, wilting behind him like dead leaves. Yet, he's still smiling, remembering all the years he had spent with the flying boy that he
had fallen in love with. All the precious time and memories that he had spent with ynjn ever since he first landed on his bed from the open window. A simple dandelion that felt sad for the lonely boy that doesn't want to grow up, wishing to be a companion fairy so he could be by
his side and end his loneliness. Turns out, his company surely wasn't enough. Not enough because now, he's dying, as the boy he loves finally falls for another human. Falls for his Wendy.
• "I swear he was so funny, sbnie you should've followed us earlier in hiking that mountain", ynjn entered his home with a smile, giddy with the time he had spent with the mysterious boy that landed on his island a few weeks ago. The dumb boy that weirdly, couldn't fly like him
or even separate himself from his shadow. Weird.. "Come on sbnie, it's fun!! Plus, you wouldn't get your wings wet because the waterfall is on the other side of the mountain", he continued chattering, taking off his outer shirt and placing it on the bed. But, then he noticed.
It's oddly quiet. No sound of twinkling bells echoing in the room as always. ".....sbn?", an odd, almost panicky feeling swarmed in his chest. He's no longer used to the silence, always filled with the sound of sbn's twinkling noises for the past decades. Ynjn gulped nervously,
immediately walking towards the large tree in the center of his home, looking directly at the hollow that acts as the door of sbn's makeshift home. "Hey, sbn? Are you-", ynjn froze. Eyes widening as tears blurred his vision instantly. There, sbn laid limp on his small bed, wings
tearing up and wilting as he no longer glows. No fairy dust surrounding, no light reflecting from his skin. His eyes are shut, dried tear tracks on his pale face as his small body laid unmoving. "No, no, no", ynjn immediately moved to scoop the fairy out of his house with his
palms, dread filling his veins as he rushed to place the unconscious fairy on his bed, kneeling on the floor as he shook his head. "S-Sbn, h-hey it isn't funny", tears started streaming down his face, trembling fingers delicately touching the fragile fairy's face. He moved his
free hand to touch sbn's limp wings carefully, breaking into a sob as the moment his fingers touched them, those delicate wings wilted completely. Sbn is limp, like a small doll on top of his bed. Ynjn cried harder, scooping up the lifeless fairy to his chest as apologies
stumbled from his lips. Begging for the fairy to wake up. But, to no avail, sbn didn't move or twitch even the slightest. Laid dead in his palms as his body slowly morphed into his original form. There, on the floor, ynjn sobbed as he held a wilted dandelion to his chest.


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