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Scientists, don't separate activism and research, urges @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism. We need ongoing critical reflection; only way to understand a system is try to change it. Activism critical to system change. 1/

Relatively little social science studies effectiveness of less powerful groups in making system change. @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism shares lessons from THIS IS AN UPRISING on non-violent civil disobedience. Focus on disruption, decentralized, shift debate to your terms, choose moral sides /2
Traditional appeals to power (e.g., @Greta Thunberg outside Parliament) risks surface responses like declaring climate emergency w/o real action; then must fight portrayal of action in media. @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism uses her power (as a citizen & scientist), shares lessons learned. /3
Recommended reading by @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism: "PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT OF ACADEMICS: FROM ACADEMIC FREEDOM TO PROFESSIONAL ETHICS"… She found #IPCC lead author = 2 weeks media interest; direct action climate protest = much more interest, ongoing for months. /4
Examples of scientists going from analysis to rebellion from @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism, including @nature piece "Civil disobedience by scientists helps press for urgent climate action" w/ @Dr Stuart No New Oil Capstick @Oscar Berglund @Steve Westlake @Dr. Aaron Thierry & Emily Cox… /5
"Living well within limits" project uses new, heterodox economics framework to identify 10 key findings, incl. Even in Global South, can achieve high well-being without increasing energy consumption; more is not always better. @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism /6
Analyzing energy inequality: Luxury, high intensity, overconsumption = large share of affluent budget = transportation. Solution: Tax and regulate. Basic but high intensity: heat, electricity (buildings). Solution: public investment in efficiency, low carbon. @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism /7
Reducing inequality, investment in public infrastructure, democracy supports climate mitigation, shows @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism w/ @Giulio Mattioli & others. Difference between narratives vs. reality of rent extraction, powerful incumbents uncovered by systems of provisions analysis. /8
When you do relevant research, people take it up and use it, like this comic drawn from the Discourses of Climate Delay paper, shows @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism new project w/ @Giorgos Kallis @Jason Hickel aims to make regrowth model-able by IPCC and others (politicians, NGOs, ...) /9
A peek under the hood of new Post-Growth project w/ @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism @Giorgos Kallis @Jason Hickel: identifying post-growth possibilities, policies, provisioning services, politics, and practice. (politicians, NGOs, ...) /10
Links from the Zoom chat for @LUCSUS_LU seminar, in response to my question about degrowth/post-growth research in North America (though @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism notes there, degrowth faces opposition from both left and right):… and @Degrowth Collective /11
To influence policy, follow example of Milton Friedman: train students with 10-point program who get jobs in ministries to implement them. Need real power and connection to power. Publishing papers or having good ideas does not translate to policy change, says @Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism /12
"The obsession of social science research w/ theory, instead of effectiveness, is very annoying. We do not have time for this nonsense! I can say this bc I'm not in any club I can be drummed out of. Deriving understanding from cases is very precious." πŸ‘πŸ’š@Prof Julia S. 🌍🌹🌱 #ClimateAction #FightFascism /13
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