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Mar 16
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GPT-4 is only 48h old… 48 🤯 ways it can change your life today👇

Turn pictures of ingredients into recipes.
Here's how I gave GPT-4 a photo of a refrigerator and asked it to come up with food recipes in under 60 seconds.
Find the love of your life (and even send an icebreaker).…
How Keeper is using GPT-4 for matchmaking. It takes profile data & preferences, determines if the match is worth pursuing & automates the followup. With computer vision for the physical, you can filter on anything and find your ideal partner.
Make a film, from script to screen.
This video was made almost entirely by AI. I used ChatGPT to write a script, Midjourney to create reference images, Runway Gen-1 to apply the style of the images to my source video, and Boomy AI for the music. Workflow breakdown w/ comparisons in thread. 🧵
Create dynamic, real-time assisted descriptions for the blind.
We are thrilled to present Virtual Volunteer™, a digital visual assistant powered by @OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model. Virtual Volunteer will answer any question about an image and provide instantaneous visual assistance in real-time within the app. #Accessibility #Inclusion #CSUN
Instant, one-click lawsuits to give robocallers a taste of their own medicine.
DoNotPay is working on using GPT-4 to generate "one click lawsuits" to sue robocallers for $1,500. Imagine receiving a call, clicking a button, call is transcribed and 1,000 word lawsuit is generated. GPT-3.5 was not good enough, but GPT-4 handles the job extremely well:
Pass the Bar Exam with flying colors.


BREAKING: ChatGPT-4 has passed the Bar Exam in the 90th percentile.
Or almost any test for that matter: LSAT, GRE, AP, etc.…
Jim Fan

Jim Fan

I don't give a damn about what is or isn't AGI. It doesn't matter. Below is GPT-4's performance on many standardized exams: BAR, LSAT, GRE, AP, etc. The truth is, GPT-4 can apply to Stanford as a student now. AI's reasoning ability is OFF THE CHARTS. Exponential growth is the s!
Turn a sketch for an app idea into an actual app.
gpt-4 can turn your napkin sketch into a web app, instantly. we are deep into uncharted territory here.
Create custom code on basically no budget.
Last night I used GPT-4 to write code for 5 micro services for a new product. A (very good) dev quoted £5k and 2 weeks. GPT-4 delivered the same in 3 hours, for $0.11 Genuinely mind boggling
Create Chrome extensions without any experience.
Jake Browatzke 🚀

Jake Browatzke 🚀

Holy crap! With GPT-4's help and no previous coding experience I just made my first Google Chrome extension in a few hours. GPT-4 walked me step by step thru the entire creation process, writing the code and fixing all errors that came up. The simple extension translates the t "Pirate Speak" by using GPT3-API and the prompt "Ahoy matey! Ye be a pirate. Translate and summarize this landlubber text into pirate speak, even if it be a question" GPT-4 also wrote new code to give the extension popup a "Pirate theme" based on simple text feedback I gave it after first trying the extension 🤯
Build a chatbot for your product or service.…
Ship your own GPT-4 chatbot on @Replit ⠕ right now! GPT-4 Chat UI: the easiest way to ship a chatbot. Built with Next.js. Get started with this template:…
Build functioning websites from hand-drawn sketches……
Rowan Cheung

Rowan Cheung

I just watched GPT-4 turn a hand-drawn sketch into a functional website. This is insane.
Create clones of websites with perfect code…
.@Marc Köhlbrugge asked GPT-4 to make Nomad List and it worked
Instantly scan code for bugs and errors.


GPT-4 scanned the entire frontend of my @langchain chatbot codebase for bugs and errors. Here's what happened and what I noticed... #openai #chatgpt #gpt4
Cybersecurity testing that spots errors and how to exploit them.


I dumped a live Ethereum contract into GPT-4. In an instant, it highlighted a number of security vulnerabilities and pointed out surface areas where the contract could be exploited. It then verified a specific way I could exploit the contract
Discover new medicines that are cheaper and better.
GPT-4 does drug discovery. Give it a currently available drug and it can: - Find compounds with similar properties - Modify them to make sure they're not patented - Purchase them from a supplier (even including sending an email with a purchase order)
Learn languages with an AI-powered personal tutor.
AI and education make a good duo. Introducing Duolingo Max. A subscription tier above Super that gives you access to your own personal, AI-powered language tutor through Explain My Answer and Roleplay, two features developed with the latest @OpenAI technology. details in 🧵
Custom tutoring to supercharge learning.
Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Did you hear? 👀 Khan Academy is using GPT-4 from @OpenAI to shape the future of learning. Starting today, you can sign up to test our AI-powered guide, Khanmigo. A tutor for learners. An assistant for teachers. Come explore with us! ✨
Build presentations from a single document.
Imagine if you could synthesize a doc you wrote into a presentation in seconds. Just one of the many capabilities we've built in @Tome powered by GPT-4. Coming (very) soon.
Take an idea and turn it into a book.
Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman

I wrote a new book with @OpenAI’s latest, most powerful large language model. It’s called Impromptu: Amplifying our Humanity through AI. This, as far as I know, is the first book written with GPT-4. Here’s how it all began……
Organize research instantly.


We’re “pivoting” Elicit with GPT-4 😉 Elicit in 2022 took unstructured text in papers and structured it into a table. Elicit in 2023 will take this structured text and enable you to “pivot” it, grouping it by concepts. Sign up here:
Explain a joke.
Alex Banks

Alex Banks

1/ Visual inputs GPT-4 is a multimodal modal. It accepts both image and text inputs for text output. GPT-4's image recognition & understanding capabilities are mindblowing.
Take on the most complex work of creating computer games.
Create a basic 3D game prototype like Doom using GPT-4. Let GPT do all the maths, raycasting and hard work! 🧵 A thread
Like the cellphone classic Snake…
Can GPT-4 code an entire game for you? Yes, yes it can. Here's how I recreated a Snake game that runs in your browser using Chat GPT-4 and @Replit ⠕, with ZERO knowledge of Javascript all in less than 20 mins 🧵
Or your own version of Tetris……
1. Program a Tetris game in HTML and Javascript in less than 30 seconds. We've all seen demonstrations of GPT-4 creating Pongs. But I wanted to try something more complex. Test passed!
The Atari icon Pong…
I don’t care that it’s not AGI, GPT-4 is an incredible and transformative technology. I recreated the game of Pong in under 60 seconds. It was my first try. Things will never be the same. #gpt4
and Pong modified.
Holy *shit*. Guys. Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit.
Manage the chaos of kids through an AI assistant for parents.


Today we're launching Milo co-parent for parents, powered by GPT-4. W/ families across country, we've been testing something that tackles invisible load of running a family. Where I can throw all chaos to & have it just taken care of. Bc families are about love, not logistics.
Turn you into a tax expert, instantly.
Leo Rezaei

Leo Rezaei

🔥Here's GPT-4 doing your taxes!! 💰 #gpt4 #ChatGPT #ai #lionary
Start a business, with AI doing all of the heavy lifting.
I gave GPT-4 a budget of $100 and told it to make as much money as possible. I'm acting as its human liaison, buying anything it says to. Do you think it'll be able to make smart investments and build an online business? Follow along 👀
Customize customer service bots people will actually want to talk to.…
🚨ChatGPT for Customer Service is Here🚨 Hot on the heels of the @OpenAI GPT-4 launch, you'll be ꜱʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ to hear that we have a new product release built entirely on GPT-4. This is perhaps Intercom's biggest new release in our history...
Master marketing one prompt at a time.


ChatGPT-4 Will save marketers thousands of hours in 2023. Our marketing department at ClickUp spent all day playing with it. Here are the top prompts we discovered 👇
Search SEO to plan your growth strategy.
Joe Davies

Joe Davies

Chat GPT-4 will happily give monthly search volume and SEO difficulty 💡
Design faster, smarter, better than ever before.
as part of @OpenAI’s Converge we’ve been building AI design tools with access to GPT-4 @Diagram over the past few months here’s what we’ve learned and how we’re using it 👇
Even write Twitter threads (but not this one).
Unlock the power of AI to level up your content. I used GPT-4 in ChatGPT Plus to write a thread in less than 2 minutes. You can see the unedited response from ChatGPT below. Read to the end of the thread to understand why I posted this straight from ChatGPT:
Thank you OpenAI!
Announcing GPT-4, a large multimodal model, with our best-ever results on capabilities and alignment:
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Eckler by Design ✦

Eckler by Design ✦

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