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20 years ago, the politicians and their media stenographers united to peddle the lie that Iraq had WMDs. The war left over a million dead and gave rise to ISIS. All the same figures still control public opinion and run the country. Here are some of the lies they told: (1/10)

Joe Biden:
Dick Cheney:
Hillary Clinton:
Judith Miller, reporter at the New York Times:
Ari Fleischer, Press Secretary for George W. Bush:
Tucker Carlson:
Nancy Pelosi:
Leaders of both parties and the news media ridiculed the anti-war movement. Listen to this speech given two months before the invasion by Brian Becker, an anti-war activist with the ANSWER Coalition. Who you think is more credible: the politicians or the anti-war movement?
BreakThrough will be in Washington DC on March 18th to cover a rally being held by the ANSWER Coalition and over a hundred other organizations commemorating the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Stay tuned for our coverage.
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