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Don’t Major in the Minors (a short 🧵) When I was in my 20’s my dad gave me a simple piece of financial advice that I never forgot: “There are two ways to get rich:

1) Pinch every penny & save for decades 2) Make a sh!tload of money” Dad died penniless so I ignored most of his money tips BUT there’s a powerful truth in his statement that I took to heart:
In business and life in general we often “major in the minors”, focusing on unimportant details that don’t move the needle because it’s what we know or feel comfortable doing while ignoring… The Most Important Thing. This relates to a popular business saying:
“Sales cures most ills.” If sales (income) is strong, you can afford a lot of operational inefficiency. But even flawlessly efficient operations doesn’t matter if sales are weak.
Lots of highly profitable businesses have less-than-stellar service, cringe-worthy branding, and other obvious flaws. But they have The Most Important Thing: Lots of paying customers. The same applies to us as individuals…
You can spend hours each week managing a budget, clipping coupons, and pinching pennies — and there’s nothing wrong with any of those things EXCEPT… That same effort could be put into building valuable skills, working a side hustle, or finding other ways to make more $.
If you can make another $1,000 then saving an extra $100 matters far less. This 🧵 isn’t just about money—this same principle applies to many things in life: —Parenting —Marriages —Fitness
Don’t major in the minors. Identify The Most Important Thing and focus on it, even at the exclusion of less important things. 🤙
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