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Mar 16, 2023
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#taekookau where Divorced jungkook and taehyung have a child together and both of them take turns on keeping him. One night jungkook goes to pick up his son and sees taehyung getting ready to go out. He asks his son and gets told that he’s going on a date.

DONT REPOST OR TRANSLATE - kinda short au - ex husbands taekook - feelings still remaining - taekook are in their 30’s - jealousy - AND NO THIS WONT BE GUILT TRIPPING SOMEONE OR FORCING SOMEONE
“Daddy?” jiung says “Yes?” jungkook hums “Am i going to get another daddy?” Jungkook pauses “Uh, no? your only daddies are me and daddy taehyung.” “Good! because i only want my two papas!”
Jungkook giggles How can jiung even think of that? he’s too young. He shakes his head and continues driving home. He’s going to focus on his son and only his son.
“I’m here to pick up jiung.” taehyung says and jungkook tells him to wait. He brings jiung down and he runs over to tae. “Daddy! i missed you.” Taehyung gets down on to his level and smiles
“My baby, i missed you too. Did you have fun with daddy?” “Yes! he baked cookies and ate McDonalds! and he took me to this fun park!” he says excited Taehyung smiles at that “I’m glad baby, go wait in the car and i’ll be there okay?”
“Okay!” jiung walks away with his tablet and gets in his car. Taehyung gets up and looks at jungkook “I’ll see you in 3 days.” “How was your date?” jungkook asks Taehyung was surprised to hear that and raises an eyebrow “How do you know about that?”
“Jiung.” jungkook responds “That’s none of your concern, we divorced and my love life has nothing to do with you.” “I was asking as a friend.” “Friend?” taehyung scoffs “We’re friends?” “If you want.” jungkook shrugs Tae shakes his head and walks away, in silence.
a day later
Two days pass and jungkook was working on his home office when he gets a phone call from taehyung. He picked it up and waited for tae to talk. “Jungkook, i need to tell you something.” he speaks Jungkook hums “What is it? is jiung okay?” he asks worried
“Yes he’s okay, but it is something about him.” Jungkook pays close attention “What is it?” “He uh he wants to spend time with both of us tomorrow.” taehyung says and jungkook smacks his lips “Well that’s new.” he answers “What do you say?” tae asks
“I mean if my son wants to spend time with us why not.” He could hear taehyung pause for a sec. “Yeah.” taehyung nods “I’ll let him know you said yes.” “Okay taehyung, have a good day.” “Yeah, you too.”
The next day taehyung goes over to his house with jiung. Jungkook takes them inside and they make plans on where to go “Jiung where do you want to go?” jungkook asks “I wanna go play soccer with you guys! and then i want to go out to eat!”
“That sounds fun baby.” taehyung smiles “I’ll go get my keys and we can go.” “We can take my car.” taehyung says “it’s fine let’s take mine, i’ll drive.” jungkook insists Taehyung doesn’t argue with him and let’s him.
Jungkook gets his keys and they all walk outside Tae turns out his car and locks it and gets on jungkook’s. They make sure jiung was seated correctly and they drove away. “He has his soccer ball?” jungkook asks “if not i have na extra one.”
“Oh shit.” tae curses “he forgot it.” “That’s fine, luckily i have an extra one.” “Yeah.” taehyung nods “I’m so happy!” jiung yells Both of them smile at him.
That day they all spent time together. Both taehyung and jungkook had fun, both laughing and running around when playing soccer with their son. And both enjoying their meals with him. Jiung was also a happy little boy.
He spent time with both of his dad at the same time. And he liked how happy they both looked. He made his papas happy!
But he couldn’t move on. What made it more difficult was that jiung constantly asked to hang out with both of them together.
Jungkook got to see taehyung more , laugh more and sometimes even make more conversations. He was too in love with him. But it also hurt, taehyung was seeing someone and he was still a pathetic person in love with him.
He sighed. “Dad! it’s your turn.” jiung interrupts him They were playing uno right now. Jungkook shakes his head and laughs
“Ah sorry i was thinking of something.” Taehyung stared at him “Play attention before we beat you.”
“In your dreams.” jungkook chuckles. “We shall see.” And jungkook smiles again. Taehyung felt a little spark but quickly shook it off and continued playing.
No, he can’t be with jungkook anymore. He doesn’t want to hurt him anymore . And the next day, they hung out again.
They both decided to become friends again. Taehyung realized if he couldn’t get jungkook back as his husband, then it was best to become friends.
He didn’t want to lose him. Even though he never showed his feelings, he still cared.. and loved… ⁃two months later -
the next few tweets will be different days!! keep in mind. and no it won’t be day after day after day. it’ll be different times and dates !
okay not time for some drama
“Jungkook?” tae calls out his name before he leaves “Yes what’s up?” jungkook smiles Jiung already went to sleep so taehyung didn’t have to worry
“Can we talk?” Jungkook nods “Sure go ahead.”
“But let’s go inside.” taehyung says and jungkook listens to him and walks back inside. They both sit on the sofa and taehyung starts talking
“Listen.. i just have to talk about these past few months where we were able to hang out again and gain that friendship we once had. B-but i also want to apologize for hurting you. Jungkook the truth is.. i never stopped loving you,
im sorry. I tried going out with someone to move on but it wasn’t fair to him or me. I stopped seeing him and focused on myself and our son. And i realized how much i missed you, us.”
Jungkook was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe he was hearing this. “I-i’m sorry i know it’s too late to say this, i was the one to hurt you and push you away from me, but i just want to continue being friends with you.”
Jungkook gets closer to him and cups his face. taehyung let’s him “Hyung, i never stopped loving you. Not even for a second.. yes i was angry and sad that you pushed me away and that you were seeing someone.
I had no reason to be in your personal life but it hurt me. We got divorced due to our arguments but what couples don’t argue? what couples don’t talk about it and fix the mistakes? it hurt me that you didn’t want to try that. But i never stopped loving you.
I also missed what we had, i missed you so much.” Taehyung was tearing up a little and jungkook quickly told him not to
“Please don’t cry. We can try it out again, but this time hyung please let us talk and not do something we later will regret.” “I-i’m so sorry jungkook, i fucked up bad.”
“But we’re fixing it now.” jungkook smiles Taehyung couldn’t understand how jungkook could forgive him. How he couldn’t hate him. “i don’t deserve you jungkook.”
“You deserve the best.” “You’re all i need.” taehyung whispers “The will you let me?” Tae nods and caressed his hand
Jungkook leaned in and taehyung got the hint. They both closed their eyes and connected their lips together. For the first time in almost 3 years.
- a few years later -
see u guys in a few days! i hope yo guys enjoyed this au! i love u and take care my loves
ً mimi ☁️

ً mimi ☁️

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