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🔞 overstimulation, crying during sex, rut th had warned yg about his upcoming rut— that he goes feral and it'll be hard for him to hold back since most of the time he handles his omega yg in bed like a delicate flower. but yg was curious. Curious about how his alpha+

would treat him during his rut. "Fuck, I told you not to visit me this week, hyung."th says, he's out of breath and swaying a bit— his pheromones are all the over the place, making yg's inside tingle. "I... wanted to help,"yg says as he steps closer to th,"let me?"
th sighs. He's in pre-rut, but it's already very hard for him and yg's scent was driving him crazy. "Come here,"th growls, yanking yg by his black locks to clash his lips with him. He's rough and yg can already see stars from the way th's tongue traveled inside his mouth.
"S-should we move to bed?" — "A-ah! T-taehyung-ah- w-wa—"yg gasped as th grabbed both of his wrist and pounded inside at the fastest pace possible. It's all too good to bear and yg feels like he'll pass out. Because this is the fourth time he'd climaxed.
"P-please, sto..p!Ahn!"Yg sobbed, tears running down his eyes, he begs for the Alpha to stop, but it seemed like he couldn't hear his pleading at all. Maybe he'd underestimated an Alpha in rut. "Shit, hyung,"th grunted into YG's ear,"you're taking my cock so well+
/Ah/—my pretty little hyungie.." "Please,"yg cried, this time in a high pitched voice,"I-I was wrong, I-I'm sorry, Ah! Ah! T-ta— I'm sorry-" "What are you sorry for, baby?"th brushes his wet blonde locks away with one hand, and with the other one grabbed both of yg's wrist,+
his hips rolling back in, slamming into yg's entrance mercilessly. "F-for everything,"yg says, though it's incoherent through all the gasping and moaning,"please stop—" "But you said you'd help me out,"th stops for a moment and grabs the black tie from the desk near the bed.+
yg feels his wrists being clasped together by a knot, and he looks back to find his wrists tied with it. "There, you flail your hands too much,"th grabs yg's tiny waist this time and slaps inside yg even harder than before— if that was ever possible. Yg's eyes+
rolls back when th hits /the/ spot with his big, thick knot. "Gonna fill you up,"th mumbled and leaned down, groping yg's whole body as he continued slamming against him. He kisses yg's back softly, seeing the omega ugly crying under him. "I love you, so much..."
The next morning th wakes up with regret and yg wakes up with a aching back and a crying boyfriend. "I'm saying I enjoyed it—" "Your eyes are swollen!"th argued. "I don't deserve you!" Well, his entire body is swollen, why does he only see his eyes?
"There, there.."yg patted th's head, whispering soothing words of consolation to him. ...At least he got fucked hard and well.
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