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Two Twenty Two; (a/b/o) #taekookau #taekook Taehyung's hand shakes as he holds the kit tightly between his hands. It was positive. Jimin is looking at him with horror filled eyes, he meets his eyes, "not now Tae, you have a show now. Calm down, let's think about this later"

In collaboration with @Lovie✒ | ia | , we present to you:
Warnings/Tags: 🍾mpreg(past/present) 🍾mentions of ab*rtion 🍾prejudice
_ The claps resound all around him as he breathes out. The omega has his eyes closed as a radiant smile surfaces- oh he could never get used to this. Taehyung's chest falls up and down as he opens his eyes and gives a delighted
huff at the way they don’t stop cheering for him, screaming his name in harmony. “Thank you, my tiger cubs, thank you for coming tonight. Unfortunately I have to leave for now but let’s see each other tomorrow okay? Go back home safely everyone, I will see you tomorrow.”
The smile stays until he goes backstage. Wiping right off when he meets Jimin’s contemplative eyes, he looks away when he sees the other omega trying to talk to him, “not now, let me have this please.” Jimin bites his lips, nods before moving away to let the staff remove
the sound system from Taehyung. When they hand him makeup wipes, Jimin drags him towards the nearest corner, “not, now I know,” the omega says, cutting his best friend off to look elsewhere, “but Jungkook is here along with your pup-” Taehyung’s eyes widen, “-do you want
to tell him?” He pauses, his hands start shaking again before he pinches the bridge of his nose, “I don’t know, should I?” Jimin looks at him with shock, “you are not going to tell him about his own pup? Taehyung!” Taehyung holds his hand up, feeling his nerves spilling all
over the place, his heart taking a crazy beat, “you know how he is, Jiminie, how can I- how can I-” Jimin squeezes his face and holds his face still, “do not panic, not when there are so many eyes on us, Tae. I know you don’t want it, but do you really want to-” “I want to
ab*rt it, yes,” Taehyung says, heart in his throat as he whispers it out so silently that Jimin would not have heard it if he was not listening closely. Taehyung wrings his hands together, his eyes tear up as if it’s finally hitting him, that he is pregnant again, after
one and a half years of having his first pup. He could not be pregnant again, he was an idol for God’s sake, an idol who has his face printed out all over South Korea, all over the world even and he just got back from the break he took because of his pregnancy, he
just had his first comeback and was scheduled to go on a tour from next month- he could not just be pregnant, he could not let his body go through it all again, he could not let his mental health go through birthing a pup, having another being in him and wanting
so much of his attention when he just didn’t have the time, didn’t want to give the time. “I cannot have it, Jiminie, I cannot.” “It is a part of you and Jungkook, Tae, I want you to at least think about-” “There is nothing to think about,” he bursts, everyone turns to look
at him in surprise, he ignores them as Jimin drags him outside, “don’t just shout Tae, you have been an idol for all your life, you know how sensitive this situation is.” Taehyung shakes his head, “I can’t tell Jungkook,” he puts a hand on his mouth, “he will freak, he will
want me to keep it-” “But isn’t this for both of you to decide?” Jimin says desperately, he looks pained, he hasn’t had his first pup yet but he was pregnant himself, in his mid-mester and thinking about leaving a pup alone when they are this fragile breaks his heart in the
worst way, fills it with fear, makes him think about his own pup but he knows Taehyung’s situation, knows how much of a burden it will be for his best friend. Taehyung bites his lips as he looks at him, tears stream down his face and Jimin’s heart breaks at how broken Taehyung
looks just then. Taehyung breathes out shakily, “he can’t know, if he knows, his family will know and you know how they are, they are always already on my throat about living my this life behind, says it's useless, says it's just me wanting to frolic around despite how
much my fans love me, how much I have earned, the awards I got. They are going to flip, they are going to force me to keep the pup, Jiminie, why don’t you understand-” “I do, I do,” Jimin holds his hands in his, “I do, I just wanted you to tell Jungkook about this.”
“Jungkook will be okay with ab*rting I know but he loves his family, he will listen to them-” Jimin bites his lips because it was true, alphas like Jungkook, Yoongi, his mate, always listened to their families. They are so deeply rooted with family values that they would
always listen to them. Directors of their huge multi billion family companies yes, but they were still puppets. Jimin nods, “we won’t tell him okay. We can’t do anything about it right now anyway, go and greet them before he barges in here like last time.” Taehyung nods, his
heart is still beating painfully in him, “I think I am going to break in front of him.” Jimin's eyes tear up at the pain Taehyung looks in then, he shakes his head, "don't, please," he says a tad bit desperately, "don't. Just wait. Don't let it grip you, Tae, please."
"baby?" Taehyung stills, his eyes blue slightly as he hears his mate's voice, he smiles painfully, Jimin winces but looks sideways to smile, "the cub is here!" Jimin's voice gets high pitched, the pain in Taehyung resides as he looks
sideways too. Everything dark in his heart dissolves as he sees their pup and Jungkook standing a few feet away from them, the pup looking at him with wide doe eyes as Jungkook's holds his up with steady hands, gesturing wildly at Taehyung, "look, mama is there, sweetheart!"
Jungkook is there, in his three piece suit with the jacket gone, sleeves pulled up to his elbows with their pup in hand. Taehyung smiles widely, his eyes glistening. Something pulls at his heartstrings. He coos "my puppy." As soon as their eyes meet, the pup's eyes brighten
and he gets fussy as he juts his hand out. Jimin lets out an indignant sound, "hey, greet me first!" Jungkook laughs light heartedly as he dutifully hands Taehyung the pup. Taehyung makes a funny wide face as he kisses him all over the face, "my puppy, did you miss mama?"
The pup gurgles. Jungkook cups a side of his face all too suddenly and wipes at it, "your make-up is all smudged up, clean it up, I will hold him." Taehyung looks up at him, sees the way Jungkook so carefully handles their pup as the alpha nudges him slightly to finish wiping
his face. The omega nods, feels the way Jimin squeezes his hand in his and gets to work. - "Finally got him to sleep," Jungkook groans as he enters their bedroom. Taehyung hums as he carefully applies lotion all over his legs. The alpha dives right in beside him, into the
mess of clothes that Taehyung decided to build his nest with tonight and sighs peacefully. "Your legs are aching?" Jungkook looks up questioningly, his eyes widened adorably, much like their son. "Dancing is tiring these days, alpha," Taehyung says softly. Jungkook gets up to
take his legs in his lap and starts rubbing at it. The omega almost moans at the feeling of the alpha's thick fingers digging into his plush skin, easing the pain away. "But you love it." The alpha says softly. The omega hums again. "But you don't." "You loving it enough
reason for you, you know that." Jungkook continues. Taehyung watches him, "your mother sent me a message today." The hands on his legs still as the alpha's eyes look away from him. "Oh," he tries to sound casual, "what did she tell you?" Taehyung bites his lips, "she does not
approve of what I wore on stage today. Says it brings her shame to have her son-in-law wear that in front of so many people." Jungkook closes his eyes as if he is tired but till gives Taehyung a small smile, "you know how she is Tae, always thinking about our reputation, maybe
try to wear something else-" Something in Taehyung alights like a lone firecracker- the first of many- lighting up the dark sky, "what did you say alpha?" He takes his legs away from Jungkook as the alpha looks at him helplessly, "don't be like that Tae. I told you she is going
to be like this. Fuxk, I told you everyone in my family is going to be like this when you said yes to marrying me, mating with me, don't act like this is all new three years later." Taehyung seethes, "what? Jungkook, I agree I said that," he stands up, feeling frustrated, "I
agree. But I am an Idol! One of the most famous one, how do you expect me to just give that up." Jungkook fixes a look on him, also stands to cross his hands on his chest, "she is not saying that. She is only telling you to mind the way you dress." "Well, what is wrong
with it?" Taehyung bursts, giving out a sudden shout. The alpha looks at him as if he has grown another head, "you know what is wrong with it. We have had this conversation a thousand times, Tae! I am sick of it. Can't you just listen to what she has to say-"
"I refuse to", Taehyung says, throws a pillow at Jungkook, "I refuse to listen to her. I am warning you, I am going to block hee so /please/ tell her to stop this-" Jungkook puts both of his hands on his face like he is going to scream in it before he sighs and sits
on the bed silently, "okay, okay whatever you want. Can we just please sleep?" Jungkook agrees yes, but like everytime, Taehyung feels that Jungkook is just giving up on their fight. It makes him fear when will the alpha finally give up on him altogether.
He wants him to fight with him, fight for him but he would never. Jimin is wrong. Telling Jungkook would not solve anything for him, it would only either make him lose the alpha altogether or with him ending up having a pup he does not want.
He goes to sleep that night, wrapped in Jungkook's embrace and like always feeling like they are world apart. Jungkook is a good father, a good son, a good everything but...sometimes he is not a good husband, especially the times when he just leaves Taehyung alone to fend for
himself. When he gives up on Taehyung like the omega is not worth it, like his mother is always right and Taehyung is just an /issue/ to him then. It's great. Taehyung thinks, as a tear slips past his close eyelids. On a night where he was the star among so many people, a
star who made so many people's eyes shine, he feels absolutely lonely and miserable. Pregnant and all alone despite having a mate, a pup, a home. Despite being as famous as he is, despite owning so many designer things, despite owning billions of dollars of revenue, he
os completely and utterly alone even in the embrace of his alpha, his mates the love of his life. He cries himself to sleep that night. Jungkook not noticing even the shivers he lets out in the middle. Life is funny. Despite having it all, in reality, he had none.
— That is it for the second day. Lovie will take over for the next update. This was just the prologue as it was not possible for us to write the whole book in the little time we had. Hope you enjoy! You know the drill, more interactions, the faster the updates will be😚
"Yes, Jiminie...- open your mouth, pup- Sorry, feeding time right now." Taehyung speaks into the phone to his best friend, phone held in one hand as the other fed spoonfuls to his son. "Yeah, I'll call you back. Wish me luck, they'll be here in a minute," Taehyung mumbles,
sighing as he ends the call. 'They' being Jungkook's lovely parents. They were visiting, after a whole month and though Taehyung had begged- read demanded- Jungkook to let him stay somewhere else for a night, Jungkook didn't allow that, saying they were part of his family too.
As Taehyung wipes his son's mouth with a small cloth, the doorbell rings. Taking a deep breath, Taehyung straightens the oversized shirt he was wearing and slaps the dust away from his pants. He glanced at himself in the mirror once, checking if he looked 'decent' enough as
his mother-in-law wanted him to be. The doorbell rings once again, and Taehyung curses internally before marching up towards the closed door. "Oh my God, look at how he is making us wait. On purpose, I'm sure." The haughty female voice greeted Taehyung, and he just forced
a smile back. "Good evening, Eomma.. Appa," Taehyung says politely to Jungkook's parents, as the elder woman's eyes look him up to down, giving his clothes a look. "Hmm.. not too bad for once, unlike the outfit at your concert." Mrs. Jeon says airily. Taehyung just nods,
not looking at her. He notices the pitiful look Jungkook's father gives him... And pity was something he loathed. "Why were you so late to open the door? Disrespectful, isn't it?" Mrs. Jeon questions with a raise of her perfectly shaped eyebrow. "Actually, I was feeding
Sunghoon." Taehyung points out. "Ah, my sweet grandson!" Mrs. Jeon removes her coat abruptly and shoves it into Taehyung's hands, already moving to reach her beloved grandson. Jungkook's father passes him a smile and follows his wife inside.
Taehyung hangs the coat in its place, but not before muttering a curse under his breath. "Annoying old woman. A she - d€vil indeed." Taehyung whispers to himself, while carefully hanging the coat. He couldn't afford to accidentally stain it or damage it in any way, or else
the older omega would have his head for it. She was precious that way. "Wish I could rip this stupid coat into pieces so that she will go home freezing in the cold!" Taehyung whisper exclaims, side-eyeing her. But he stiffens when an arm wraps around his waist and holds
his hip. "That's not a very nice thing to do, love." Jungkook whispers into his ear, sighing. The soft exhale on the omega's neck made goosebumps rise all over his body. Oh, the effect his alpha has on him. Taehyung turns around, to face his husband.
"Where were you? I thought work would get over early today?" Taehyung asks, patting the alpha's chest lightly. "Bought a little something for Eomma and Appa. You know Eomma loves gifts." Jungkook mutters, holding up the fairly big shopping bag in his hand. "Oh. They're inside,
go give it to them." Taehyung nudges him, as if asking to free him from the grip the alpha had on his hip. "May I steal a kiss before that, my darling?" Jungkook asks in a princely tone, bowing his head. Taehyung makes a face at the cheesy line. "Shut up, oh God. Just go
inside!" Taehyung exclaims, but smiles anyway as Jungkook quickly pecks his lips. "You never get your way. I always do." Jungkook singsongs and winks, and walks away from there to the living room. -
Taehyung comes back after putting their son to sleep, just to see his husband sitting at the dining table, facing his parents. They seemed to be having some serious talk. "About me, of course." Taehyung mumbles in a whisper. Walking over to the table, Taehyung takes a seat
right next to Jungkook. "Honey, what were you talking about?" Taehyung asks softly to Jungkook. The alpha hesitates, and shakes his head. "Nothing, my love, you can go sleep, you look tired. I will bring you dinner." Taehyung narrows his eyes at the jumpy tone.
Did Jungkook look nervous? "No need, Koo. I just put our son to sleep, I am not sleepy." Taehyung fakes a smile. Then Jungkook's mother suddenly clears her throat. "We were actually talking about..-" "Eomma," Jungkook interrupts sternly, his voice grave as he looks at his
mother with a slight glare. Taehyung sees the look exchanged between the two. Jungkook's warning, slightly pleading gaze matching his mother's indignant, stubborn one. "Tae.." Jungkook turns to look at him. His expression becomes more grave. "Go to sleep. Now." Taehyung
looks at him incredulously. "Jungkook.. can we talk in the kitchen for a moment please?" He asks. Jungkook shakes his head. "Just leave for now, Tae." Mrs. Jeon huffs from the other side of the table. "Why are you driving him away? He should know this too."
Jungkook shakes his head vigorously while Taehyung blinks, confused. "What is going on?" The omega asks. Mrs Jeon clicks her tongue. "We were just talking about Jiah. Nothing much." Jiah? Jungkook's ex-fiancée? "Oh, I see. What about her, Jungkook?" Taehyung asks
his husband, an unbothered expression on his face. Not showing any emotion outside. Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing deeply. "Taehyung, I told you to go to our room and sleep." Jungkook says sternly. "No, Jungkook. Let him stay." Mrs. Jeon protests.
"Tae... please leave." Jungkook mutters. Taehyung feels the familiar feeling of insecurity rise in him..Jiah. He never liked her, somehow he has a very bad feeling about this. No, he couldn't be there. "I will be.. in our room. You guys continue." Taehyung replies,
blinking as he stands up. Jungkook watches him with a baited breath and heaves a sigh of relief as soon as his mate left the room. "So, about the proposal.." Mrs. Jeon begins. "Eomma. I already told you. No." Jungkook says. "Why not, Kook? It's beneficial to your company
as well as to you. You know she's perfectly capable of taking care of you and your son both-" Mrs. Jeon stops when her husband pats her arm. Jungkook puts his head in his hands. "What are you talking about, Eomma? I'm a married man, and I love Taehyung. I can't imagine a life
with someone else." Jungkook replies. "That is because you're naive. You don't know what your so called mate is doing to you. Look at you, you look so tired and exhausted." Mrs. Jeon points out. "Eomma, please.. can we not have this talk yet again?" Jungkook pleads.
"Just think about it! Taehyung is just living life according to his wishes, and ruining our family name." Mrs. Jeon says. "It's his life, how else should he live it?" Jungkook asks, frustration evident in his face. "Jiah would never stain our reputation. She was, and is, the
perfect, most obedient omega for you. Divorce Taehyung, then win her back, Jungkook. I am sure she will come back to you if you try enough." Mrs. Jeon says sternly. "No! I can't do that. I can do anything else but not that." Jungkook shakes his head, looking lost. "You and Jiah
were so in love! You think there's nothing remaining of that? You think you moved on so easily??" Mrs. Jeon exclaims. "That was past. If you think that the love I shared once with her was so much, then double it, then triple it, and increase it a ten thousand times.. yet you
won't reach the love I have for Taehyung." Jungkook mutters firmly. The room remained silent for a few minutes after that, no one talked. Until Mrs. Jeon looked away from her son and back to her plate. "One day, you will understand me. That day will come very soon. Then,
you yourself will go back Start counting, Jungkook." Mrs. Jeon says, then picks up her fork and continues to eat as if nothing happened. Her husband next to her stayed quiet throughout, just listening to her. What could he say, anyway?
After Jungkook is done with his food, he stands up and walks to the kitchen, taking along both his parents' plates to wash. "What? I thought the chores were to be done by both of you? Why are you doing it alone?" Jungkook sighs inwardly when his mother asks the question. He
feels his patience wearing thin, his frustration rising but he just grits his teeth, locks his jaw, "I barely help around here. It's either the maids in the morning, or Taehyung. Since I am mostly at work, I help with the chores whenever I can. Like now." Jungkook explains.
"I see." She says, condescendingly. Jungkook ignores her. - "See you in the morning, Eomma, Appa. Good night." Jungkook hugs them both, after showing them to the guest room. They were here to stay for the night. He loved his parents too much, even though his mother could
sometimes be.... yeah. He sighs and pauses when she speaks again. "Remember what I said.. reconsider, and think about it." Jungkook's mother reminds, and Jungkook just sighs and nods, already knowing he was not going to do that. He loves Taehyung and Taehyung only.
Closing the door behind himself , he enters their bedroom to see Taehyung sitting on the bed, legs crossed as he looked at something on his phone. "Didn't sleep?" Jungkook asks softly, his voice tender. Taehyung doesn't look up. He keeps typing.
"Yeah. It's cold tonight." He replies, not taking his eyes off from the phone. "Ah, you were waiting for your blanket." Jungkook replies, and plops on the bed beside Taehyung and hugs his waist. "I was.. but my blanket was busy with his parents." Taehyung says. "Well, I'm
here now. C'mere." Jungkook tugs on the omega's waist, making the omega fall on his chest. Taehyung still looked mad, but he softened a bit when Jungkook held him close to his chest and kissed his hair softly. "Wait, my phone..." Taehyung says, carefully putting his phone away.
Jungkook peeks into it, curious. "Who were you texting? Jimin?" He asks. "No one?" Taehyung replies teasingly. "Now, let me ask. What went on back there? Ordering me to go to our room, what was up with you?" Jungkook shakes his head. "Nothing to worry your pretty head with,
love. We were just discussing about the company" "You're lying. Tell me. Don't defend your darling mother'." Taehyung says dryly, irking an eyebrow in light irritation. "Hey.. don't be like that." Jungkook whispers, nuzzling his omega's cheek with his nose.
"What did she say about me? You know I could care less, so tell me." Taehyung says. "If you could care less, why are you asking, love?" Jungkook asks, a light teasing smile on his face that Taehyung knows is just a façade. First his mother, now Taehyung. Jungkook didn't want
to argue anymore. "She is being so demeaning, Jungkook! I don't know why you can't see that-" "Taehyung. Please, I beg you. Can we sleep? I can't take more of this." Jungkook says in a low voice. Taehyung bites his lip. Eyes filling with tears suddenly, surprising both himself
and Jungkook. "I will sleep in Sunghoon's room for today -" "Taehyung.. Just sleep here, please, love. Why are you getting so emotional now?" Jungkook asks calmly, cupping the omega's face and wiping his tears with his thumb. Taehyung then remembers Jimin's words from earlier.
Jungkook deserves to know.. yes.. But Jungkook was already lying down again, his shirt off, and just in his sweatpants, his V-line prominent besides his hard abs. Taehyung stares. It's been like two weeks since they last made love. Jungkook seemed to read his thoughts,
because the next second, a smirk had appeared on the alpha's face. "Should I do the cliché 'Like what you see' baby?" Jungkook chuckles. Taehyung hits the other's bare chest and rolls his eyes. "One moment you're wiping my tears, the next you're flirting? Bipolar, don't you
think?" Taehyung mumbles, tearing his eyes away from his alpha. "Maybe. You want to go for a quickie, love?" Jungkook suggests, making the omega turn red. "Shameless creature. Your parents are next door, if you forgot." Taehyung warns. "It won't be a problem if you're quiet."
Jungkook replies. "Are you telling me you will be okay with me being quiet? And shut up, sleep." Taehyung sighs, and settles next to the alpha's warm body. "Love you." Jungkook kisses his neck. Jungkook snuggles closer to him, as Taehyung's thoughts take him back to
yesterday. 'Jimin is right.. Jungkook deserves to know.. ' "Jungkook," Taehyung calls out when the alpha slowly trails down his neck. "Mmh?" Jungkook's voice was muffled, as his lips were busy leaving kisses on the soft skin. "Guk..", he trails off, whimpering.
"Yeah? It's been like.. weeks, right?" Jungkook asks, hand slipping inside the omega's nightshirt. Taehyung sighs and removes the alpha's hand from his waist. "I have to tell you something." "What is it?" Jungkook asks, eyes dark, as he lies down on the bed, looking up at him.
"Guk, look at me." Taehyung whispers. Jungkook gives him a sleepy glance. "I.. never mind. I'll tell you tomorrow." Taehyung mumbles, and pulls the duvet to himself. "Sure, baby." Jungkook replies. The alpha falls asleep the next minute, while Taehyung stayed awake for
another hour or two, staring at the ceiling as he contemplated what to do about the new life growing in him. He did not want a pup, especially now. It would just be hard. But.. "No, Taehyung. There's no but." Taehyung says firmly to himself. The conditions right now were
not allowing him to raise a child. - Jungkook wakes up to a constant buzzing from the bedside table. He looks at the phone groggily and goes to nudge the figure beside him, sighing when he does not feel Taehyung beside him- the omega’s phone had been vibrating consistently for
a while- he must be in the washroom. Jungkook tries to sleep again, but it starts to vibrate again. He glowers at it before stretching his hand out to snatch it out. The alpha calls for Taehyung as he sits up, his eyes bleary as he blinks, Jimin is sending messages after
messages relentlessly and they are popping up on the lock screen. Jungkook didn’t mean to see it, he swears he didn’t mean to see it but Jimin was panicking in the chats with multiple keyboard smashes and there was the word ‘pregnancy’ in it. He swears he sees them just
because he got worried for pregnant Jimin and opens up the slot of notifications to read what was up without actually getting into it. His eyes widen when he sees a certain message, his heart starting to beat loudly in his chest till he hears it right against his ears. His
alpha growls loudly in him, in satisfaction as his eyes turn red in happiness, in possessiveness, he does not know. Jungkook feels his eyes tearing up, his cheeks heating up as he feels this happiness fill his heart up to the brim. He is an alpha, he should not cry, his
mother said so, but it was Taehyung and Taehyung was carrying his pup- 𝘋𝘪𝘥 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘭 𝘑𝘶𝘯𝘨𝘬𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘶𝘱 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯? And it just makes him so emotional because the omega only keeps on giving and giving to him, it makes him hurt
because he cannot ever do anything to measure up to it. He cannot ever give anything to the omega in exchange of this happiness, this life the omega has granted him. A pup who looks like Taehyung and him, it is his dream come true, he had always wanted a large family and this,
this was just- god, this omega would run him crazy, would ruin him, how is he so perfect? He smiles teary eyed as he gets up to go to the washroom to kiss the omega senseless only to see Taehyung coming out of the bathroom, his face pale. Jungkook’s smile dims a bit, “Tae?”
- “This pup has to go, you cannot, you cannot keep it, Taehyung,” Tae says to himself as he stands in front of the mirror, “it will be a burden to you, a nail to your suffocation, you have to tell him and get this over with as soon as possible.” Taehyung shivers slightly, he
really does not want the pup. He was just pregnant a year and a half ago, he cannot birth another pup, his body cannot, he cannot, his career cannot. He also knew they could not, Jungkook was having a conversation with his mother about Jiah, his ex-fiancee, where was Taehyung
to go? With everything happening, he just did not want to bring another innocent soul to this world. He has to tell Jungkook, he has to. He gets out and pauses in the threshold of the bathroom as he sees Jungkook with his phone in his hand, crying but with a smile on his face.
Oh. Something drops in the pit of his stomach at the happiness he sees in those doe eyes and feels suffocation rising in him, no, no, he could not keep the pup, it would make Jungkook happy but no no he could not- he could not-
He turns around to go vom*t in the toilet, feeling tears springing in his eyes, for the exact opposite reason as it did in the alpha’s eyes. This was a mess. -
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- Taehyung sits with his gaze downwards as he holds his hands together, playing with his fingers. Jungkook sits beside him as the alpha gazes at him with a questioning look, his eyes gentle as waits for him to speak. The omega's scent is askew, it irks the alpha because he
can sense his mate is in distress and he does not understand why but he has an unnerving feeling. “Taehyung-” “I- I wanted to tell you something-”, the alpha can see the omega gulp, try to smile. Jungkook puts his larger hand over both of his, stilling the shaking ones.
“Baby, please don’t shake like this. We can wait if you don’t want to tell me now, we can-” “No!” Taehyung hurries to refute, meeting his eyes briefly, “Yo- I think you know.” Jungkook matches his eyes, cups one side of his face, “I can pretend not to know if you want me to.
If it distresses you this much, I can pretend the way you want me to.” It pains the alpha when he sees the way the omega’s eyes tear up with emotions. He feels a weight on his throat, but he smiles nonetheless to reassure Taehyung. He brushes his hair strands away from his face,
never taking his gaze away, “if you want me to, I would do anything for you.” There is a warmth in the sentence that appeases the omega, grips him in a comfort akin to that that his nest provides, now his alpha was but he still feels the words clogging up his throat because
of the fear that grips his heart- that the warmth from Jungkook’s eyes will disappear if he were to get those nasty words out. Then he feels guilty for himself to think of those words as nasty because those were the very words he knew would keep him alive.
He grips Jungkook’s hands, feels their bond thriving before squeezing his eyes shut. “I,” He pauses, feeling queasy, “I am pregnant.” Taehyung can feel the alpha let out a breath, and feels his whole body calm down. “I know,” Jungkook says, looking at him, “I am so happy, I am
up in the cloud nine-” Taehyung feels the pain grip his heart instead as tears cloud his closed lids. “But I do not want the pup,” he whispers, like it is a dirty secret.
A pin drop silence engulfs them. He could feel the alpha freeze, feel his body locking as the hand around him loosened. Taehyung feels more tears cloud his eyes, his shoulders shake from the sob he lets out because the alpha has recreated his worst fear.
"I ca-nnot", he hiccups, "I just gave birth a few months ago I cannot", he says through his tears. "Please, don't make me go through this, alpha," he shakes his head desperately as he stands up and kneels infront of Jungkook. He cannot match his eyes as he takes his hand in his
desperately, "please, Jungkook. Do not force me to." He feels guilt, he feels suffocation hit him from all sides, "please, I cannot. I will do anything, but not this, please not this-" "Taehyung," Jungkook says, silently, dominance filtering in his voice, "I need you to calm
down and tell me clearly what is happening." Jungkook matches his eyes and Taehyung whimpers at the red eyes staring back at him, emotions completely hidden from him. He bits his lips as he sniffles, "I- do not want the pup, I do not want the pup."
He can see the way Jungkook grits his teeth. The alpha's face remains impassive as he clicks his tongue, "you do not want /our/ pup?" Taehyung flinches but his gaze on the alpha does not waver. The smell of strawberries bloom bitterly in the air. "Are you going to force me to
have the pup?" Jungkook's eyes darken, "do you really think I would do that?" "I do not want it." Taehyung whispers, "I don't think you will force me, but my omega is running me dry, conjuring up these nightmares, broken dreams that I do not want to live in anymore."
"Why?" Jungkook whispers back, in the same fearful tone as Taehyung. His eyes remain the same. "Why do you not want our pup?" Taehyung lets go of the alpha's hands, feels hot tears slipping past his waterline, "because a part of me will die if I bring that pup into this world."
"I am an idol," he says, "an idol whose living is his dancing and singing. I just had my first comeback after I recovered from Sunghoon, I have a tour scheduled, alpha, how do you expect me to be pregnant and go in a tireless tour?" Jungkook shakes his head, "your tour? You are
going to sacrifice a part of us because of your tour? I do not understand why do you have to cancel you tour for a pup?" Jungkook asks silently, "You can do this tour while being pregnant, I will make sure you keep healthy, that they do not tire you out, you can live your dream
and not sacrifice a part of us, you can-" "I cannot!" Taehyung cuts the alpha off, feeling like the alpha was not listening to him. "I cannot. I know a lot of things could be managed but I just do not want to make these changes for the pup." The red leaves Jungkook's eyes as
his body slumps- like he is tired. That is when Taehyung sees the alpha's eyes break as emotions flood in it as his tears do. It is the second time he sees the alpha ever cry and it breaks a part of him. It singes of a part in him. "If you do not want the pup," Jungkook
whispers, tears rolling down from his eyes, "then do not use your dream as an excuse. Omegas have dreamt and had pups, you had dreamt and had a pup-" "With sacrifices, Jungkook,"Taehyung murmurs, his eyes shining in pain,"sacrifices I do not want to make a second time, not now."
Jungkook takes one of his hands in his gently, so very gently as if Taehyung was still the most precious person in his life despite Taehyung killing a part of him inside. "You are asking me to be okay with letting a part of us go." Jungkook's voice shakes, "and yet you do not
not give me the time to grasp at what you want without accusing me of forcing you. I just found out," Jungkook's voice breaks, "minutes before that you are pregnant." "Seems like even minutes were enough for me to imagine another pup." He smiles bitterly.
"Jungkook-" "But I understand, you are the one who has to carry the pup, you are the one who has to birth them, I cannot be selfish but you cannot blame me for trying can you? It is my pup too. If something happens to Sunghoon, it will break us both, it is the same for me."
Taehyung breaks as he sees the way Jungkook breaks in front of him and he feels the pain he feels in his chest show on the alpha's features. He wonders briefly if this was worth this much pain. Could he just give birth? But then he sees the pup being unhappy, being ignored
because he knows a part of him will always blame the pup for being born, will always blame the pup for what he knows he will face-then he knows he cannot ever face himself in the mirror if he did. He wipes his tears away as he wrings his fingers in between Jungkook's, "I know
how this is but Jungkook, this pup will not be happy, I do not think I an ever cherish it like I did with Sunghoon, I am just not ready for it-" Jungkook puts a watery kiss on their joined hands, "Give me time, let me find it in me to let him, I promise I will be okay. You do
what you have to do, love." Taehyung cries. He wonders as he embraces he alpha tightly to himself if in the future he will ever wonder if this night was the night that he kil!ed a part of the alpha, he wonders if this night will be the cause to their marriage standing in
absolute tatters as they both stands on both sides of their empty living room trying to grasp where did it all go this horribly wrong? - Jungkook eats his toast silently as his mother keeps on talking about this company dinner they have the coming Friday where his ex is going
to come to but he will be damned if he could hear even a single word from her. Their morning keeps on replying in his head- from the way he was elated to the way he broke a part of himself off. He wonders why feeling for an unborn pup was this painful. It was, so much so that
he has asked Taehyung to leave him out for the process- a mercy Taehyung has granted him because the omega could see how he was holding onto not breaking down with mere threads. It is ironic to him, how him who has only ever lost himself once before, cannot find his ground
since the morning. "Jungkook, you will do so for your poor mother yes?" The alpha blinks, looks at his mother, he gives a hesitant nod, not really knowing what he was agreeing for but he never really disagreed with his mother. "Perfect," the woman smiles, clapping her hands,
"She will make the perfect date since your mate is not going." Jungkook freezes as he looks at her, dumbfounded, "what?" He shakes his head, "Eomma, what did you just say?" She blinks, "But you just agreed, son. Taehyung as said he is not going so I merely suggested you take-"
Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose, ignores how his eyes hurt from all the crying he did, "you did not just suggest for a married man to take an unmated omega as a plus one, tell me you did not." She opens her mouth and closes it, "well I have," she retorts, "If your mate
can frolic around in that stage with so many alphas, why could you not take one?" Jungkook feels the fight leave him as he sighs, "I will not go to the dinner. If I have to take a plus one, I will not go to the dinner." His mother lets out a gasp, "do not act so impudent, you
are the director of the Jeon-" "I am the director," Jungkook says, "and the director cannot have a cheating scandal tied to him, not when he wants to keep his omega." She shakes her head, "Why will there be a scandal? Even if there is your Eomma will handle it, but you," she
narrows her eyes, "you will have to go. If your mate does not go, you need to go with her, I will not allow my son to look like a fool, all alone when his mate is absent." Jungkook shakes his head but she does not listen as she gets up from her seat and just trudges out of there
without looking back while Jungkook just throws away the toast, startling the maids. "Fuxk this shit," he scowls as he gets up from the table and just goes into the nursery. Sunghoon babbles at him when their eyes meet. The babysitter moves away to give him space.
He feels his insides melt as they scrunch up. he bends down to pick his son up. Jungkook is in his suit, he just as to wear the long overcoat to go out, but he has already wore the shirt, the ties, the vest everything- he hopes Sunghoon does not v*mit on him as he smiles.
The pup is so small that he fits in his hand as he nuzzles him, scenting him thoroughly. "Papa has to leave, you will miss me won't you?" He pokes Jungkook is the eyes slightly, the alpha winces as he lets out a laugh, "you have a unique of telling me you will miss me, like your
mama aren't you?" He babbles some more to him, looking at Jungkook with large intelligent eyes. Jungkook makes sure that his elderflowers scent is completely on the pup before he puts him down again. The pup fusses over his loss but he watches as the babysitter takes over and
nods. He gets out of the penthouse then, pausing when he sees the flowers Taehyung bought for his parents yesterday- because the omega knows how his mother fuses when their penthouse does not look pretty. Taehyung always makes sure everything is perfect.
He gulps, he cannot take Jiah to the dinner- it does not make sense for him to take her- it does not make sense for him to even think this, he does not know what his mother wants to do. He is not going to let her have her way this time, Taehyung granted him the mercy of their
pup and going through it alone because the omega knew Jungkook cannot handle it. He cannot let his pregnant omega feel like he is not enough for his dreams again, not when he knows how much this means to him. He grits his teeth as he pulls his gelled hair straight.
- "Tae, love, you really cannot go?" Jungkook asks as he stands, tying his tie as he looks at his mate from his phone. Taehyung sighs as he shakes his head tiredly, his curls flopping in his eyes. The alpha coos. The omega whines, "alpha, don't tease me."
"I just finished practice, the ankles are aching. You are not supposed to go either," Taehyung pouts, "you are supposed to take care of me." Jungkook watches the screen. "You have to come home for that, dont you?" "I will be late," the omega looks away from the camera, "but
I can come pick you up?" Jungkook smiles, "that's good yeah." The alpha pauses as he sees the way the omega gets distracted for a second, then the alpha freezes when he hears his voice. He looks away when he feels his eyes redden, scent thicken. Park Bogum.
He can hear the alpha say something to the omega, he can see the way Taehyung's eyes light up before the omega nods at whatever he said. Then the omega turns to look at him, "Jungkook, I will come pick you up my alpha. Bogum hyung is here, he wants to see me practice the new
choreography." "He gets to see your choreography before I do." Jungkook says quietly, looking away from him. He can hear the way the omega clicks his tongue, "Alpha," Taehyung calls out, "you are an idiot."
"He loves you." Jungkook says as he pulls his cufflinks next. Then he pulls his coat. Taehyung sighs, "he does not. He used to, stop being whiny." He shakes his head when he sees Jungkook avoiding to look at him, "I am going to go then. See you tonight, alpha."
Jungkook nods as he watches the call blink out and sighs. Park Bogum, the ghost from Taehyung's past, the only ghoul Jungkook abhorrs. He tongues the inside of his cheeks as he breaths out. He walks out with his head held high.
The cameras blinds him as soon as he walks into the venue. He puts his hand in his pockets as people come up to him to talk, flocks around him because it is almost impossible to get an audience from him. He nods at a few of them, searches for the face he is familiar with.
When he sees Yoongi, he makes a beeline towards him but someone stops him on his way. He pauses when he sees her behind his mother, "Eoma, I-" "Jungkook, I am sure you have met her before, this is Jiah." Jungkook feels himself drain as he nods still
and speaks, "I do. Jiah, what a surprise," he says, as if it has not being planned, "It has been a while." "It has," she giggles, her sweet scent already clinging to him, she hugs him to her, "It has been such a long while." Jungkook takes a step back
and refrains from jutting a hand out, "I g-guess, I need to meet Yoongi hyung actually-" "Jungkook," his mother says, "Yoongi can wait, you cannot always get the chance to reconcile with a part friend." Jungkook looks back at Yoongi, Yoongi meets his eyes then, his eyes


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