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Lets talk about how insanely diverse vocal range jimin showed for set me free pt2 , this is is by far one of the best vocal range disclosure ever , the sound jimin produced for the first verse the register is so low he put his larynx so low to phonate that
When jimin uses his chest registers if he wants he can go for a deeper baritone but he doesn’t even produce a sound with his speaking register , this is the first ever song he phonate that , he can go counter tenor territory but him going so low & sitting on those chords is hard
Usually tenor like jimin are very used to higher larynx positioned notes where chords vibrates faster since he is naturally suited towards that but for jimin this is too low when he sang that “maze” he added a slash right away but the twist is after this verse he went so hight
This is the plot twist for 2nd verse where he took the larynx so high from that lower register to straight shoot up for a reinforced falsetto & flageolet mix these are the 2nd highest male register thats why he sounds like almost a flute at the end of the note the fastest switch
This one song jimin showed almost all registers transitions from baritone to tenor to even counter tenor territory at some verse , the portion of this verse he start with a high secando passaggio means he still going through a transition then he goes “finally free” to a flageolet
Here is an example of how different modulation can sounds of the same register , usually the one jimin using for set me free is very cricothyroid dominant so he is having high oscillatory chords rate so he sounds more solid rather than a thinner phonation
This 7 sec verse alone had more registers transition at once , first he goes for chest register put his larynx very low resonate through chest then he goes tor high secando passaggio then he again goes back to a neutral larynx , udk how fast he did this…
I have never seen someone sing a melismatic phrase so fast like jimin , he is just manipulating notes from a pentatonic scale& he is going ascending melisma & descending at the same time when he goes “flyaaaflyaah” touching down the notes once a go back to higher keys,what a riff
This 13 sec verse was right after his melismatic phrase notes the falsetto here is so insane because he is a using a reinforced falsetto to the key is much higher than a normal falsetto & he didn’t add much of aspirate phonation to itso it sounds very thin
This is the 2nd portion of the 13 sec verse but jimin is so smart and knows how to use his chords muscle because he was aiming for a high note before this so now he has to go back to lower register he took it to chest dominant mix then to a neutral larynx then to pure chest voice
Only trainer ppl have this agility because jimin trains in messa di voce a lot so he can easily switch opposite like from going high to very low like here when he goes “raise ur hands” then again sudden switch back to a very hear dominant clean co-ordinated notes a vocal genius
Here is an example of messa di voce since this technique is very very useful when it comes to developing one’s mix voice , all vocal types can practise this to develop their range it doesn’t matter which genre they are focusing on , this is to train chords
Now comes to this , this is a instrumental modulation , and vocal modulation, this is the best new adhesion to a studio version , this is to create a difference b/w base notes where they use heavily vocal & instrumental crescendo to distort it as elements
When an artist perform this live this portion will be different or this portion will be a different vocal demonstration since heavily instrumental modulation is not used for live these are for studio version to modify a song so separate a bridge to create a distinct crescendo
instrumental modulations are very new adhesion during studio production where the live performance or raw vocal will be different more like solid or high belting notes because people can’t create a distorted heavy instrumental modulation with chords, this is the coolest sound
If the previous verse will be performed live they will have diff notes created or this portion will remain for instrumental eerie to perform a hardcore choreo in b/w songs what a masterpiece of adhesion this is it made the song 10 times better & diff than all previous production
How this verse is created especially the vocal timbre here is very high , jimin knows how to create the thinnest possible sound since rather than using pure headvoice jimin now goes for flageolet, his vocal range developed into huge level & he tends to blend nasal resonance more
The amount register transition went from verse to verse is crazy he ended this with a very chest dominant register or a register where his thryroaretinoid dominant muscle shortens & thickens to produce that tone then when he goes “stmf” again went a for a higher key what a genius
If you reached untill the end of the thread , just know that jimins vocal agility had developed into a whole genre , i hve never seen jimin demonstrating so many register both very high & low keys in a single song , jimin really set the standard so high for vocalist
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