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Yoongi pulls away to breathe, “I’m not going to fuck in here.” “Why not?” Namjoon pouts, scrubbing his hair. “It’s nice and steamy.”

“No way. Last time we tried anything in a shower you nearly cracked your head open.” Yoongi outright refuses. To be fair the last time they had shower sex was at their old apartment the shower floor was extremely slippery. But.. he’s really not in the mood.
“You're making excuses.” Namjoon turns away, rinsing the suds in his hair. “When do we have to be at hyung’s again?” Yoongi’s glad they moved on from the previous conversation. “He said around 7 but knowing everyone else it’ll probably start at like 9.”
“Mm.” Namjoon passes the conditioner to Yoongi once he’s done with it. “We might not make it home then.” “Probably.” Yoongi laughs. When they are all together as a group they lose all self control, mass amounts of alcohol mixed with seven young men? A disaster.
“Hyung will probably need extra drinks, we can buy some on the way there. I’m pretty sure there’s a liquor store near his place.”
Namjoon hums, scrubbing his body with Yoongi’s exfoliating body wash. “This smells nice. No wonder you always smell so good.” Yoongi laughs, “You just now realized? Babe, I’ve been using that for years–” He pauses, staring at a golden chain hanging on the shower rack
The shorter man nods, “Must've been awful being here alone for so long huh.” Yoongi rubs the scrub onto his legs. “If the company didn’t have showers or designated sleeping areas I would've come home more often.”
“Well, you're not leaving me like that again, are you?” Namjoon asks, grabbing a towel as he steps out onto the bathroom mat. “Nope, never again, Joonie.” Yoongi smiles, turning off the water. They kiss briefly.
Before Namjoon turns to leave he remembers the necklace, grabbing it. “Hey, don't forget this in here again. What if it falls down the drain.” Namjoon takes it out of his hand, then kisses him again. “I love you so much, baby.”
“Where’d that come from?” Yoongi laughs. “Love you too, Namjoon.” “You just mean everything to me, Yoongi, don’t ever forget that.” he turns around, examining the necklace as he leaves.
Yoongi steps out of the shower finally. He dries himself off and moves to the sink to brush his teeth. He stares at the little plant Namjoon had bought.
He forgot the name for it but he remembered how much his boyfriend had researched to make sure it could survive in their bathroom.
He smiles fondly, his boyfriend was a smartass at times but he loved him for it. He can remember the light argument that ensued when Yoongi suggested a succulent.
‘No way! The moisture would bloat the poor thing and kill it.’ Yoongi did not want a lecture about house plants but he got it. He had to flash his bedroom eyes and thankfully that shut him up.
He rinses his mouth and his toothbrush and heads back into his bedroom. He stops when he hears muffled arguing from the hallway. Well, he can only hear Namjoon’s voice, not whoever he was laying into.
Yoongi pokes his head out into the hallway. Namjoon is pacing down the hall, and once he turns around and sees Yoongi he freezes up. “Work call?” Yoongi asks.
Namjoon nods, “Uh, I’ll talk to you later, bye.” He says, hanging up. He looks up at Yoongi, “Want me to make you a coffee?” “Please.” Yoongi pleads, before going back into their bedroom. ***
“That’s a lot of bottles.” The cashier laughs, nervously. Her eyes widen when Namjoon places another pack of beer on the counter. Yoongi takes out his card while she’s ringing everything up. “We promise we’re not alcoholics.”
“Our friends are.” Namjoon jokes. “Sorry about all the work though.” The cashier waves him off as she continues bagging the bottles. The older man taps his card. “Ooh. One of those.” The woman gasps. “You must be rich.”
Yoongi laughs, “it’s no black card, but hey it does it’s job, right?” he takes his receipt, shoving it into his pocket. “Thank you.”
“Have a nice day.” She calls out as they leave. Yoongi struggles to hold the bags in his arms, Namjoon practically races past him with two packs of drinks occupying his hands. The older man waddles over, “Grab my keys and unlock it before I break everything.”
Namjoon does as tasked, unlocking the car and helping Yoongi with loading up the car. Once Yoongi’s sat down in the driver seat he lets out a sigh. He's already exhausted somehow.
“Yoongi, let’s go.” Namjoon says, buckling his seatbelt. “Cmon Jin hyung is expecting our booze, we can’t just let him down.”
“I don’t think I’ll drink a lot tonight.” Yoongi decides, maneuvering the steering wheel to get out of the parking lot. “So I can just drive us home after.” “Sounds good.” Namjoon responds. “That album party did a number on you, huh?”
Before Yoongi finally came home, management decided to pay for tons of booze and grilled meat. He was so drunk he couldn’t even walk, he had to get driven home by a staff member.
Poor Namjoon woke up in the middle of the night and had to deal with his drunk boyfriend who he hadn’t seen in almost a week. “I was hoping to come home to you in a less embarrassing way.”—
Yoongi smiles, the rhythmic tapping of the turn signal makes him think of a beat– is he really a workaholic? “Ugh I can’t wait to see the guys, it feels like years. Did you spend time with them? Since you were oh so lonely.”
Namjoon taps on his phone. “I only hung out with Hobi. I mostly texted the other guys.”
Yoongi nods, seeing Jin’s apartment complex as he turns. He turns again into the garage, smiling when he notices Jungkook’s car is already parked here. “Jimin and Taehyung must be running late, as usual.”
“Yeah.” Namjoon responds, “Taehyung told me they’re running behind because Jimin decided it would be nice to take a bath first.” Yoongi turns to him once they’re parked. “Since when are you and Tae so close?” “We’re not.” Namjoon denies immediately.
“There’s nothing wrong with that, babe.” Yoongi grins. “You guys were worrying me. I thought you two wouldn’t get along. Since it’s been years since we met him, it’s about time really.” “Oh.” Namjoon says softly, sitting there as Yoongi gets out to gather what he can carry.
“We’ll need to take two trips, Joon.” Yoongi calls out as he makes his way to the elevator. “Hyung!” A voice calls out. Yoongi turns and smiles wide.
Jungkook rushes over from his car. “Kookie, hey, Did you just get here? I saw your car when I came in but I thought you’d already be with Hyung.”
Yoongi waits beside the elevator as the two men make their way over. Jungkook is eerily silent but immediately becomes chatty as he is beside Yoongi. “Thank you, now let's get moving before Jin hyung kills us.” Yoongi presses the 7th floor.
“Hyung, I really missed you.” Jungkook pouts. “It sucked that they made you work so hard.” “He chose to work that long.” Namjoon chimes in, and Yoongi misses the harsh look the two men give each other. “But he’s back now, thankfully.”
Jungkook grumbles out, “Yeah, thankfully.” His mood switches, turning to Yoongi with a smile and asking about how work went. He answered every question, happy to see the maknae again. ***
🥀🥀🥀 Chapter 02. “truth or dare.” ***
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