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kaey πŸ’« 🧭

Mar 18
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Mothxian bangs on the glass jar someone trapped him in. He's not a firefly! His butt doesn't light up! He's just a moth! (A moth fairy that can turn into an eldritch horror, but still a moth!) The glass doesn't break and no one let's him out, and he pouts

He huffs. He crosses his arms. Don't people know that eldritch horrors deserve the utmost respect? People should be bowing in respect to his primordial self! Not stuffing him in jars and absconding with him! Honestly, people these days! The beasts of yore would NEVER try this!
But then... the lid comes off Mothxian frowns Stares up at the opening. Turns around. Studies it from all angles. Is this a trap? He takes a deep breath. If this IS a trap, he's going to show them not to mess with eldritch entities
Then he SHOOTS out of the jar, his dark power boosting his speed By the time he's out and free, he's taken on his human form, eyes red and glowing, resentment seeping from his pores That's when he notices who freed him Mothxian: Oh Witchji bows to him A real bow!
Mothxian is TICKLED, and he smiles Witchji: Forgive me, you were about to fly through one of my protection spells, and I did not want you to be hurt Nevermind the fact that Mothxian hadn't even noticed the spell. He'd been captured to keep him SAFE
By a WITCH A pretty witch at that! In a split second, he poofs back into his little moth size. The world is sweeter this way, and he wants this interaction to be full of sweetness! Mothxian: You saved my life. Do you know what that means? Witchji: I do not?
Perfect Mothxian: It means that we are bound together, never to part Witchji: 🀨 Mothxian, lying through his teeth: Truly Witchji: Eldritch entities must not be denied. I accept Mothxian: Wonderful! Do you know what else is required? To seal the agreement?
Witchji: I am all ears Mothxian: A kiss Witchji: Mn For the second time in mere minutes, Mothxian transforms back to his human size and demands his kiss After all, witches must pay up He wonders if he can get an agreement for marriage while he's at it?
Witchji stays silent. Since this eldritch entity is demanding all the things Witchji was planning on negotiating for, there is no reason at all to deny him 😌
kaey πŸ’« 🧭

kaey πŸ’« 🧭

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