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Mar 18
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β€œ then come close and cuddle with me , it's cold without you ” taehyung shook his head to himself and laid down beside jungkook who immediately snaked his one arm around taehyung's waist while putting his face into the crook of his neck .

jungkook's hand went under taehyung's shirt and started caressing the faint belly bump soft and gently .
taehyung scooted back his body till there was no space between his back and the younger's front, loving the way he's been spooned and the warmth radiating from his behind. both of getting cozy in each other's warmth in this cool frisky winter.
it's been almost three months taehyung has returned to jungkook's penthouse. the first month was filled with hesitancy and awkwardness but everything slowly started to ease with time as they instead of keeping things to themselves , they shared their worries with each other.
jungkook has became very protective over the months. he became very cautious over his actions as the fear of still taehyung leaving him again was visible in his heart.
taehyung had noticed that and immediately reassured the younger that he won't leave him and everything is fine .
taehyung on the other hand decided to postpone his idea of starting the new business, he should not let himself stress or work too much during this time that can possibly harm the baby's health . and jungkook supported his decision .
he can completely take care of himself and their baby and moreover the project with yoongi and namjoon was still going on so the boss of the company can't take a hiatus out of nowhere.
moni 🐾

moni 🐾

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