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You can lose up to 40 pounds of fat, And be in incredible shape this summer in 4 months. All you have to do is follow these 11 simple guidelines:

· Preparation meets expectations What do you expect to be feasible for you? Can you let go of the things that got you here? Never treat such an endeavor as a sprint. It's a marathon. Set realistic goals. There's only ONE shortcut to get there faster: DO THE WORK!
· Avoid processed food Eating highly processed foods for just two weeks can lead to weight gain and body fat increase. Eat real food. Get 90% of your calories from single-ingredient nutrient-dense sources…
· Studies indicate that a high-protein diet is essential for stimulating muscle growth and losing fat. 0.73–1 gram of protein per pound (1.6–2.2 g/kg) of body weight per day is best for maximizing muscle gain and losing that stubborn fat.
· Never trust your gut Weigh and track your foods. Timestamp your eating habits. Compare prices between going out and prepping at home. This will give you actual numbers and the right education to move forward from being unaware to being actually aware.
· Small window eating equals a small waist Stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime. Cut Coffee consumption 8 hours before bedtime. Choose an eating window that fits your daily schedule and is sustainable for life. You'll adjust it down the road.
· Binge eating while being bored, stressed, angry, etc? Do your celebrations include food? It does for most people. Food is not your reward. It's a necessity. Manage your emotions without stuffing yourself with food and find more fulfilling ways to reward yourself.
· Want to improve your energy levels, manage your appetite and improve digestion? Then drink filtered water. Clean water is the best source to get your body hydrated. Remember, most bodies are underhydrated and overfed.
· Get jacked and strong with High Reward Movements These include: · Dips · Squats · Lunges · Pull-ups · Deadlifts · Push-ups · Bench press · Overhead press Progressive overload, full range of motion, good form, and tempo are basic principles for muscle growth and fat loss.
· Do you want to reduce stress? Reduce your exposure to fake lighting. Nature is your best friend. Go out as much as you can. Even on cloudy days, you'll get sunlight exposure. This will train your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep quality and reduce your stress levels.
· To function properly you must move Benefits of walking: · Alleviate joint pain · Enhance creativity · Improve your sleep · Improve your mood · Boost your brainpower · Stimulate your digestive system · Reduce your risk of chronic diseases Walk at least 10.000 steps daily.
· Discover your ultimate WHY There needs to be a deeper motive for getting in shape that goes beyond merely looking nice. It might be related to children, being a leader your family needs, or improved intimacy. Anything worthwhile begins with a compelling WHY. Look for it.
TL;DR: 11 guidelines to be in the best shape of your life in 4 months · Walk · Prepare · Exercise · Prioritize Protein · Know your WHY · Drink clear water · Get more sunlight · Don't trust your gut · Avoid processed food · Manage your emotions · Have an eating window
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You can lose up to 40 pounds of fat, And be in incredible shape this summer in 4 months. All you have to do is follow these 11 simple guidelines:
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