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You know what producer uses voice modulation as a stylistic technique a lot? Min Yoongi. He’s used it a bunch of times on traps that deal with internal conflicts or where’s he’s conveying others’ opinions. Interlude: Shadow, Honsool, Tony Montana, Respect, WDYT? to name a few. +

Thinking that if someone’s voice sounds unnatural or warped in any way is them covering up the fact they can’t sing is… so moronic, it’s not worth indulging. It’s storytelling. It’s the equivalent of putting someone’s thoughts in italics in a novel, or a different colour on +
subtitles. It’s making sure the listener knows that there are different conversational points or different levels of consciousness, even when they’re all using a single person’s voice. In the case of Set Me Free Pt.2 the voice modulated part is Jimin’s angrier internal voice+
which is saying what he’s not said out loud before. It’s a distorted, less listened to voice. It’s INTENTIONAL that it stands out from his typical vocals, which is his primary external voice. There’s loads of visual symbolism in the MV supporting that. TLDR: BTS are smart as fuck
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