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Mar 18, 2023
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#taekookau "Why do you want me? You know I'm not the right one for you." Jungkook frowns and looks at taehyung, his beta boyfriend, who's now avoiding his gaze. "You're an omega. Why would you want to be with a beta like me when you can have any alpha, much better than me?"

That's it, jungkook heard enough. He switches off the tv. He then threw his leg on the other side of taehyung's thigh to straddle his lap.
He cups taehyung's face gently, "Why would i want someone else when i have the one that i love right here? I don't care about your secondary gender. I love you as you are."
Taehyung shakes his head and circles his arms around the omega's waist, "You're saying that now. I cannot knot you and satisfy you like an alpha would."
Jungkook sighs and rubs the beta's face lovingly. He shrugs and answers, "You still make me cum many times though, so i don't see your point."
The beta bites back a smile. The omega on his lap always had his way with words and that was one of the many things he loved about him. "What about pups? Would you want them with me?"
Jungkook's breath hitched, he smirks and noses at the beta's jaw then rubs his cheek against it. He presses a kiss to his jaw and makes his way to taehyung's scent gland.
"Ofcourse taehyungie, i want to have your pups more than anything. I don't need a stupid knot to make me pregnant anyway." Taehyung tightens his hold and mutters a 'fuck' when jungkook grazes his teeth over his scent gland.
"Do you see a future with me?" Taehyung questions. Jungkook pulls back to face him. "Is that even a question? Ofcourse, i do. I love you and want to have a future where we both will work hard to buy our dream house.
Then have two or three pups and two doggies." He giggles, "You remember that was our dream way before we presented." Taehyung chuckles, a past memory refreshing in his mind, "Yes and i love you too. Fuck im so damn lucky to have you."
"And im so damn lucky to have you too. You're mine, tae, my beta." The beta nods eagerly, "Yours baby and you're mine." "Yours, your omega."
"My omega." Taehyung hums and rubs his hand all over jungkook's back. Jungkook shivers under his soft touches.
He knew taehyung was insecure and that he needed reassurance from time to time, but he's here to remind him every time that they do deserve each other.
"Now taehyungie, how about i show you that i don't need a knot to make me feel good." Jungkook smirks and kisses the tip of taehyung's nose. "And how will you do that, my pretty baby?"
"Well, for now you gotta wait and let me go get the surprise that i have ready for you." Taehyung tilts his head, "What surprise?"
The omega scrambles off his lap and stands up, "You'll find out in a few minutes, be patient, okay babe?" The beta nods, and he watches jungkook run inside their bedroom and lock the door.
A few minutes later, the door is open, and taehyung feels his breath gets taken away by his beautiful boyfriend. Jungkook is wearing a lace lingerie in purple, taehyung's favourite colour. They both know it.
Taehyung groans as he sees how the colour seems to match his boyfriend's pale skin so well. Despite being an omega, jungkook is well built but taehyung loves it, loves how his boyfriend doesn't give a fuck about omega norms.
Jungkook's waist is so tiny that the lace short and top with flowery details are looking heavenly on his skin. Taehyung wants to ravish him, completely and entirely.
"You look pretty, baby, so so pretty and sexy. God, i can't believe you're mine. All mine." Taehyung is almost drooling when jungkook does a twirl infront of him.
Jungkook lifts his finger and signals taehyung to come while he walks backwards inside the room, "Come, tae. Don't you wanna have a taste of your surprise, hm?" Taehyung nods dumbly and does exactly what he's told.
aaaaaaand scene ✨


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