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Sherly💗𐤀 | Min March🍊

Sherly💗𐤀 | Min March🍊

Mar 18, 2023
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#taekookau 🔞 Where Captain Jeon is finally back to his family after months of serving in military. Little to excited to meet his husband and lil daughter Well to his surprise, there is no one at there hanok, except his husband in slimy excuse of robe unaware of his presence.

This is a special update of this!…
🔞 Where Captain Jeon isn't ready to get married because of his work, but his parents are adamant to get him married. And Innocent village boy taehyung, also isn't ready to leave his father alone and get tied down with cold military man. But fate has already planned for them.
Tw- bptae,rough sex, humiliation, overstimulation, spanking. roleplay!.
Tw- bptae,rough sex, humiliation, overstimulation, spanking. roleplay!. _
There was an evident glow on Captain Jeon's face when he got the acceptance letter of his leave. Making him want to bounce and dance like a kid.But that doesn't suit his personality as a tough captain. And all his juniors are looking athim waiting for his command to dismiss them
Jungkook doesn't wait a second before dismissing all the soldiers and gets to his room, ready to pack everything and leave instantly.
_ Kim Taehyung's normal days goes by him waking up in Jeon Hanok. Doing all the morning routine, helping his mother-in-law in the kitchen. Waking up his cute 4 years old daughter.
Bathing her, dressing her and making two cute pigtails on her hairs. Arguing with her to eat all the veggies on her plate or he will complain about it to her papa when he arrives.
Her evident pout while eating all of it, not wanting to upset her papa. Jeon Ari is Good girl of her appa and papa who is moody but listens to her parents always to make them happy.
She is such a strong girl, As she patiently waits every day for her papa to come back to her from his duty, sitting on the entrance of their hanok, waiting with hopes in her doe eyes just like her father's . Pouting sadly when he doesn't come even after sunset.
Whining to her Appa how he will scold him when he comes back with vivid cute gestures. Even assures his appa when he starts crying when he misses her father more. Such an angel.
Taehyung is happy at least he has her as company when Jungkook is not around. He loves her way too much. Don't know what he would do if she wasn't around. His father died in the second year of their wedding making him all alone.
But he is not alone anymore as he has Jungkook's whole family supporting and giving love to their daughter. Not to forget Jimin who moved to Busan with his family.
He is more than happy only if Jungkook would always be with him. Just not for quarter of the year. He misses him crazily. But he did choose this, he knew about jungkook's duty. Now he has to be a faithful military wife waiting for his husband. _
There is a wedding in the other town, Mrs. Jeon's close friends. All the family is ready to leave the house after getting ready in their glamorous outfits. Except taehyung who doesn't want to go as he feels uneasy and has a little stomach ache.
He bids everyone outside, kissing ari's cheeks and telling her to behave not to trouble halmoni. The carriage takes off. He smiles lightly to himself as he goes inside the house.
It's quite silent as no one is there in the big house for tonight. How he wishes jungkook to come back leaving Everything. _
With a tired groan Jungkook gets off the vehicle, grabbing all his luggage, he goes to the entrance door and loudly starts to bang the door.
Taehyung in the kitchen gets frightened with loud bangs on the door, so many negative thoughts running inside his mind. Just then the knocking stops. But then he hears the loud creaking of the door being unlocked.
Shit scared Tae grabs the pan in his shaky hands as he slowly starts to walk out of the kitchen to smack the trespasser. Just when sees the shadow, shutting his eyes close, Tae swings the pan in the air.
But as he imagined it didn't hit him because the trespasser was strong and quick in movement as he swift's the sacred beauty in his arms, snatching the pan away from his hand.
Just when Tae wanted to scream, the mysterious man shuts his small mouth and his big hand on it. Huskily whispering "Fuck you got so feisty baby, never imagined this welcome"
He ducks his head into the other's neck inhaling the fresh scent of his husband, not caring of his state of mind.
Taehyung went freeze when he heard the voice, he was debating whether his husband is really here or is he again delusional.
By the comforting smell from the other's body he has no doubt it's him as he goes limp in his arms. Tears of happiness welled up in his eyes. As his heart mutter, Finally. _
Jungkook brings him inside their bedroom in bridal style,he sees the room perfectly. Mattress ready with his favourite scent candle lighten up. Room neat and clean just the way he likes. But he will make exception tonight just to fuck his husband and ruin him whole once again.
He lays the other down and hovering over him, smashes their lips into a hot kiss instantly. He cannot wait to taste him. Missing those luscious kissable lips for so long, He needs to ruin them for him.
The press of his lips isn't hot enough, so he sucks Tae's bottom lip between his teeth and teases him like that, gently scraping until the other moans.
And Tae?, Tae just falls apart so beautifully in his hands. He kisses back like his life depends on it but he still lets Jungkook lead as always, coaxes open his mouth with the promise of a tongue gently rolling across his lip. Turning it into a long makeout session.
Soon the rough treatment on soft plush folds made it bleed, but jungkook was still sucking on it like a hungry vampire. Tae whimper in between while muttering "ugh--umh-ah-stop-jungk--"
Jungkook is the one who always commands, not the other way around. So it pisses him off when tae starts to protest. Doesn't he crave or miss him crazily just like he did?. The thought only agitated him. As he tears the cloth the other is wearing in a one go.
Flexing his arms while removing his own uniform. Taehyung with hazy eyes watches him, it always turns him on when he sees Jungkook wearing or stripping his uniform. He is sure there is a large wet spot on his panty right now. As he squeezes his legs.
The humiliation gets him more wet than he was. His innocent soul is already tainted by these devil men. Making him do and want all the filthy things with him. Still he has audacity to accuse him, even if it just a mere foreplay.
"Jungkook? Baby please i don't --" "Shut up! Will you?"
He knows Jungkook has no mode for listening to him tonight. It's always like him going into beast mode whenever he comes back. But he controls himself until they get to Daegu, away from his family members to do nasty.
But today is like a golden opportunity to him, it's like he came back at the right time. When no one is around to disturb them. Especially their little Ari whose innocence they don't want to spoil with their horny asses.
But how will he tell him that he is not on pills right now, and if they do the deed he might get another one like them again. Because the man is in no mood for it. But well it's too late. _
SLAP! "Ahn-!" Taehyung sobs, throwing his head back in pleasure. His legs tremble from the spank to his crotch, but he only further spreads them apart in response. "Jungkook , n-no..."
"No?" The older man repeats, giving another slap to the soaked cunt presented to him. The younger man cries at the stinging sensation. "You don't like it when I hit your naughty pussy, slut?"
But he doesn't wait for an answer before delivering another blow, hitting right on the round and sensitive pearl hidden between plump lips. r him.
Taehyung trembles from the impact, moaning loudly at the brute treatment. His legs, however, flutter the tiniest bit open, presenting himself even wider fo
Sherly💗𐤀 | Min March🍊
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