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i just think.... LQR whipping out the baby photos when he realizes wei wuxian is a very willing captive audience even better, wangji doesn't protest, not after wei wuxian places a hand on his wrist and smiles at him. indeed, lqr curiously watches as wangji softens, nodding

there's photo upon photo of babyji stealing his ge's birthday cake, sitting stony-faced next to a crying huaisang, trying on LQR's shoes while holding his briefcase, posing with his child-sized guqin wei wuxian coos over every one of them, appropriately attentive,
and LQR doesn't cave towards him, no, it's just that... well, he can see that wei wuxian really does adore his nephew. His nephew adores wei wuxian back. "I'd love to make a copy of this one," Wei Wuxian says, pointing to a stern-faced baby wangji sitting on xichen's shoulders,
but each of them has one arm raised in a charging pose. "Fine," LQR agrees graciously. He's surprised a few weeks later by a painted version of the picture, done by Wei Wuxian. "It's just," Wei Wuxian says. "They turned out really well. You should be proud."
"I may not always agree with their choices in the moment," LQR says, turning away because he is busy hanging the portrait, NOT because his eyes are teary, "but they have proven to be excellent judges of character." Wei Wuxian blushes, stammers wordlessly.
LQR takes pity on him, nothing more. He pivots so that he can bustle straight into the kitchen. "You might as well stay for dinner," LQR says. "Some nosy salesperson was pushing this chili oil and I can't eat it myself."
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