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Through blurred eyes, Jungkook sees the glisten on Taehyung's lips and chin. His eyes are wild but there's also that soft look that never fails to make his heart stutter. "Fuck me."

Taehyung smiles but his irises have blown apart. Something dangerous lurks beneath them. It seems like he wants to devour Jungkook and like the clown he is, Jungkook would let it happen. Would let him gnaw on his love-sated bones that are more of Taehyung’s than his.
Taehyung moves to grab the lube from the side table and gets rid of his sweatpants and boxer. Jungkook lets go of his thighs and begins turning around. "No." "What?" Taehyung holds his face. "I want to see you."
Jungkook clutches his hand tightly. "Please let me have you this way." "It'll hurt you later." Taehyung chuckles. "You say it like you aren't hurting yourself every day, Kook-ah. You keep denying what is in front of you."
"I.." Jungkook shuts his eyes. "I don't want to be left behind." Taehyung sits in between his legs and spread them. "But I was the one who was left behind last time. Ironic, isn't it?" Tears burn in the back of his eyelids. "I'm afraid."
Taehyung kisses his stomach, his chest, neck, and then his lips. "Have faith in me." The first tear glides down his cheek. Taehyung traces it with his thumb and wipes it away. "I'm..I..trying.." "We'll take it slow. Is that okay with you?"
Jungkook nods his head, emotions all mixed up. He doesn't know how to make sense of what he is feeling. He is just glad Taehyung is with him. With his warm eyes and pine scent. With words that don't want an answer in return. He is so in love with him.
When Taehyung preps him up and fingers him open, Jungkook watches him with an overwhelming feeling of affection. The alpha thrusts his fingers inside him, coaxing his walls to open for him. And when they brush against his prostate, Jungkook gasps.
He throws his head back and begins to rut down on his fingers. "Tae..I..please.." When Taehyung finds his hole loose enough, he lubes his cock and pushes the cockhead inside his entrance. "Relax." He runs his palm over Jungkook's thigh. "Relax for me."
Jungkook sucks in a deep breath and releases it. "Okay." Taehyung drags his cock inside him slowly. The presence is heavy and he can feel it leaking inside him. Jungkook feels it going deeper, his walls hugging him perfectly and he moans at the pleasure.
Taehyung stops when he is inside up to his knot, pausing to give Jungkook’s body time to adjust. But it has been so long since the alpha was inside him like this, that he wants Taehyung to move and fuck him deeply. He wants to feel each thrust and shove.
So he arches his back, silently begging for more. Fully seated, Taehyung looks down at Jungkook with a half smile. "Did you fuck someone when we weren't seeing each other?" "I tried." Taehyung pulls Jungkook's legs and wraps them around his waist. "What happened?"
"You." Jungkook grabs the alpha's shoulder and pulls him toward him. "You've ruined me." "Good." Taehyung smirks and gives a small thrust. "Because you have done the same to me."
When Taehyung withdraws and pushes himself back inside, the force of it tears a moan of pleasure from Jungkook’s throat. The alpha begins to fuck him in earnest, each stroke driving deep inside Jungkook's tight ass.
"I can't look at anyone else because all I see is you," Taehyung says and kisses his forehead. "I can't let you go this time." Jungkook tilts his head and puckers his lips for a kiss. Taehyung gives him that. He fucks him in long strokes, one palm holding his hips into place
while the other grabs the headboard. Jungkook can't stop the whine from bursting from his throat, but it only seems to drive Taehyung wild because he buries his nose against Jungkook's scent gland. "Jungkook..fuck..I like you so much."
Taehyung's thrusts, his confession, all are too much, and with a yelp Jungkook comes, shooting his spurts of cum over his stomach. He writhes on Taehyung’s cock as his orgasm takes him completely, intensified by the pounding he is getting.
Taehyung shifts back to look at him. Slowing down his pace, he cups Jungkook's face. "I like you." I love you.
"You do?" "I feel like I can't function without you, Jungkook." I feel like I can't live without you. Taehyung's forehead creases. "I'm sorry if it's all of a sudden but I.. I couldn't hold it in." I'm sorry I'm holding all in.
"It's fine," Jungkook manages to say. Taehyung’s eyes hold hurt. He swallows. "I can stop—" "No." Jungkook pulls him back in. "Thank you for being the brave one." Taehyung caresses his waist. "Sometimes I wish I could erase all your bad experiences."
"I wish you don't." "Why?" Jungkook's eyes swim in tears. "Because then I wouldn't have known how much good I deserve." Taehyung's face softens. All familiar expression mars his face and Jungkook can see it— how much the alpha feels for him.
He just wishes he isn't making a mistake this time. "Now move. Your dick is still inside me." Taehyung laughs but his eyes are shimmery. A thin layer of sheen covers them. Jungkook looks away and gives him privacy to wipe his tears.
When Taehyung moves inside him again, it's slow and unhurried. He kisses Jungkook throughout, holding him close. When Taehyung finally comes, Jungkook feels it flooding inside him. He stretches out his orgasm until he's exhausted.
When Taehyung finally gains his breath and slowly pulls his cock out, knot still in place, Jungkook's mind registers the event in post lust haze. "Are you going to run away this time?"
Jungkook schools his panicked expression. A big yes sits on his tongue but he swallows it down. "No." Taehyung kisses him. "I'm so proud of you." "I..this..thank you."
Taehyung pulls back and stands on the floor. "You look like you're about to throw up." He points a finger at him. "Don't move until I'm back, I'm warning you." Jungkook feels lightheaded. "I'm not going away." "Not trusting you until you spend the night with me."
The smile on Jungkook's face is sincere this time. "You want me to stay?" "Please do or I'll cry." "Okay." He grabs a pillow and settles down on the bed comfortably. "I can't let that happen." The rewarding kiss tastes sweet. Full of love.
Jungkook stays. He spends Taehyung's rut with him, in his arms, in his bed. He wipes Taehyung's pine scent in the bathroom every time he showers, only to get soaked in it when he wears Taehyung's clothes.
He lets Taehyung hug him, kiss him as he desires. Plays with his hair until Jungkook falls asleep and makes him food until Jungkook gets the irresistible urge to suck him off.
So when Taehyung finally asks him out, Jungkook doesn't refuse. Instead, he plans the second date and drives Taehyung to the ice rink. In between cozy snuggles and warm kisses, Jungkook learns to trust again.
— the end. tell me your thoughts 💛


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