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Mar 19
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Not many people know this, but 12 years ago I wrote a children's book. It sat in the vault, unreleased, for over a decade before I commissioned @Haus of Decline to illustrate it for me. For the first time ever, I present: You Are Not Special

There are billions of people like you.
Many of them are smarter than you.
More creative, too.
Some people are good at math.
Some people are good at making music
You are good at neither.
Anything you can do, someone else can do better
Your opinions are not unique
Everything you know about life you stole from someone else
Most of it is wrong, anyhow.
You could make a difference
Or bring a smile to someone's face.
But probably not.
No one will remember you after you die.
Because you are not special.
If you too want monthly commissioned art from world-famous artist @Haus of Decline then subscribe to his patreon


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