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Mar 19
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Dossier Center hacked Evgeny Prigozhin's I.T. dept, which manages his entire empire: catering, troll factories, diamond mining, mercenary work. Whaddya know, he's evading taxes, left and right. And he tests new hires with a polygraph for invasion sentiment and FSB ties lol.

The distrust between Prigozhin and the FSB is intense.
The story concludes by noting that Prigozhin's IT dept takes few precautions against the expected foreign adversaries and predicates its defenses on the threat from the FSB more than anything.
There's some evidence here that Prigozhin's business empire covers even basic expenses for Prigozhin's mother, Violetta Kirovna, who's close to litigating sanctions relief for herself in Europe. Here's an internal memo requesting payment for her home Internet.
And there is separate accounting for money sent to the folks at @Актуальный Мир and @Актуальная Россия.
A leaked questionnaire from Prigozhin's hiring process. (With Google translation attached because мне лень.)
Prigozhin obviously contracts numerous Telegram z-bloggers too, especially the notorious "war correspondents." Identified here: Yurasumy (Yuri Podolyak), Военный писатель Владлен Татарский (Maxim Fomin), Рыбарь (Mikhail Zvinchuk), Colonel Cassad (Boris Rozhin), etc etc etc.
Apparently, Prigozhin's outfit doesn't work together with other major pro-Kremlin projects (for example, he doesn't cooperate with Kristina Potupchik's media schemes, etc.).
Prigozhin also apparently pays to place content in the professional news media. If his records are to be believed, he spent 750k rubles (almost $10k) to get his team's "investigations" onto the pages of @Коммерсантъ.
Kevin Rothrock

Kevin Rothrock

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