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Yooɴмɪɴ nsfw au— after locking eyes at a party hosted by their parents, chaebols Jɪмɪɴ and Yooɴgɪ decide to ditch the party entirely to get to know each other better

tags: - strangers - family rivalry - side ɴɑмĸooĸ, vʜope - mentions of past Seoĸjɪɴ/Jɪмɪɴ - top Yooɴgɪ/bottom Jɪмɪɴ - alcohol and cigarette use
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jɪмɪɴ first locks eyes with the man dressed in all black with a white scarf when he’s grabbing himself a drink from the bar. Down on the other side of the wrap-around bar stands the man as he sips at the tail end of a glass of whisky,
tipping the bottom up to drain the golden honey liquid from the glass entirely. The moment that their eyes connect, Jɪмɪɴ feels his world zoom in hard and fast. He swallows, feeling a lump form in his throat as he’s unable to tear his gaze away from the man.
Whether he sees just a night of pleasure buried in the man’s eyes or a lifetime of giggles and inside jokes, Jɪмɪɴ doesn’t know. “Your cocktail, Mister Park,” the bartender says as he places the bright blue cocktail in front of Jɪмɪɴ who takes the glass into his hand.
When he looks up, the man is gone. Jɪмɪɴ pulls a 50,000 won bill out of his breast pocket and slides it over the marble bar top, “A tip.” The bartender graciously accepts the money without a single utterance of refusal. Jɪмɪɴ takes his cocktail back towards his friends,
trying to shake the man from his memory. He finds Taeʜyuɴg and Juɴɢĸooĸ in a study, though the room seems to err on the side of music rather than pleasure reading. Juɴɢĸooĸ is fiddling around on the piano as Taeʜyuɴg leafs through a book set on the coffee table top on Beethoven.
“Your parents better not blame us for you ditching them again,” Taeʜyuɴg says as Juɴɢĸooĸ effortlessly plays some gorgeous rendition of a classical song Jɪмɪɴ’s heard years ago, “They’re the ones hosting this entire thing, aren’t they?”
“Yeah,” Juɴɢĸooĸ pipes up, not even looking at the keys while he plays before adding, “That’s why Jɪмɪɴ’s even here in the first place.” “No,” Jɪмɪɴ quickly corrects from the seat next to Taeʜyuɴg,
“They’re co-hosting with my father’s closes business partner and mortal enemy, company president Min Gihun.” Taeʜyuɴg raises an eyebrow at Jɪмɪɴ’s description. “My father always said keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”
“Sounds like a bunch of chaebol drama,” Taeʜyuɴg says, “At least the drinks here are free.” “And the guys are hot,” Juɴɢĸooĸ adds immediately, “Shit there was one guy with these glasses and this undercut and muscles big enough that he could probably choke me.”
Jɪмɪɴ shudders, “You cannot be talking about Kim ɴɑмjooɴ.” The piano abruptly stops, “That’s his name? I gotta get his number because I need to get fucked by him ASAP.” With a scoot of the piano bench legs on the floor, Juɴɢĸooĸ dashes out towards the party once again.
Jɪмɪɴ takes a long sip of his cocktail, drinking nearly half of it in one go. He should have ordered another, or perhaps six, to endure this party. “Are you going to go get your dick wet, too?” Jɪмɪɴ asks as Taeʜyuɴg seems to be busy reading something about
Beethoven’s education history in the display book. “No,” Taeʜyuɴg says simply, “I’ve got ʜoseoĸ on speed-dial if I need good ass. Nobody here is better than that.” “Hmm,” Jɪмɪɴ hums low, under his breath as he remembers the way the man had stared at him across the bar earlier.
“Oh, but you’ve got your dirty minx expression on,” Taeʜyuɴg notes, apparently having looked up from the page finally, “Who’ve you got your eye on this time? Kim Seoĸjɪɴ again?”
“Seoĸjɪɴ-hyung isn’t at this party,” Jɪмɪɴ says quickly, “Plus, we’re better off as friends anyways.” “Didn’t seem like that when you were busy spreading your legs for him every weekend in university,” Taeʜyuɴg comments, narrowly avoiding Jɪмɪɴ’s kick to his shin.
There’s a small commotion on the other side of the door. It sounds like two servants speaking in frantic but hushed voices, “Has anyone seen Mister Park Jɪмɪɴ?
His father is desperately looking for him to introduce him to the head of Choi Pharmaceuticals.” “Negative sir, no one has seen him since he was last spotted at the bar about fifteen minutes ago.” “Perhaps he is in the ballroom.”
Jɪмɪɴ hurriedly stands up, downing his drink in one go before he places the glass next to the Beethoven book. “I’m headed outside for some fresh air,” he tells Taeʜyuɴg.
Jɪмɪɴ finds the exit easily, thankful that it’s not being guarded by some servants like he’s a prisoner of sorts. He bursts out into an ornate garden with high shrubs and green hedges. Off in the distance, there’s the sound of water flowing in a fountain that he heads towards,
hoping for a bench to rest at. He finds a man standing in front of the fountain, a cigarette lit between his lips. The end burns bright orange as he breathes in, before he pulls it away and blows a billow of smoke into the air.
It isn’t until Jɪмɪɴ is standing in front of the fountain himself, a few body lengths away from the man that he realizes it’s the same man as before. A moment or two of silence passes between them before Jɪмɪɴ asks, “Do you have another cigarette?”
Without a word, the man digs out a package tucked inside a golden case, flipping it open and taps one out for Jɪмɪɴ. “Didn’t take you for a smoker,” the man says in a deep voice that has Jɪмɪɴ’s knees already turning to jelly.
“Only when my father is busy hosting a party and trying to network me to as many people as possible,” Jɪмɪɴ comments as he places the cigarette between his lips and sticks his hand out for a light.
Instead, the man flicks open his lighter himself and holds the flame up to light Jɪмɪɴ’s cigarette for him. “So you’re Park Jɪмɪɴ,” the man resolves, “Nice to finally meet you.”
“Charmed,” Jɪмɪɴ says, “Mister...” “Min Yooɴgɪ,” Yooɴgɪ informs, Jɪмɪɴ’s eyes widening just a bit at the information, “Our fathers have been business partners for nearly twenty years.” “My father hates your father,” Jɪмɪɴ informs,
“But your enemies closer,” they finish in unison. A moment passes between them before Jɪмɪɴ takes a step closer, testing the boundaries. “I didn’t know that Mister Min had such a handsome son,” Jɪмɪɴ comments, “Had I known, I would have come to these parties a bit more often.”
“As selfishly as I would have liked that,” Yooɴgɪ starts, “I have to inform you that you’ve missed absolutely nothing of interest.” Jɪмɪɴ’s eyes flick up to catch Yooɴgɪ’s, the light reflected in the water bouncing in Yooɴgɪ’s brown eyes, “I missed meeting you.”
For perhaps twenty or thirty minutes, well after their cigarettes are long gone, they do nothing but sit outside talking on the bench in front of the fountain. Jɪмɪɴ tells Yooɴgɪ about his time studying in Switzerland where he wouldn’t have to think about
Korean business politics and Yooɴgɪ tells him about studying music in Vienna. There’s something in the way that they banter that feels so fresh and new, making electricity buzz beneath Jɪмɪɴ’s skin.
It almost feels like they’ve managed to find a personal sanctuary tucked away in the bustle of the party, until there’s the sound of the back doors to the mansion open up. Without a word, Yooɴgɪ takes Jɪмɪɴ’s hand and ducks through the maze of the garden, away from the fountain.
Upon inspection of the area, a servant says, “I don’t think Mister Min or Mister Park are out here,” before they head back towards the mansion. “Come on,” Yooɴgɪ says, tugging Jɪмɪɴ’s hand along, away from the mansion, “My quarters are close by.”
“Your quarters?” Jɪмɪɴ clarifies, purposely ignoring the way that Yooɴgɪ’s hand wrapped around Jɪмɪɴ’s smaller one makes his heart pound in his chest. “This is my house,” Yooɴgɪ says, “The piano your friend was playing earlier is mine.”
Jɪмɪɴ realizes suddenly that the reason Yooɴgɪ had been out here at all had been because Jɪмɪɴ, Taeʜyuɴg, and Juɴɢĸooĸ had crashed Yooɴgɪ’s personal study. “Sorry,” Jɪмɪɴ says as they come to a small guest house that’s dark inside, “We didn’t know.”
“It’s fine,” Yooɴgɪ says as he types in the code for the electronic lock which quickly retracts, “I figured you guys needed somewhere to escape to.” “So what are we going to do now?” Jɪмɪɴ asks, “You can’t expect your father not to check you room if he’s looking for you.”
Yooɴgɪ lets Jɪмɪɴ enter, before closing the door and locking the deadbolt shut, before he tugs the floor-to-ceiling curtains shut. “He’ll figure it out when the party’s over.”
“And until then?” Jɪмɪɴ questions as he inspects Yooɴgɪ’s quarters. They’re beautifully decorated with a mixture of modern and traditional architecture. A large bedroom with an ornate seating area and a small desk area full of various musical instruments
that seem to be plainer than the ones in the study, but more well-used. Yooɴgɪ walks up behind Jɪмɪɴ, two large hands coming up to grab onto Jɪмɪɴ’s hips as Yooɴgɪ dives in to gently kiss along the side of Jɪмɪɴ’s neck.
“Do you think there’s anything our fathers would hate more than us being together tonight?” Yooɴgɪ asks, Jɪмɪɴ going stiff momentarily before he quickly starts to melt against Yooɴgɪ’s touch, “Tell me if you don’t want this.”
Jɪмɪɴ lets out a soft groan at the way Yooɴgɪ’s tongue sneaks out against Jɪмɪɴ’s tanned skin. Yooɴgɪ’s lips suck gently enough to elicit a low moan, but not enough to leave any lasting marks.
“Oh I want this,” Jɪмɪɴ affirms as he slowly relaxes in Yooɴgɪ’s embrace, “I’ve wanted this since I saw you at the bar this evening.” Yooɴgɪ’s hands tug the ends of Jɪмɪɴ’s shirt out of his pants.
“The feeling’s mutual,” Yooɴgɪ promises as he guides Jɪмɪɴ over towards the bed. It’s large, with deep navy sheets almost the color of black stretched out across it. “To think you were the one my father always warned me about,”
Yooɴgɪ mutters as he snakes one hand up Jɪмɪɴ’s torso, large thumb brushing over Jɪмɪɴ’s nipple, pulling a sharp hiss of air from Jɪмɪɴ. Jɪмɪɴ pulls away only to collapse back onto the bed, before he beckons Yooɴgɪ over with a curled finger.
“My father told me that Mins were all animals,” Jɪмɪɴ teases, “Let’s see if you can fuck me like one.” Jɪмɪɴ pops the buttons on his shirt as Yooɴgɪ tosses his black jacket and white scarf off to the side, hastily unbuttoning his own black shirt.
When their lips finally connect, Jɪмɪɴ feels like he’s finally found a missing piece of himself. Yooɴgɪ’s lips slot against his own, pulling and tugging all that Yooɴgɪ wants from Jɪмɪɴ, yet Jɪмɪɴ is the one who feels whole. Yooɴgɪ’s hand comes up to cup at Jɪмɪɴ’s jaw,
holding him in place as Jɪмɪɴ’s fingers dig into Yooɴgɪ’s long black hair, tugging and pulling him down harder. Yooɴgɪ comes to lay over Jɪмɪɴ as they kiss passionately, before lips turn into teeth and tongue, raw and needy.
Jɪмɪɴ slowly sinks into the blanket as Yooɴgɪ kisses him hard enough to bruise, their still-clothed cocks grinding against each other. When it gets to be too much, Jɪмɪɴ slowly pushes Yooɴgɪ back, just to better adjust himself on the bed as he unbuckles his belt and pants.
Yooɴgɪ follows suit, ridding himself of his lower garments. When he finally is naked, he heads towards the nightstand, gathering a small bottle of lube, a condom and a small hand towel, tossing them over to Jɪмɪɴ in the center of the bed.
Jɪмɪɴ inspects both, almost scoffing to himself at the fact that Yooɴgɪ’s condom is an extra-large size, before he catches sight of Yooɴgɪ’s dick. “What?” Yooɴgɪ asks as Jɪмɪɴ’s mouth falls open, jaw slack as he blinks at the sight before him.
“You’re huge,” Jɪмɪɴ marvels as Yooɴgɪ gets comfortable above him, Yooɴgɪ taking the bottle of lube and squirting a bit into his hand. “You’re the one who wants me to fuck you like an animal,” Yooɴgɪ counters as he smears the lube on his fingers,
before he sinks one long finger into Jɪмɪɴ. The stretch isn’t too much, especially with how gently and carefully Yooɴgɪ treats him. Yooɴgɪ goes slow at first, then builds up to a faster tempo, fucking deeper into Jɪмɪɴ. “Doing okay still?”
Jɪмɪɴ nods as Yooɴgɪ adds a second finger, Jɪмɪɴ sighing at the feeling, “Your fingers feel good.” Yooɴgɪ starts to add a bit of power to his thrusts, alternating between deep and powerful. “Can’t wait to take your dick.”
“Someone’s eager,” Yooɴgɪ laughs softly to himself as he brushes against the spot that has Jɪмɪɴ’s muscles spasming in pleasure. Jɪмɪɴ lets out a whimper at the way Yooɴgɪ does it again, building until a moan falls from his lips, skin beginning to bead with sweat. “Oh fuck.”
“What?” Jɪмɪɴ asks as Yooɴgɪ pulls his fingers out, wiping them onto the towel. Yooɴgɪ quickly opens the condom and rolls it on. “You just sounded so sexy,” Yooɴgɪ admits as he rolls the condom on,
Jɪмɪɴ watches with keen interest before an idea blossoms in his mind, quickly taking the bottle of lube and squirting a bit onto his hand. Jɪмɪɴ reaches forward, smearing the lube onto Yooɴgɪ’s dick as he coats the condom,
stroking him with quick, perfectly placed pumps of his hand. Jɪмɪɴ continues until a deep moan falls from Yooɴgɪ’s lips, satisfaction coursing through Jɪмɪɴ’s veins.
“Hyung,” Jɪмɪɴ says, watching the way that Yooɴgɪ’s eyes turn dark at the title, “Fuck me hard.” Yooɴgɪ hooks Jɪмɪɴ’s legs over his hips as he guides himself to Jɪмɪɴ’s loose, slick hole. “I thought you’d never ask,” Yooɴgɪ goads as he sinks into Jɪмɪɴ’s wet heat,
pulling an immediate, guttural moan from both of them. “Shit, Jɪмɪɴ-ah, you’re so hot.” “Ha,” Jɪмɪɴ pants as Yooɴgɪ starts thrusting into him, opening Jɪмɪɴ up further on his dick, “You should see yourself.” Jɪмɪɴ reaches up,
Yooɴgɪ points out as Jɪмɪɴ lets moans fall from his lips with each snap of Yooɴgɪ’s hips. “I thought you said I wasn’t missing out on anything at the past parties?” Jɪмɪɴ counters,
though it’s getting harder and harder to think of witty responses when Yooɴgɪ’s currently fucking Jɪмɪɴ like this. Yooɴgɪ gets just the right angle that has Jɪмɪɴ’s entire body singing with pleasure, “The only thing you missed out on getting fucked by my huge dick.”
Jɪмɪɴ tries to think of a comeback when Yooɴgɪ shifts his weight slightly, giving him the perfect angle to keep thrusting in just the right way. Jɪмɪɴ’s mind quickly dissolves into nothingness as Yooɴgɪ fucks him to the brink of sanity,
hands falling onto the bed as his fingers bury themselves into the blanket. His voice grows higher and higher in pitch, strained as he tries to keep himself from falling over the edge too soon. “Hyung!” Jɪмɪɴ cries out, voice scratchy after all of his throaty moans,
“Please! Right there!” “Go on,” Yooɴgɪ allows, a droplet of sweat falling off of the tip of his bangs, “Show me how good you feel.” Jɪмɪɴ’s body seizes tightly, muscles clenching as he lets his orgasm wash over him, Yooɴgɪ’s dick working inside of him with just the right speed.
“Fucking beautiful,” Jɪмɪɴ hears Yooɴgɪ say just as Yooɴgɪ lets his own orgasm overtake him, spilling into the condom.
The sound of their heavy panting fills the room, almost quiet after their previously loud moans. Jɪмɪɴ bites back a hiss as Yooɴgɪ pulls out, now oversensitive and keenly aware of just exactly how big Yooɴgɪ’s dick really is. They slowly clean up,
Yooɴgɪ tossing the condom in the trash and Jɪмɪɴ using the hand towel to wipe himself off. Despite being cleaner than they’d been minutes ago, neither of them want to leave the bed though. After a few seconds of silence, Jɪмɪɴ can’t help the soft chuckle that grows in his chest.
“What’s so funny?” Yooɴgɪ questions as they cuddle without too much intimacy; just touch for touch’s sake. “Can you imagine how our fathers would react if we said we wanted to date?” Jɪмɪɴ divulges,
unable to stop the bemused laugh that escapes him, “They would go insane trying to forbid us without revealing their true feelings about each other.”
Yooɴgɪ laughs along, Jɪмɪɴ grateful that he hasn’t scared Yooɴgɪ away forever with talks about more of them together, “They’d come to terms with it... until we reveal our engagement.” “The wedding would be hilarious,” Jɪмɪɴ agrees,
“Both trying to keep composed while seething inside.” The two imagine the scene, but Jɪмɪɴ knows that the picturesque wedding inside of Yooɴgɪ’s head must be much different than his own. After all, he doesn’t even know what Yooɴgɪ’s favorite color is.
“Perhaps we can figure out wedding details after the third or fourth time we fuck,” Jɪмɪɴ proposes, “My father has an irrational hatred of the color lime green.” “A wedding scheme of lime green and aqua teal,” Yooɴgɪ contemplates.
“I said after we fuck a bit more,” Jɪмɪɴ reminds as he gently worms out of Yooɴgɪ’s embrace, throwing a leg over Yooɴgɪ’s stomach and straddling him, “Maybe for the second time, I can ride you?” “With me, you can always do whatever you want,” Yooɴgɪ promises.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ finished! thanks for reading!!


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