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Dec 30, 2017
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Gangster ABO AU. Alpha Park Jimin is the most wanted drug lord in Korea. His pack is the most fearsome, high fucking body counts. One night he comes across a nearly beaten to death Min Yoongi in a dark alley, a rare albino male omega. Is this omega as helpless as he seems?

Drugs, Guns, Whores, Park Jimin had a hand in all of it. He was the lead alpha of the most vicious pack in all of Korea. If there was a dead body floating in the han river, Alpha Park could be traced back with in 6 degrees of seperation.
The Black Wolf with Red Eyes, a veritable demon from the depths of hell, with a baby doll face. He was playing a game of Pai Gaw in the Red light district, a 10 mil buy in, surrounded by stereotypical alphas and that whole hairy knuckle 6'0 foot tall business. Typical Friday
Jimin inhaled, a thin cigarette in between his full lips, tasting of cancer, ash, and smoked wood. He had a pair of aces in his hand, and a white and gold finished glock strapped to his hip, inside his Armani suit. He wasn't planning on losing tonight.
And he didn't lose. He never lost. Alpha Park was a very rich, well richer, man by the end of the night. He gathered his earnings via off-shore accounts, thanked the three other super butt hurt alphas and left. He got in his arm-and-leg Bugatti and made it uptown, all business.
Midway, he realized he really needed to take a piss, and despite his expensive appearance, Park Jimin was a thug, not above cutting a man's finger off, and definitely not above taking a whiz in a poorly lit alleyway, to let people know where his territory was.
There was a rustling behind a dumpster. Alpha Park quickly put his big cock back in his fitted pants, and went to investigate. What could it be? Stray cat, Rabid Racoon, one of those prom babies? Turned out, it was his personal Christmas gift from Satan. Thanks dark lord, thanks
Jimin had seen actual dead bodies that looked more alive. There was this white-haired omega, split lip, black eye, half conscious. He smelled like a Mint Thin from God's personal girl scout cookie stash. And also blood, so much blood. Whoever he was, he had a story to tell.
His neck was marked up, bites, hickeys. This omega had had a rough night with at least six alphas. But his minty scent above the others was pulling Alpha Park in bad. Again, Jimin didn't give a fuck about ethics, he was about to press his nose all up on that scent gland.
It was then that he heard the clicking of a gun. His gun. His gold and white Glock. "Just try it, motherfucker," an uncharacteristically deep voice for an omega. Jimin stilled. In his half-dead state, the omega managed to disarm him, and press a gun to his temple.
A shudder went through the top of his head down to his suddenly awake dick. The Alpha had played his share of Russian roulette with the police, in his hay day. This was way more exhilarating. The Alpha smiled, his dark red eyes meeting with the omega's bright blue ones.
The omega aimed the gun at Jimin, handshaking, tears rolling down the side of his face. It was clear to Jimin, who'd dug more than one unmarked grave, that this omega had never killed a man. A second later the omega angled the gun to himself instead, "Fuck it all."
Jimin blamed the contact high, adrenaline, and hormones. He pressed his index finger and thumb into the omega's wrist, lightning quick, disarming him. A punch to the jaw knocked him out. For the first time in his life, his Alpha instincts told him that he'd done something wrong.
Jimin considered leaving the poor omega to die, but the ache inside intensified. He tucked his gun back into its holster. Then gently, he lifted the omega bridal style. God his smell, he smelled so fucking divine. Why the fuck couldn't Jimin just walk away? This was not his cross
One questionable car ride later, with said omega bleed into the backseat upholstery of his astronomical costly car, and a line of coke later. The omega was resting comfortably on Jimin's king-sized bed. The Alpha was cleaning him up with a warm white washcloth, oh so carefully.
Jimin had unabashedly changed him too, into a clean white tee, and red plaid sleeping pants. When the other scents washed away, Jimin realized exactly what he'd come across, a rare, unmated albino omega. Black market price, well over 100 mil won. And for this gem probably triple.
The omega grumbled awake, a weak groan that made Jimin's heartache. But why? "You're probably thinking this poor ole omega is fucking thankful," He rasped, "But fuck you. I didn't ask for your help so I don't owe you a fucking thing." "How about a name?" Jimin asked, quirked brow
"Fuck you," the omega answered, ice blue eyes glittering in bold defiance. Jimin's blood was fire. His Alpha instincts tore at the human facade, and in the end, all men are wolves at night. How much fun would it be to break someone like this? Strong and bold? And make him his.
Jimin closed the distance between them, straddling the omega in between his thighs, pressing his fangs against the man's neck. "I can make you mine and throw you away. You'd die painfully, whining for my cock" "You could try" the omega pressed his claw into Jimin's femoral artery
Jimin wanted to, so badly, but the Alpha in him twisted violently in protest. It was wrong, and all he could hear was 'protect, protect, protect.' So Alpha Park rolled to the side so that he laid next to the omega. "Mother always warned me about picking up strays," he sighed.
Jimin closed his eyes. The back of his throat burned, and the only thing could quench his thirst was eating this omega out, having that sweet smelling slick coat his hungry mouth. The omega exhaled shakily, voice thick, "Yoongi." "What?" Jimin's eyes popped open.
Another exhale, a tear rolling down the corner of his eyes, dying on the pillow He swallowed audibly, "My name is Yoongi." What was a name, except like a hot iron brand on the mind, a fixation point to his perfection? "Jimin, Park Jimin," the Alpha whispered to the ceiling
Yoongi gasped, frightened, terrified. Of course, he'd heard the stories, SBS nightly news. It took everything for Jimin to not reach over and wipe those tears with his tiny manicured fingertips. "Are you going to sell me?" Yoongi asked, painful yelp that broke Jimin's heart.
"I don't think anyone could afford you," Jimin hummed, "Not a lot of people with that kind of pocket change. How much do you think you're worth" Not one nanosecond of hesitation "25 mil" Yoongi answered, "That's what he bought me for. A-And, I was so close to escaping. So clo-"
"You really were," Jimin nodded, 'But look at you, out of the frying pan and into the fire." The Alpha rolled off the bed, lightly to his feet. He looked over to the omega, whose eyes were swirling with agonizing pain. His jaw was clenched tight. "Get some rest," Jimin suggested.
Every inch Jimin walked away was asphyxiating. He couldn't breathe, and the Alpha tore on the inside to get back to the omega's side and comfort him. So inexplicable? Mercy? Sympathy? Feelings long dead for a pack leader. Jimin flipped off the light and closed the door.
The Alpha laid awake, in the guest room next door, letting the omega use his bed. Jimin couldn't sleep. The walls were too thin. Every so often the omega would let out a whimper, and Jimin had to clutch the sheets to keep himself from bolting over. It was fucking unreal.
When the sky began to lighten, Jimin realized he'd stayed up all night, hungover, no sleep. Typical Saturday. He took a hot shower and changed into a suit. He walked back into his room, Yoongi was red-eyed, lying still on his mattress. "Get up," Jimin ordered, hating himself.
Yoongi winced, clearly sore all over, and sat up. Jimin cursed himself, wishing he could just let the omega sleep a week. But that would be a chink in his status. Every weakness was exploitable, and Jimin wasn't weak. "Get clean, get dressed," Jimin barked, "Meet me downstairs"
Jimin was well into his bacon, eggs, and homefries when Yoongi arrived. There was a warm plate for him too. The Omega hesitantly sat down, eyes on the floor, smelling like terror and warm mint, making Jimin all confused and horny. "Eat up," Jimin pointed at the grub.
Slowly, Yoongi raised the food to his mouth, eating begrudgingly. He was hungry, Jimin could tell. But the omega was proud, an arrogant twist in his beautiful mouth. It made Jimin burn with want The alpha wanted to clear the table and take him right there. So many broken dishes
"What are you going to do with me?" Yoongi asked between bites. God, he was beautiful. The kind of beautiful that only intensified the more Jimin looked at him. "You're gonna drive me around, and hang off this arm," Jimin raised his left arm. "Or, I'll kill you right now."
Yoongi paused, thinking. He was actually thinking about it. Jimin was nervous. Because it was a bluff, he couldn't do it. The thought of harming Yoongi was making him ill. But Jimin's poker face was legendary. He looked serious as cancer "Do I have to fuck you," Yoongi asked.
Jimin's dick twitched. What a naughty mouth. "Only if you want to." The terror in Yoongi's eyes eased, "Okay, okay, I'll do it." The Alpha let go of a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Where to?" the omega asked. "Let's go shopping," Jimin smirked.
Yoongi could drive, the alpha noticed. He moved that stick shift around like a pro. It made Jimin regret his deal already. Or maybe not. It was only if he wanted to right? Jimin could make him want to. The two parked in front of the most outlandishly expensive clothing shop.
Jimin stepped through the doors like he owned the place. Because he did, in fact, own the place. The store attendant flipped the open sign to closed. "What can I do for you, Mr. Park?" she asked. "Take his measurements," Jimin took a seat, eyeing Yoongi hungrily Was he impressed?
The woman lowered the shades, and Yoongi undressed, just the shirt. And Jimin watched. He was bruised badly. Cuts, claw marks, bites. And Jimin imagined killing every alpha who'd marked him up, slowly and painfully. The attendant knew better than to ask questions.
When she was done, Yoongi looked like a different man. If Jimin didn't know any better, he might mistake him for an Alpha. Fitted cream suit that offset his skin, diamond-studded Rolex, Leather shoes. And Jimin had a vivid fantasy of fucking him on top of 100k won silk shirts
If Yoongi was impressed, he didn't show it. His eyes were dead, his mouth was a straight line. So proud, so fucking above it all. What would he look like really? With Jimin on top of him, pounding him, knotting him? "Where to next?" the omega asked, voice even.
The Pai Gow tournament was still running. Jimin wasn't usually up for the pre-game. But that was before Yoongi, Jimin wanted to people to see him. But deep inside, Jimin knew it was more than a status symbol. He wanted them all to know Yoongi was his, under his protection.
When they arrived at the seedy (at best) establishment, there were many like alphas, pretty things by there side. But Jimin scoffed. No one held a light to Yoongi, and they all knew. Namjoon, pack Alpha of another district, eyed them both curiously, "I guess pigs do fly."
"How's business?" Jimin asked the alpha. The man was tall, broad, dangerous, every bit the Alpha archetype. Jimin liked the guy, surprisingly. He was smart and walked on landmine fields like a runway model. "Who's this?" Joon inquired, casting a heavy gaze on Yoongi.
"None of your fucking business," Yoongi spat, fangs bared. The Omega had a drink in his hands, a dry red that suddenly looked volatile. Jimin entertained the idea, for a second, but ultimately it would cost him too much. Jimin let out an Alpha's warning growl, low, deep, a knife.
Yoongi stilled, and a tremor of fear ran through him, his hormones spiking. He was afraid, clear signs of PTSD. And Jimin was hurt, hurt inside, mentally noting to never growl like that again. "Fiesty," Namjoon noted, before disappearing into the crowd.
"You alright?" Jimin asked, pressing a steadying hand against Yoongi's back. Yoongi's eyes cleared and that disdainful frown reappeared, "Sleep with one eye open and you'll see how alright I am." The Alpha in him was fixated, clearly up for such a challenge. Jimin simply nodded.
The Pai Gow table was where livelihoods were made and unmade. Joon and Jimin were cool antarctic polar bears. But Wonho was sweating through his eyes, leaking putrid alpha scent, making Jimin want to hold his nose. Jimin followed the 2 of spades with a pair, winning the round.
The muscular Alpha threw his cards on the table and hissed, "I'm out." He got up, and freed his seat for the next sucker. It was Lee Hongshu, a pretty man, with dangerous hawk colored eyes. Made rich from the bodies trade. Yoongi eyed the man and whimpered, before looking down.
"Well, well, well, this is a surprise," Hongshu commented, shit-eating grin on his face. Yoongi was shaking, death grip on Jimin's arm. "He's a good fuck," Hongshu leaned back, "I'll give you that, Jimin." Alpha Park actually snarled, district politics all but forgotten.
"You know this man, Yoongi," Jimin asked. Yoongi's eyes were wide with agony, and he whispered, "Don't let him take me back." "That Omega is mine," Hongshu interrupted, "So nice of you to return him to me." Jimin clenched his jaw, so angry, so fucking angry all of the sudden.
It was the alpha hormones (again). Jimin pulled out his Glock and aimed it right in between Hongshu's eyes. "What the fuck?" the man spat, damn near shitting his pants. Jimin's index finger itched to pull the trigger. Even with so many eyes watching.
The Alpha set the gun down. "One on one," Jimin said, "Old ways, just skin." Hongshu's grin returned, "You want to fight me. The old way? For the Omega?" "I could have just killed you," Jimin said evenly, "But this is a gentleman's establishment."
Hongshu was confident, he puffed out his chest, clearly noting their size difference. Jimin smiled, gently taking Yoongi's hand off him. He had every intent to kill Hongshu, He just wanted to do it slowly, enjoying the very tactile feeling of victory. "I'm game," the man gaffed
At the word, Namjoon backed away, as did the other Alpha. Yoongi also moved against the wall, small, whimpers, catching in his throat. "To be honest," Hongshu smirked, "I've always wanted to punch that pretty face of yours Park." "Well," Jimin lowered his stance, "You can try."
Hongshu predictably went for his throat, fangs bared, killing intent. Too fast too soon. Jimin moved to the side, punching the man in the Jaw. He heard something crack underneath his fist. It sounded like justice. The man wobbled on his feet, rage dripping out of his pours.
Hongshu laughed and spit out one of his molars. Then he charged forward again, this time a feint, sideswipe catching Jimin's cheek, leaving a single line of red. A lucky shot. Jimin stepped down and forward, crushing his knuckles into Hongshu's gut. More Blood.
The large Alpha flopped backward, and Jimin stepped his Gucci shoes right down on the wolf's windpipe, just the slightest of pressure. Well, no, not really. "I s-submit." Hongshu rasped, "He's yours." Jimin was roused, looking around for the omega who was cowering by the table.
It'd be so easy to cut his air supply, crush in his throat. But Yoongi was looking at him, blue eyes like sapphires. What would he win by killing this man in front of the omega... his omega. "Yoongi, we're leaving," Jimin walked over the alpha, carding a hand through his hair.
It happened so fast, Hongshu burst from the ground, aiming a coward's attack at Jimin's back. Alpha Park didn't have time to turn around and counter. His mercy had been foolish. That was when a gun fired, and Yoongi was on the smoking end, looking dumbfounded.
Jimin looked at Hongshu, now a corpse, with a bullet in his forehead, and his brains all spattered on the club floor. Joon raised his hands in defense, "That looked fair game to me, he deserved a cowards death, Alpha Park." "Does anyone disagree?" Jimin said softly. Silence.
Yoongi was shaking when he slid into the passenger's side seat. Jimin insisted on driving, "First time?" Jimin asked, "Buyer's remorse." He looked so startled, but he swallowed, "No, he deserved to die, and I should be the one to kill him." Interesting. Jimin's body heated up.
The omega looked unaffected one second, and the next, he was crying into his hands. His intoxicating scent, omega in distress, minty and potent filled the tiny space of the car. Jimin's head was swirling. Every fiber of his being was screaming for him to protect this omega.
He pulled Yoongi into his embrace, pressing the omega's nose against his scent gland. Omegas were supposed to find this calming right? Jimin wondered if he should say something, but Yoongi beat him to it. "You should have just shot him to begin with," Yoongi sniffled.
Jimin's body ached, skin hot wherever he was in contact with the omega. Why didn't he just shoot that motherfucker, save Yoongi from his first kill? Jimin cursed himself, wishing he could take the omega's pain away. He rubbed his back and let him cry it out. "Where to next?"
His voice was raw, and he looked out the window resignedly. If there ever was a way to prove his blood loyalty to Jimin, Yoongi'd already done it. And now, (to Jimin's deep satisfaction) Yoongi smelled like him. His... His omega "You're meeting the rest of the pack," Jimin said
To be Continued. (Sorry guys, I need a break)
As Jimin drives, Yoongi slowly calms down, but not in the normal way. He counts the number of breaths he takes. Jimin's heart twists, and he doesn't understand why. All he can imagine is a tiny child Yoongi, hiding under a table, and counting his breathing.
The Pack HQ is not impressive. The outside of it, and its not meant to be. Yoongi looks at the entrance curiously, which is nothing but a set of metal doors on the cement that lead underground "If you're killing me," Yoongi grumbles, "I'm coming back as a ghost to haunt your ass"
Jimin jumps, startled, hurting Yoongi would be like hurting himself, but worse. The alpha clicks his teeth, "I'm not going to kill you here. Like some cliche motherfucker." Yoongi laughs, and Jimin's heart skips a beat. The omega has the most beautiful smile he's ever seen.
This is the first time Yoongi has ever smiled genuinely, such a drastic change from his straight face. And Jimin just wants to hold him, in the middle of the street. "G-get in," Jimin orders. The omega tilts his head slightly but does what is asked, stepping downward.
The scent of Jimin's beta's assault his nose. Yoongi must smell them too because he goes rigid. The alpha wants to place a hand on his shoulder to help him relax, but he's not sure it'll help. "Boss," Jung Hoseok's head appears at the end of the staircase. He looks displeased.
"I thought we talked about killing our associates," Jeon Jungkook also appears, "Hongshu's pack is already out for blood." Jimin blinks a few times, "I didn't kill him." The two look from him to the new omega, "It was the gun. I just pulled the trigger." It is almost funny.
They walk down, and a pool table comes into view, half a game still being played. "The books are done," Kook says quickly, "We were just waiting on you." Hoseok is more interested in Yoongi than Jimin likes. "Where did you find one of these?" Unmated Omega Albino Male.
Before Jimin can declare Yoongi's untouchable status, the omega growls, low, deep, so unlike his type. And Jimin's dick really wants a piece. He's been wanting a piece. "I will shoot you in the face," Yoongi spits. "Just try something, fucker." God, Jimin is in over his head.
"What are we going to do about Hongshu?" Kook asks, scanning the omega with new eyes. "Nothing," Jimin cracks his neck, setting up a new game, "His pack will eat themselves up. That's what you get with hired guns. No loyalty. Just wait." Hoseok nods warily. "Get back to work."
"You're not gonna introduce us?" Yoongi frowns. "Not yet," Jimin sighs, "Just want them to see you first." See that you're mine. Kook and Hobi go about their business, tense, but they do anyway. Jimin pulls another stick from the table. "Come play with me, Yoongi."
Jimin wishes he'd phrased that differently, but only for a split second. Because, Yoongi flushes. And Jimin thinks it's the most perfect color on the omega. "W-what if I win?" the omega asks "You can have tomorrow off," Jimin smirks. "And you?" Yoongi considers. "I want a kiss,"
Yoongi's blue eyes calculate. "You can break." Jimin breaks the set, the striped red goes into the pocket. The Alpha takes another shot. In. In. Miss. The omega looks at the table, pensively, as if he can see something Jimin can't. Then he lines up a shot. In. Really good shot.
"You can play?" Jimin inquires. Heart beating fast, fangs out on reflex, whole body warm. The Alpha chides himself, 'Get a grip, you're not a teenager.' Yoongi doesn't answer. He just pockets one ball after another. It makes Jimin feel touch starved.
Yoongi has unusually long fingers for an omega, long beautiful fingers. The way he moves too, so in his element. Alpha Park stands rigged, fascinated, what was this man's story? So broken and so put together. Yoongi wins, and Jimin realizes he never had a chance.
When they go to bed that night, early morning really. Jimin lets Yoongi have his room again. Secretly the alpha hopes the sheets will smell like him when they trade back. Warm mint and something sweet that wasn't there before. Jimin groans internally. This is really bad.
Jimin nods off to sleep, realizing he's fucked. He's really and truly fucked. He doesn't know how long he slept when the first cry wakes him. He's not even fully awake when he dashes over to his room. Yoongi's having a nightmare, really bad. "Please... don't hurt me anymore."
Jimin's not sure what the science says about nightmares, but he can't stand to hear Yoongi's cries, so he gently tries to shake him awake. The omega is in a frenzy, opens his eyes, and has a claw to Jimin's throat in an eyeblink. The alpha is still, "You were having a bad dream"
Yoongi is wild, hand digging into Jimin's neck. And Jimin realizes that Yoongi could kill him right now. How fucking stupid! But after an eternity, Yoongi lets him go and throws said hand over his eyes "You're supposed to let people sleep through their nightmares." Science. Right
They don't talk about the incident at the breakfast table, which is meat over rice. Yoongi is embarrassed, eyes on his food, or maybe he's angry. Jimin tosses a new cell at the omega, "Call me if anything happens. My number is on the contact list." "What if I call the police."
"That'd be a sure way to ruin your day off," Jimin winks, before leaving Jimin spends the day assimilating Hongshu's hired guns into his pack. They're ready to serve the alpha to killed their former alpha. Jimin makes a note not to trust these guys. That's when his phone rings.
It reads, "Baby" It is Yoongi. Jimin panics as he answers. He imagines Yoongi hurt on the kitchen floor with a toe missing. "Hey, I can't figure out the coffee machine." Jimin is both angry and relieved. Angry at how relieved he is.
"Don't call me for this shit," Jimin barks, "This is for emergencies." "This. Is. An. Emergency." Yoongi answers. Jimin palms his face, "Just press the blue button, automatic after that" "... Thank you," Yoongi answers. Jimin notes, this is the first time Yoongi' has thanked him.
When Jimin returns home, Yoongi's curled up in a blanket with coffee, reading a first edition comic that's not supposed to be out of the plastic. But he looks nice that way, cozy, relaxed, his scent even sweeter than before. Jimin identifies it as vanilla. Mint and Vanilla
"Kill anyone today?" Yoongi asks, not looking up. "Nope, how about you?" Jimin casually sits on the sofa opposite. Yoongi looks up, "How long do you plan on keeping me here?" Jimin's thinking forever, give or take a few days. "Dunno." He answers, tense as a wire.
"What are you going to do with me?" Yoongi asks, placing the comic down. Jimin can imagine several things to do with Yoongi. None of them PG. "Dunno," he responds. "You're not like how the News describes you," Yoongi says. Jimin is exactly like that. Yoongi is the only exception.
"Come here," Jimin beckons. Yoongi immediately tenses, "You said you wouldn't." "Cuddling isn't fucking," Jimin confirms. And neither is rape. Yoongi slowly moves over, and timidly presses himself into Jimin's embrace. He's tense. It's fucking uncomfortable.
It's fifteen minutes in, no word exchange, and Yoongi is still tense. "You alphas have no idea what it's like," the omega grumbles, swallowing hard, "What you smell like, what it feels like when you touch us." "What do I smell like?," Jimin asks. Yoongi flushes.
Jimin didn't expect an answer. He didn't get one. But Yoongi slowly relaxes. "What did you do today," Jimin asks. "Read," Yoongi sighs, "You have quite the collection. The latin is nice." Those books were for show. An expensive show, and now they probably had fingerprints.
But Jimin doesn't fucking care because Yoongi is nearly sound asleep in his lap. God, he's fucking perfect. The Alpha in him hums in content. Jimin can't remember a time when he was so happy. Yoongi murmurs something, eyes closed. "Coffee... you smell like coffee."
To be continued, (Sorry.... I have to pack and drive back home today)
Yoongi is holding onto him, baby koala levels, and Jimin doesn't have the heart to pry him off. He carries the omega to bed and decided to sleep in his suit. Because again, Yoongi won't let him go. It's the best nights rest he's had in years. But when he wakes up, Yoongi is gone
Jimin's system floods with adrenaline. He bolts from the bed, runs downstairs. Hair a mess, eyes still crusty. Yoongi is in the kitchen, something smells burnt. "What are you doing?" Jimin yells, very aware of how crazy he looks "A peace offering" Yoongi says A semi-charred bagel
Jimin takes the thing into his hands. There's a smear of cream cheese on it. "Peace offering, what for?" "For yesterday," Yoongi explains, "I messed with your collectibles. The comics... the books. I'm sorry." He knew how much they were worth? Jimin was confused. So why?
"I'd figure you'd get annoyed, rough me up a bit and toss me out" Yoongi grumbled Geeze, the logic. That logic, it makes Jimin want to cry. "You want to leave that bad?" Yoongi's eyes are uncertain, "Not anymore" And Jimin's elated, He's the scum of the earth for feeling that way
Jimin takes a bite of the bagel. It's not edible, but since Yoongi made it for him, it is edible. "I can earn my own keep," Yoongi continues, "I'm not entirely useless, def not arm candy." Jimin's chest hurts. How can anyone talk about themselves like that? "What can you do?"
"I'm good with numbers," Yoongi says, "Gambling, card counting, pool, Photographic memory, language interpret-" He's a genius. Jimin suspected that already. Something about those eyes. So detached "I think my betas are slack with the books" Jimin suggests "You can look them over"
HQ in the daytime is much less seedy, much more run of the mill office. Jimin makes calls. Yoongi looks over the books, actual paper ledgers, actual numbers. They're like tombs, big ass three-ring binders, and Yoongi is buried in them. He looks so cute like that.
Kook and Hobi are out doing field work. The kind that requires a wetsuit. So it's just the two of them. And Jimin needs to open a window because Yoongi's vanilla and mint scent is driving him slowly crazy, also the way he bites his pen . "You make a lot of money," Yoongi comments
The sun sets, Yoongi shows him the work. Every page has a number on it, 15, 10, 20. "What's this?" Jimin scrunches his face. "This is how much is missing every month," Yoongi says, "Ten million in March, fifteen in April." It takes Jimin a second. "Someone is stealing from me?"
Jimin had taken Yoongi to work for fun. He hadn't actually expected Yoongi to find anything. The Alpha whipped out his cell phone calculator. Fifteen minutes later, he confirmed Yoongi's work. He was missing money. Someone, somewhere in the world, had too many fingers right now.
Jimin makes a quick call to red alert his betas. Yoongi drives him home, taking backroads that somehow dodge traffic. It's like he has a map in his head. Jimin realizes, he probably does. So the question is, why did Jimin find him nearly dead? He wasn't a whore, not even close
Over dinner, lamb chops and red wine, Jimin dares to ask, "What happened to you the night I found you?" Yoongi sputters on his wine before coughing up a storm. "I already told you. I tried to get away." Cryptic. Infuriating. "Who hurt you?"
"Why does it matter?" Yoongi's face is blank. He's distressed, his scent spiking. "Tell me." "No." "Why not?" "Because you're gonna do your stupid Alpha shit and kill them, and why the fuck? Over me? No fucking thanks!" Yoongi storms off. His knife and fork die on the floor.
Jimin waits three minutes before following Yoongi (His alpha instincts winning over his pride) The guest door is locked. There's crying on the other side. Jimin feels like a dick, but he uses the skeleton key to get in. "Get out," Yoongi screams, red eyes, "Leave me alone."
"I'm sorry," Jimin's hands are raised in a white flag. He moves closer, slowly. Yoongi whimpers, scrambling back, a frightened animal. "It's okay," Jimin keeps up the advance until there a meter apart, "I won't hurt you." "This is so confusing," He cries.
Jimin places a shaky hand against Yoongi's cheek. Those blue eyes, so many tears, and it breaks the Alpha's heart. The omegas claws dig into his own palms so hard that it draws blood. With a whimper, he moves forward and presses his face against Jimin's scent gland. Submission.
It's automatic. Jimin leans in and kisses Yoongi's neck, exposed, before he whispers, "Stop, you don't have to do this." The omega doesn't have to submit. He doesn't have to be afraid. Not with him. Never with him. Yoongi cries, "Why are you doing this to me?" "Doing what?"
"Looking at me like that. Like I matter. And making me feel like this. Why? You think it doesn't hurt me when you throw me away? When you get bored of me?" Yoongi sobs, "I'm a person. I'm not just some fucking toy." The scent of him this close, it's driving Jimin mad, "I'm sorry"
Jimin kisses his neck again, this time longer. He apologizes like a mantra. Yoongi groans and then he kisses him back. "And it so hard," he huffs, "I want to run, but my wolf, it keeps begging me to stay. I don't even know you, why did it hurt so bad when you were gone?" Fuck.
Jimin works fast, and Yoongi is naked. The Alpha rubs circles into the omega's hips with his thumbs. Yoongi's kissing him feverishly, hungrily, his fangs popped, his pupils blown wide. "I'm sorry I hurt you," Jimin whispers, "I want you. I won't throw you away. I promise."
Yoongi keens, back arched. He's leaking everywhere. The smell, his perfect body, his slim toned thighs. Jimin growls, red eyes glowing in need. He's been wanting this since day one. Wondering how Yoongi tastes like. It's better than anything he could imagine.
It's then he feels Yoongi's claws against his carotid artery, as he's eating him out. Jimin stops. "If you try to mate me," Yoongi huffs, "I'll kill you." Okay, so they're not there yet. That's fine. Jimin's more than fine with that. The Alpha nods before diving back in.
Jimin presses his middle finger in, feeling around for Yoongi's sweet spot. "Fuck, your hands are small," Yoongi whines, "You know how fucking sexy that is? Alpha with sweater paw hands?" Jimin shrugs. He's big where it counts. The omega will shortly find out.
It takes two fingers before Jimin hits Yoongi right. The omega curses, and his body twists, his toes curl. Slick pours out like a waterfall. Jimin is losing his mind, his fangs are out, both sets. He can't even speak anymore, just growls, and panting. He shucks his pants off.
Yoongi whimpers at the sight of it. "Damn." Jimin knows. He tries not to smirk but he knows exactly how big he his. "Just breathe." the Alpha says. "Just fucking put it in me," Yoongi replies. Damn that mouth. Jimin wants to do so many things to that mouth.
Jimin goes in slow. It's warm and tight, and he sees starburst in his vision. Yoongi's keening, "Ah, Ah... Fuck fuck fuck." "Y-You feel so good," Jimin manages to say. Words are really hard right now. Yoongi's gone. His blue eyes are glazed over. "Take me, Alpha."
"Y-Yoongi," Jimin calls. He's moving, nice and slow. God, it smells so good. Not mating the omega was harder than he thought. He had very vivid images of biting down on Yoongi's neck running through his head. The omega's eyes flickered focused then unfocused again. "S-So big."
There are two sides to Yoongi, the man and the wolf. One is proud and arrogant, the other is soft and yearning. And Jimin realizes that he is falling for them both. He leans down and presses his nose against Yoongi's neck, inhaling deep. fangs close "Don't you dare" Yoongi growls
But he's cut short, and ends with a high whine, as Jimin thrusts in hard. Yoongi twists his head, pressing his mouth against the alpha's. His tongue is so hot, He's so needy. More whimpers spill from his mouth, "Ah, ah," Shudders ripple down his spine, and he holds Jimin close.
Jimin wants to make him feel good, kiss him everywhere, play with him. He wants to see Yoongi all fucked out on his cock. But he can feel his base swelling up. He's not sure if the omegas on contraceptives "Want it," he mewls. "Yoongi, I can finish you with my fingers," he offers
"Want your knot," Yoongi pants. Well fuck. Jimin's weak. He slams in hard, locking them in place. Yoongi cries, tears streaming down his face, "Oh, Yes" Yoongi's thighs are quivering, and he comes, ropes of white shooting from his dick. His ass clenching hard. Just from the knot.
Jimin pulls him close, setting them both on their side, a comfortable spoon. They're not separating anytime soon. The Alpha moves his hips in circles, and Yoongi whines. His hungry hole is milking Jimin for everything. "So full," Yoongi groans What if he gets pregnant like this
Jimin wants it. The Alpha in him wants it so bad. Yoongi to have his pups, a domestic life somewhere safe. He wants all of that. "J-Jimin," Yoongi seems semi-lucid "What is it?" "Can you hold my hand?" Jimin weaves his tiny fingers through Yoongi's long ones. He sighs contentedly
When Jimin's able to pull out, Yoongi's already fast asleep, leaving the alpha to clean up. He doesn't mind. He does it quickly so he cant get back to holding Yoongi in his arms. This is complicated. He didn't plan on falling this hard. This could be potentially life ending.
But all he can think is... 'God, I hope Yoongi doesn't have a nightmare tonight.' The alpha pulls him close, wrapping blankets around the both of them. This was going to be a roller coaster ride from hell. Jimin closes his eyes. That was something to deal with tmr. FIN
P.S. I've decided to write this into an AO3 chaptered Fic Featuring The Junghope betas Yoongi's Past The Kim Wolf Pack The Person Stealing From Yoongi Drugs and Guns Smutty Shit.
Black and White Chapter 1: Mint Condition… Nothing new happens, but Imma just put it right here.
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