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Jan 28, 2018
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[jikook social media au] some catfish, who's had a crush on jungkook for a while, uses jimin's pictures hoping he'll get a few hot selfies from jungkook, maybe some dick pics, everything is going smoothly for the catfish... until jungkook runs into the real jimin in public

jungkook checks in with tae to make sure it really was him that gave out his number
the catfish is a little too pushy and makes jungkook uncomfortable
the catfish is pulling out the big guns
jungkook sends his own hot pictures, the catfish asks for more...
taehyung points jungkook in the right direction
jungkook finds jimin's Instagram (and catches feelings)
jungkook drops the catfish and agrees to go to a party with taehyung later that night
(guess who he'll meet at the party)
jungkook does a little more research before taehyung picks him up
jungkook arrives at the party: part 1
jungkook arrives at the party: part 2
jungkook arrives at the party: part 3
jungkook manages to convince jimin that's he's actually pretty cool and one date turns to two which turns to three and months later jimin changes his Insta bio to "found my other half ☀🌙"
as for the catfish...
and of course jimin never shuts up about his boyfriend
- the end
thank youu! yeah here is my ao3
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