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Jan 28, 2018
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(^◇^) my au stories
where yoongi and suga are trainees and fans love their bromance #yoonkookau #yoonkook…


[ — yoonkook au fanfic ] where yoongi and jungkook are just a simple former idols working hard for their solo debut, and the fans love their bromance.
[ - ʏᴏᴏɴᴋᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴜ ] Yoongi is a underground rapper and has a big crush on his roommate’s little brother, who’s a senior in high school and needs help with his art project. #yoonkookweek18_d1 #yoonkookweek
↳ side pairing: minjoon ↳ note: I made this for the yoonkook week, I’ll try to update everyday, sorry for misspelling, please be patient with my updates.
summary: • age gap of four years. • jin is yoongi’s roommate • yoongi sometimes writes his songs about jungkook • jungkook is mutual on twitter with yoongi’s friends • jungkook has seventeen year old.
excuse me... should I feel sorry?
you can go to jail
see you tomorrow kid 🙃
I’ll try to jack his dick for free
jungkook wants to die he texted him so early #yoonkookweek #yoonkookweek18 #yoonkookweek_D2
I’m baseball fan
fuck off mate
University student struggles your bank account it’s always on zeros
all you did was call
yes, he’s dating Jennie 💓
jungkook is making his move
i think god it’s in a good mood or he likes gay people
he spend the night at jungkook’s place
I’ll pass out any minute #yoonkookweek #yoonkookweek_D3
Yoongi is the only one who can make jungkook feel alive
jimin is a keeper he knows how to make someone forget about the tea
so jungkook is traveling on his birthday to US
jin is so clueless
Yoongi looks his phone, he’s not sure if he should text Jungkook, with a lame excuse like jungkook’s art project.
his phone has just 2% of battery, still he text jungkook, just to make sure he’ll not forget about him.
so finally jungkook decided to text Yoongi
no one cares.
Don’t act like you hate those selfies.
Seokjin please!
Let’s call jungkook dumb and Yoongi dumber
Tae just did it!
jungkook is traveling with his teammates to the states
the beef is cooked 😋
Yoonkook is actually happening
so is coming an end soon
apparently yoongi is the boss here
thank you so much for reading my yoonkook au is the first time I finish one, I hope you enjoyed, I’ll try to get better with the time. 💓💓
just to let you know I already published my new au you can find it pinned in my profile


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