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Feb 25, 2018
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NEW PHONE WHO DIS — jikook au; solo artist jungkook can’t attend SMA this year, so he adds his hyungs to a group chat to ease his boredom. (meanwhile jungkook stan jimin wonders whose group chat he just got added to.)

*abort mission abort
based on that one koreaboo article on how btob and apink accidentally added a stranger to their gc (source:…)
CHARACTER PROFILE #1: JEON JEONGGUK (aka JUNGKOOK) SQ Ent.’s solo artist/idol based in korea. he was supposed to debut with idol group N’ERA, but then switched entertainment labels near the end of his first trainee contract. his fans are called choco chips. never online.
CHARACTER PROFILE #2-4: KIM SEOKJIN, MIN YOONGI, JUNG HOSEOK (aka JIN, SUGA, J-HOPE) part of UniverseStar’s idol trio N’ERA, meaning a new era of music that reflects the youth breaking stereotypes in society. their fans are called GEMs (or Generational Evolution of MusicPeople).
yoongi hates it (but he can’t help and love GEMs).
CHARACTER PROFILE #2.5 & #4.5: KIM SEOKJIN & JUNG HOSEOK seokjin also has an ig account where he posts pictures related to his dramas, while hoseok owns a private twt account to keep up with fashion trends, yoongi stan posts, and jinkook being jinkook.
CHARACTER PROFILE #5: KIM NAMJOON (NAMJOON KIM) a business major/ig model. friends with jimin and taehyung and has to feed them when they use food money to feed their obsessions.
CHARACTER PROFILE #6: KIM TAEHYUNG eng-kor/kor-eng GEM translator. he tries to get everyone to call him v, but nobody remembers bc he set his dp as syub. his private account is just a 3am thought dump. too many people on campus follow him. also jimin’s bff.
CHARACTER PROFILE #7: PARK JIMIN biggest choco chip there is. a soft stan account while simultaneously a (learning) meme. he has a private account where he mostly whines about being a dance major. taehyung still owes him 30,000 won. (and no, he’s not going to give him cuddles.)
what do you mean you have 2/3 of my bias group’s phone numbers
here comes trouble
make it double
a whole mess
should jimin text jungkook to clarify, or heed taehyung’s advice?
jimin texts jungkook.
i’m scared.
there was no choice. [*them, not him, bc they don’t know jimin’s gender yet.]
hello, this is jungkook. i’m sorry.
deep breaths, jimin.
did you tell anyone else?
does jimin admit to namjoon that he told taehyung, or does he lie? WARNING from this point on, all your decisions will affect the characters’ interpersonal relationships. you will decide who remains as friends, who falls in love, and who ends up broken. Proceed with Caution.
jimin tells the truth.
no updates
an old friend
the truth
and this truth i must confess
📞...jin hyung
if i could take it back, i would.
chimchim i’m scared
accidentally cut off the thread. plot continues here.…
is it true? [*might have locked]
안녕하세요 지민옵보다 2살 2달 2일 어린 꾹그래미 애인임 🌩
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