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Mar 4, 2018
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[💌jikook social media au💌] jimin bumps into a very hot guy, secretly takes some pics and posts it on twitter. the tweet ends up going viral because the hot guy in the pictures is none other famous photographer/dancer jeon jungkook.

let's meet everyone~
pt. 2
jimin: part-time model/dancer. friends with taehyung and hoseok jungkook: photographer/dancer. old friend of yoongi, friends with hyung line taehyung: famous model/ jimin's best friend yoongi: rapper agust d/ old friend of jungkook, friends with hyung line
hoseok: rapper/dancer, friends with hyung line and jimin namjoon: rapper/friends with hyung line seokjin: ceo of BigHit/ nj, hs, yg are all rappers from bighit. friends with hyung line
(i forgot to add that tae is a famous model and jk has had photoshoots with him many times, they're friends as well)
and so it begins.. 👀✊
jungkook saw the tweet
jimin is whipped
jungkook started following jimin on twitter
jimin followed back
..smooth jimin
jungkook gets jimin's number
hoseok and jimin
jungkook texts jimin
(side note: please dont mind the time stamps, date, rts and likes cause i always forget to adjust them 😩sorry)
jungkook and jimin
asking for advice pt. 1
asking for advice pt. 2
cant wait ❤️
the date; pt. 1 (im really insecure about my writing skills :(( so im sorry if it isn't very good)
a question: who's the babyboy in this au? im still not sure, so you can choose~
it has been decided! babyboy!jm it is <3 i'll update the rest of the date asap, sorry for making you wait lovelies :((
i was going to write out the full date but im not really confident with my writing skills.. :(( it'd take a long time for me to finish it so thats why i decided im going to do it via texts, i don't want to make you guys wait much longer, im really sorry lovelies ♡♡♡
jungkook texts hoseok
jimin texts taehyung
whipped like whipped cream🍦
whipped kids and memes~
angel 😇
more memes
goodnight ♡
what have the other guys been up to? pt. 1
what have the other guys been up to? pt. 2
platonic dates ~
advice ><
tweets 🐦
morning ♡
morning ♡ pt. 2
tae made a new friend~
nice view 🌊
panicked gay
surprised gay vs. panicked gay
a few weeks later :
more dates
jimin models for jungkook
jimin models for jungkook pt. 2
even more dates
jungkook was attacked by jimins tweet
still going on dates
cute coffee date
weird cutie
weird cutie pt. 2
jikook is slaying
still going strong ~
smells like L I E S to me.
1 year later ♡
i love you.
[ THE END ] thank you all so much for reading ♡ i hope you enjoyed it
mia; ia

mia; ia

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