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ヒュニー ☔️

Mar 15, 2018
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Social Media AU in which idol Park Jimin just wants to learn English, but he’s gotta keep his identity on the DL. When a twist of fate brings Jimin to a certain Min, who isn’t all that he seams to be either, speaking English isn’t all that important anymore ...

DISCLAIMER: These are really time consuming to write, so this could be a little slow~ please be patient with me! ALSO DONT COMMENT JUST RETWEET OR QUOTE PLEASE N THANKS (ㆀ˘・з・˘)
1. Jimin messages his new potential English teacher...
2. Jimin demonstrates what the opposite of chill means
3. Clearly Jimin’s adamant on getting an English teacher today, regardless as to whether his name is Joon or not.
4. No one can deny the nations sweetheart™
5. Min 1 and Min 2, the original character names for The Cat in the Hat’s companions
6. *insert highschool musical the start of something new here*
7. Millennial problems?
8. You can hear Hoseok from 8 miles away, that’s how strong a being he is, and no one can touch his level of greatness
9. You know what they say about kids that tease you on the playground...
10. BONUS: He maybe small, but he mighty, Jungkook best run for the hills
11. Jimin showcases his neediness and praise kink right out there in the open from the get go
12. ‘I need attention.’ Park Jimin 2018 (But also probably everyday)
13. AN: anything written in “” is supposed to be English and the rest is Korean ...
14. L and R sounds are so hard to distinguish
16. Who isn’t weak for memes? S/N Kim K is such an ugly crier
18. I would ask the maknae ...
19. Jimin, your pettiness is showing
20. BONUS: Everyone’s getting attacked today~
21. Yoongi, why are you hiding?
22. Yoongi is a strong independent dude who don’t need no one holding his hand
23. Jimin takes studying seriously
24. *throws memes like confetti*
25. Kiss my ass is universal
26. A strong man memes himself
27. P R A I S E H I M
28. ‘Part of the reason’
29. ‘The economy’
30. 🍆👌🏻💦
31. Puppy Jimin
32. 😏😏😏
33. Things getting a little deep
34. Maybe a little too deep...
35. Late night freak out sessions with Hobi-hyung
37. Screaming intensifies
38. 👻
39. Kick puppy sad is the saddest of sads
40. Friends who are dramatic together, stay together
41. 😏😏😏
42. A D M I T I T 🔪
43. Ignore the times at the top .. I’m too lazy to change them.
44. I don’t know how to flirt
45. I’m so excited for Yoongi to touch Jimin’s 🍑
46. Tae is the most loveable
ヒュニー ☔️

ヒュニー ☔️

47. And somewhere in the distance Namjoon is wondering why no one ever texts him ...
ヒュニー ☔️

ヒュニー ☔️

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