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Apr 24, 2018
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yoonmin au | in this universe, soulmates can’t physically hurt each other; intentionally or accidentally. one day, hired assassin, yoongi, was tasked to kill jimin, a rich heir to their company. for some reason, bullets and knives bounce off whenever yoongi tries to kill jimin.

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The first attempt? Standard assassin strategy. Yoongi was sure he was stealthy when he locked his sniper rifle on Park Jimin’s head.
Jimin was alone in his dull office, mindlessly scrolling through his laptop when Yoongi pulled the triggered from where he’s positioned: the rooftop of a building just beside Jimin’s company building.
The bullet rushed past through the wind, shattered the glass window, and…swerved?
The second attempt? Yoongi took it on a more personal level. He studied the Park residence. The big mansion that was full of guards and servants. The security had doubled up since his last attempt.
He learned everyone’s schedule and even infiltrated a bunch of security cameras and precautionary measures not just from the Park residence, but also from the streets and other nearby residences.
Yoongi’s sniper rifle was back in action as he hid himself on the roof of another neighbouring mansion. He waited until Jimin had retreated to his bedroom, cozily reading a book on his bed.
Yoongi pulled the trigger again, the glass shattered again, and…what the fuck? This can’t be happening. Did the bullet swerved again? Nice job, Yoongi. What a high-end assassin you are.
The third attempt? Well, Yoongi, unfortunately, had attracted a lot of attention towards himself. Yoongi’s employer was getting bored of him and had threatened to hire another assasin if Yoongi can’t complete his mission soon.
He was pissed because of his tainted pride. He was supposed to be the best at his job! The most skillful! He doesn’t know what wrong thing he was doing. Only knows that this certain Park Jimin was being very difficult to kill.
The Parks issued more security, especially for their only heir. They cut off bodyguards and assistants who deemed suspicious in the slightest of ways, meaning Yoongi had to re-learn all of the new ones’ schedules. As they cut off people, they hired more too.
Yoongi took this as his last opportunity.
He applied as Jimin’s new assistant. His record was wiped clean, forged a new identity that was a grade A student, and there were no traces of any hidden agenda that Yoongi’s intention was to kill Park Jimin.
Yoongi has been Jimin’s assistant for a good, solid week now. It wasn’t bad. There might have been some thoughts too of ditching the whole assassin thing. Jimin was too kind and beautiful as a person, not to mention that his pay summed up almost his income as an assassin.
But Yoongi’s pride was more important. A week has become too long. He needs to kill Jimin now or quit being an assassin.
He had already taken care of the security cameras and had notified the guards that they’ll be needing their alone time since ‘Mr. Park has been so stressed these days'.
Yoongi’s knife was at the ready behind his back when they rode the elevator alone inside the company’s building. After pressing the highest button, he waited for several seconds before he pushed emergency button, halting the whole elevator in place.
Yoongi reached for his knife and skillfully grabbed Jimin’s neck, pushing the latter’s back on the elevator wall.
Yoongi looked Jimin in the eyes, not minding his soft features, and slid the blade of his knife across Jimin’s neck…which strangely just bounced off, escaping Yoongi’s grip and falling on the floor.
Yoongi was quick to let go of Jimin, backing away and staring back and forth between Jimin and the knife. Jimin was coughing and panting from the shock as he forced himself to speak.
“Did you just try to kill me?” “I, um,” Yoongi smiled weakly as a bulb lighted up his mind, “hi? Soulmate?”
— the end 🔫🗡️💙💛
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