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arson is seeing skz!!!!!

arson is seeing skz!!!!!

May 5, 2018
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markhyuck au !! donghyuck tries texting jaemin but whoops the poor boy can’t type and ended up texting the boy he has a Big Gay Crush on.

RULES • ignore timestamps, we don’t need her • quote, don’t reply
donghyuck’s friends !!
mark’s friends !!
whomst the fuck
thanks! i hate it
It’s Him, The Boy
the boyes
A Panicked Gay
a few hours later
the Very cool boys😎
an apology
a date has been arranged
i updated?? it’s a miracle
mark’s snapchat story
donghyuck’s instagram
hey guys, just lettin y’all know that this au is nsfr!!
btw mark’s name in hyuck’s phone is “mark 😔👇💞” but i got cut off djsjdjs
introducing: mark’s private twt
mark isn’t as confident, or as straight, as he seems
hyuck is a Dumbass
hey guys. i know i said i’d update this weekend but some shit has happened and this au will be on hiatus for a little bit. maybe a week or something. i’m not sure yet. if you want to talk and cheer me up then feel free to dm me. thanks for being patient with me guys. ily all.
hi everyone!! thank you for your kindness and your patience :’) here’s an update 💛
i forgot to mention that it’s been about a week since the first time they hung out djsjdjk
mark,, sweetie,,,,
jisung gets his hopes up
monotone screaming
don’t think, just choose
inch resting choice y’all 👀
same deal as before y’all
POLL RESULTS I: ANGST II: MARK i’m sorry y’all lmao
jaemin texts hyuck
introducing: yukhei
i know
so he goes to jisung for help
jaemin texts jeno
inch resting
he’d know
google it
he’s glad too
ninki minjaj
he’s scared
we can make this work
and that’s the end of this au! it was my first twt au and it kinda sucks but i have a few planned for the near future so hopefully those will be better!! thank you all for reading and supporting this au and putting up with my inconsistent updates
arson is seeing skz!!!!!
#CHANLIX: what’s poppin lgbts • they/he/it • gay • enby •
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