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May 6, 2018
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#markhyuck au | mark and donghyuck have been best friends since pre-debut, but hyuck has been crushing the entire time they’ve known each other. it’s not until a serious accident that mark realizes his feelings for hyuck.

• this is gonna be short probably • angsty as well ? • there’s a car crash in this! it’s not until later but it is in here • quote don’t reply :)


#luwoo au | jungwoo and lucas are nct’s power couple that have been together for a year. the two are sickeningly in love, until lucas suffers from a concussion and forgets his life as an idol, including jungwoo.
finally beginning
fun fact i also ship jeno and donghyuck but i’ll settle for bff’s
new pfps
possible tw ? hyuck is sad :(
taeyong is a good leader pt. 4
jeno snaps
busy busy busy
not a date
slight time skip
i’m gonna tell him
mark visiting hyuck
hyuck is home, mark confesses
jeno and duckie
i realized there’s a huge mistake in the messages between jeno and hyuck at the end so ignore jeno’s message about making out with his bf lmao
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