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《 jeongcheol!au 》 Yoon Jeonghan is currently an intern at MBS and was given a task to have an interview with Choi Seungcheol, the most wealthy lawyer in South Korea, in order to make his debut as a news anchor. However, things between them didn't end even after the interview.

❗READ FIRST ❗ 🔘 DO NOT REPLY ON THE CHAPTERS 🔘 Updates may be slow but hey! I'll try my best lol 🔘 Time stamps aren't important so don't mind them. 🔘 This is my first work so please don't judge ;;
Yoon Jeonghan » An intern at MBS » Future news anchor !! » Actually popular even though he's still an intern bc of his looks » Also a model Friends: » Seungkwan - singer » Seokmin - singer/actor » Joshua - fellow intern » Jihoon - director » Hoshi - reporter » Minghao - stylist
Choi Seungcheol » Most wealthy lawyer in SK » Is unexpectedly popular. He doesn't know why he has 'fans' » Very intimidating Friends: » Mingyu - actor/model » Wonwoo - actor/model » Hansol - cousin/med student » Chan - younger bro/band member » Jun - fellow lawyer
• guess who's making his debut broadcast soon!!
• but there's a condition hmm 👀
• what is a seungcheol??
• a determined yoon jeonghan
• meanwhile seungcheol is ready to chill
• famous stylist minghao met seungcheol ?!
• and he even styled and took photos of THE choi seungcheol ?!?!
• junhui S N A P P ED
• getting ready 👀 (wonder what's seungcheol getting ready for LMAO)
• let's take a look on the other's too!
• seems like everyone is busy
• well maybe not jun. poor jun only wants to buy some bread :((
• why does everyone knows about jeonghan (a/n: omg pls dont mind the "aka" it was a typo ;;;)
• will seungcheol turn down jeonghan's interview? :o (a/n: its "i dont do interviews" ;;; im so sorry for the mistakes i made this at 3am and i was already sleepy lmao)
• get u a friend that's supportive as soonyoung
• an hour later Choi Seungcheol wakes up from his deep slumber when he received a call
"What the?" Seungcheol groaned as he reached for his phone on the night stand beside his bed. It was only 4am in the morning and he was too sleepy to check the caller, "Kim Mingyu I swear to God I-" "Hello, is this Mr. Choi Seungcheol?" He knew it wasn't Mingyu.
The voice was very soft and gentle, unlike Mingyu's. It was unfamiliar to him, from the voice and the 'business' tone. "Yes, this is Choi Seungcheol. Who's this?" He lazily asks. "Um, this is Yoon Jeonghan from MBS who's asking for an interview..." He paused, sounding unsure.
"I'd like to ask you if you're okay with the interview?" Seungcheol sat up and wore his slippers. He walked over to the night view outside the hotel he was staying. Normally he would turn it down without hesitation, but why is he suddenly thinking twice? 'Fuck you, Wonwoo.'
"Hello? Mr. Choi?" Seungcheol blinked, "Ah, sorry I dozed off." He lied. He was actually wide awake. "It's only 4am here in L.A, how about we meet personally in a few days when I come back to Korea?" Jeonghan from the other line was taken aback. He wasn't sure what to reply.
Jeonghan shut his lips together when he realized they were agape. Why was he making this a big deal anyways? He took a deep breath before answering, "Um, sure." "Good to hear. I'll be flying back 2 days from now, you can meet me at my office in the afternoon."
"I will, Mr. Choi. Thank you and have a safe flight. Goodbye." Jeonghan immediately hung up the phone before Seungcheol could even respond. Realizing what he did was very disrespectful, he could only lightly slap himself, "God, Jeonghan, you're such an idiot."
Seungcheol went back to bed but he wasn't sleepy anymore. He just stared at the ceiling, trying to gather his thoughts together. Yoon Jeonghan sounded so familiar to him.
• gotta tell his bff the big news
• someone's getting laid soon???? 👀
• they're finally using their minghao life line!!
• jeonghan finally found someone calm
• ...or not
• seungcheol's coming home!!!
• looks like they're getting ready hmm
• seungkwan and soonyoung aren't pleased at all
• today is finally jeonghan's d-day !!
• does it really look kinky??
• looks way too chill for me too hmm
• what do you think y'all?
• goodluck b!
• interviewing god
• we doubt that too ;)
• but first, coffee ☕
• but why does seungcheol needs a background check on jeonghan?? hmm
• lil chan missed his big bro 💕
• meanwhile seungkwan isn't feeling well :((
• also say hello to our resident hansol 👀
• seungkwan's pov
• seungkwan is wasting no time!!
• hansol is whipped at first meet
• the Flash is jobless
• (back to seungcheol) seungcheol and jeonghan were classmates during highschool!
• and he was seungcheol's crush?? :o
• is seungcheol going to get jeonghan this time??? does jeonghan remember seungcheol?? ;)
• some indirects to jeonghan
• jeonghan has arrived!
Jeonghan took a deep breath after putting his phone inside his coat's pocket. He took out his small notepad and pen from his bag. "You're gonna be fine, Jeonghan." "Just one interview and it's all done." "This is for your debut broadcast, remember that."
"Here goes nothing." He says as he made his way to the lobby. "Good day, Sir. May I help you?" He let out a small smile to the receptionist infront of him, "Hi, I'm Yoon Jeonghan and I have a...scheduled meeting with Mr. Choi?" The receptionist smiled at him, "7th floor."
Jeonghan immediately checked his reflection once he entered the elevator. He made sure that he looked presentable. His heart was beating so fast, and his hands were shaking. He made a lot of interviews even before Seungcheol, him being nervous doesn't makes sense to him at all.
Why was he nervous anyways? It's just another interview. "Right, it's just any other normal interview." He convinced himself. When he finally reached the 7th floor, he knew that it was time to put on his professional face on. "For the debut broadcast, Jeonghan."
Seungcheol heard the elevator opened. He knew it was Jeonghan yet his heart was still beating like crazy. He couldn't believe he's seeing him again after so many years. "Mr. Choi? It's me, Yoon Jeonghan from MBS." Seungcheol let out a small sigh before facing him.
'Oh, god.' He couldn't believe what was in front of his eyes. It really is Yoon Jeonghan, the guy who sat next to him in class, the guy who has an angelic smile that made him fell for him, the guy he looked for everywhere. He's finally here.
He swallowed the lump in his throat, "Good afternoon, Mr. Yoon." Jeonghan smiled, "Please, just call me Jeonghan." 'Fuck, Seungcheol. Don't smile!' Seungcheol hummed in response, "You may sit." He motioned the chair in front of him. "Thank you."
"Umm, I'll ask you first if do you agree with this interview...Is it alright with you?" Jeonghan opened his small notebook. It took a few seconds before he answered, "Of course." Seungcheol stared at the boy who was looking down at his notebook in front of him.
'Shit shit shit.' Meanwhile, Jeonghan was freaking inside. He suddenly doesn't know how he's going to start the interview. He was at loss for words. 'God, thank you so much for gray suits.' "So um, I'll start with the questions..."
Jeonghan made sure not to make eye contact with Seungcheol, he felt intimidated and anxious with his presence. He felt like he's going to choke on his words anytime. "Why did you finally accepted our interview request?" Jeonghan's grip his pen tightened. "Because it's you."
Jeonghan blinked. He slowly raised his head to look at Seungcheol, "Pardon, Sir?" "I mean, I've been considering about accepting interviews, and you were the first one to make an appointment so..." Seungcheol made sure to pinch himself under the table for his dumb move.
Jeonghan doesn't know why he asked again, he heard him clearly and now he has to contain himself from blushing. Though Seungcheol was amused by the sight in front of him. Yoon Jeonghan is blushing. 'Damn. Did I just made him blush?'
"'re saying that it's just a pure coincidence?" Jeonghan went on to brush of the awkwardness he was feeling. "Yes," Seungcheol says. But he wasn't Seungcheol at all if he's not going to tease a little bit, right? He let out a mischievous grin, "Maybe not."
'Fuck fuck fuck.' Jeonghan let out a sigh so that it would look like it didn't bother him at all. "Shall we proceed with the rest of the questions? This will be quick," Jeonghan said and smiled. God knows how Seungcheol is trying so hard to hold everything in.
The interview went on smoothly as Jeonghan planned until the last question. Seungcheol really answered his questions honestly and he seemed sincere which was kind of shocking to him. With Seungcheol's reputation, maybe he's not that bad at all. "So, Jeonghan," Seungcheol says.
He puts his elbow on the table and rested his chin on top of his left palm. Jeonghan immediately stopped from fixing his things when he heard the man in front of him. Seungcheol grinned, thinking to himself that he might really have an effect on Jeonghan.
All he has to do is to confirm. "Y-Yes, Mr. Choi?" Jeonghan was trying so damn hard to contain himself. The tension inside his office was too much, it was suffocating and it felt dangerous. But somehow, he doesn't feel scared at all. "Enough about me. Let's talk about you."
'God, why do I have to suffer like this?' Jeonghan debated whether to answer the man infront of him or just go ahead and crash their lips together. Oh, did Jeonghan said what kind of tension he was feeling? Yes, it was sexual tension. Jeonghan found himself nodding.
Seungcheol was holding himself back. He didn't know if he'll still ask Jeonghan about his highschool and if he remembers him or just let the 'tension' rise. "So uh, heard you went to Seoul High School?" Seungcheol started off. Jeonghan raised his brow, "How did you know?"
Seungcheol mentally panicked. He wasn't ready for am excuse and he couldn't think of one. He knows that Jeonghan will find it creepy if he told him the truth about giving him a background check. And it would be awkward too if he'll say that they were seatmates in high school.
Seungcheol bit his lip, and Jeonghan almost cussed out loud with what he just saw. "You're pretty popular in your field too, guess I just heard it from a fan of yours." He excused. It wasn't a good reason but it wasn't bad either.
He silently prayed to himself that Jeonghan won't find it weird. Jeonghan's confused look turned into a smile, "Really? I guess so." He said and gave out a little chuckle. This time Seungcheol was stopping his hands from pinching Jeonghan's cheeks. He's too cute for him.
But then Seungcheol was also dying to ask the important question. He was about to say something when Jeonghan stood up, "Um, if you don't mind, I'll just use the washroom first." "Oh, sure. It's over there." He pointed at the door at the right side of the room.
"Thanks! I'll be back in a minute." Jeonghan said and immediately walked away. Once he entered the washroom, he locked it and exhaled, that was when he realized that he was holding his breath for a long time already. "Damn it, Seungcheol." He grabbed his phone in his pocket.
• (soonyoung pov) what is jeonghan about to do?? 👀
Meanwhile Seungcheol was busy debating to himself whether to ask his "very" important question or not. 'Would it be awkward to ask him about that?' He couldn't think, so he asked Wonwoo instead.
• go for it seungcheol!!
The washroom's door opened, and Seungcheol looked up and almost dropped his phone when he saw Jeonghan. "Shit." Seungcheol let out a cuss that Jeonghan was able to hear, which only made the grin on his face wider. Jeonghan sat down on the chair he was sitting on earlier.
"So," This time Jeonghan was able to meet Seungcheol's gaze. "What was your question again?" Seungcheol's jaw almost dropped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Jeonghan wasn't wearing his coat anymore, and his polo was undone until the 3rd button, exposing his chest.
Jeonghan felt confident this time. He knew the gazes Seungcheol gives. The man in front of him wants him and he could feel it. 'Oh God, am I doing the right thing? What if I'm just assuming things holy shi-" Jeonghan's mind went blank when he saw Seungcheol smirked.
'Two can play this game, Jeonghan.' Seungcheol removed his coat, unbuttoned his cuffs and pulled them up until his elbows, and loosened his necktie. "As I was saying," Jeonghan gulped. He wasn't ready at all. "Can I ask you something?" Seungcheol says.
He stood up and slowly made his way in front of Jeonghan. He sat down on the edge of the table right infront of him, which made him gulp. Jeonghan was suddenly loss for words. He couldn't talk and his eyes were busy staring at the man right before his eyes.
Seungcheol met his eyes, and Jeonghan made sure to keep the eye contact even though he suddenly felt like backing out. His plan backfired. "Are you in a relationship?" Seungcheol asks. Jeonghan gulped for the nth time but he tried his best to fight back with eye contact.
"Jeonghan?" He snapped back, only to realize he was staring at him for too long that he wasn't able to reply. "Y-Yes?" 'Shit.' His confidence was suddenly gone. He felt drained and weak, he knew Seungcheol's effect on him was too much. "I asked you a question."
"Are you single?" Seungcheol asked in his deep voice, slowly bringing his face closer to Jeonghan. He had hoped that his heartbeat wouldn't be too loud for him to hear. His heart was racing only for this man in front of him. Only for Jeonghan.
Jeonghan stared back at Seungcheol who's stare was piercing through his soul. His gaze went from his eyes, down to his lips. Jeonghan bit his lower lip. "I-I am." His grip on his slack tightened when Seungcheol looked at his lips too and smirked. "Good."
(A/N: a lowkey bs coming up! ❗please do not read if you are not comfortable with scenes like this.❗ you may skip this part, although it's not like a 'smut' smut you know. it's more of a 'ˢᵐᵘᵗ' so i don't really consider this as 'smut' lol)
Both of them stared at each other's lips, wondering if they should do the first move or let the latter do it. Nonetheless, Jeonghan knew that he wanted this. He wanted to claim Seungcheol's lips, he wanted him, all of him. Both knew that it's already too late to back off.
Jeonghan wasn't confident anymore. He planned to tease him a little, but Seungcheol was too smart and now the tables have turned. He knew he couldn't pull away anymore. There's no backing out. Jeonghan threw all his thoughts away and emptied his mind. "Fuck it."
Jeonghan grabbed Seungcheol's necktie, pulling him closer to him and crashing their lips together. Seungcheol was taken aback for a few seconds, his crush in highschool kissed him first. His crush is kissing him. They are kissing.
Seungcheol immediately cupped Jeonghan's face with his both hands and pulled him closer to him, making him stand between his legs. Jeonghan's hands roamed around his body, his left hand stopping on his chest to loosen the tie and unbutton his polo.
Seungcheol helped him unbutton his polo without breaking the kiss. Jeonghan took off Seungcheol's polo first before unbuttoning his. Right after he took off his polo, Seungcheol's kiss went from his lips down to his neck, sucking and biting it gently.
His lips went back on his lips, kissing him like he couldn't get enough. Soon enough, Seungcheol was already standing, grabbing Jeonghan's left thigh and guiding it to his hips. Jeonghan knew what he had to do so he jumped on him, wrapping his legs around Seungcheol's hips.
Few moments later, all that Jeonghan knows is that they were both inside the bedroom of his office. Seungcheol was busy kissing every part of him, already half naked with only his boxers on left, and so was he. And then night came fast.
• Jeonghan woke up because of the coldness at his feet. He was about to pull the sheets, but he felt something was off. He opened his eyes, only to realize that he wasn't in his room. Suddenly, waves of memories from earlier that day came in his mind.
"Oh my God..." Jeonghan bit his lower lip and firmly closed his eyes as he carefully sat up. He slowly turned head, and gasped when he saw Choi Seungcheol, the hottest and most wealthy lawyer in South Korea, is sleeping beside him. Naked.
Jeonghan quickly got off the bed, but was extremely careful not to wake him up. He picked up his clothes and wore them faster than lightning. Just as he was about to press the elevator, he felt that it would seem rude if he just leave.
So Jeonghan left his calling card on his table and wrote a little message at the back. 'Sorry if I just left. I was in a hurry. Call me? xo' "Is that too flirty?" Jeonghan shrugged as he made his way out.
• Soon as he was out the building, he immediately fished his phone from his pocket.
• jihoon and soonyoung has been texting each other?? 👀
• tweets from jeonghan
• we cant believe it too soonyoung
• meanwhile on the side of rainbows and unicorns, seungkwan and hansol went out for another date!
• allkpoop should burn in hell //tbh tho//
• so seungkwan and hansol are FOR REAL?????
• jihoon is 12/10 sure
• jeonghan doesn't feel anything???
• what's supposed to hurt?
Seungcheol turned over on his bed, his hands looking for someone so he could cuddle. When he felt the other side of the bed was empty, he couldn't help but feel sad all of a sudden. "Ah, seems like he already left." He checked the time on his phone, it was already 2am.
Seungcheol went out of the bedroom after putting on his slacks. As he was busy buttoning up his polo, he noticed something on his table. Jeonghan's calling card. He smiled, but his smile got wider when he saw the message at the back.
• jeonghan receives a text from someone?? hmm
• but why is soonyoung with jihoon? 👀
• could this be...
• seungcheol?!?
• jeonghan saved him as Mr. Hottie ♡ lmao what a hoe 🙄
(a/n: shameless mistake. before seungcheol said 'me too' jeonghan said 'unfortunately i can't sleep :((' im so sorry skdksdjsj)
• seungcheol is quick too!!! 🏃
• who's excited for their date? me! 🙋
• the next morning
• awh seungcheol :' )
• jeonghan is w h i p p e d
"You're not allergic to coffee, right?" Seungcheol asked soon after he started the car engine. "Are you kidding? I live for coffees." Jeonghan giggled that made him smile. Seungcheol's heart stopped for a moment. He looked at Jeonghan for a while, "Perfect then."
On the way to their destination, Seungcheol tried his best to keep the conversation going. They talked about his cases, the weirdest and funniest cases he handled, Jeonghan's nerve-wracking interview for the internship, how he embarrassed himself on his first day at the studio.
They shared funny stories and had a good laugh until Seungcheol had to pull over as they already reached the coffee shop. "How about you sit and I'll order for us?" Seungcheol offered and gave him a smile. Jeonghan just smiled back and nodded.
Jeonghan made sure to find a seat that's near the window because he always like to observe his surroundings while drinking coffee. Once Jeonghan found the perfect seat, he took out his phone.
Jeonghan wasn't able to text another reply anymore when he saw Seungcheol walking towards him with two cups of coffees in his hands. He kept his phone inside his pocket and placed his arms on the table. He marveled at the man walking in front of him, his figure, his features.
'God seriously took his time when he was making this man.' Seungcheol sat in front of him and immediately flashed his gummy smile instinctively, "Hope you don't mind Americano." He says. Jeonghan's heart was beating so fast. He ordered his favorite drink.
Jeonghan just shrugged the thought away. Maybe he was just overreacting and it was just a great coincidence. Yep. A coincidence. Meanwhile Seungcheol saw how Jeonghan's face lit up and turned red all of a sudden. He grinned to himself. He knew it was his favorite drink.
He remebered how Jeonghan would always stop by the café near their school after classes. He noticed how he would come out holding an Americano in one of his hands. He actually had no clue if it's still his favorite 'til now, but he just made a lucky guess.
The two drank their coffees while telling stories to each other. It wasn't a bad first date for Jeonghan at all. Everything went great and smooth. "About what happened yesterday," Jeonghan started after a brief of silence between them. Seungcheol's raised his eyebrows.
"Did we..." Jeonghan looked so nervous, he couldn't look at Seungcheol anymore and he did everything to avoid his eyes. Seungcheol smiled as he remembered what happened. "No." Jeonghan immediately exhaled as a sign of relief.
"Really? I mean...we were kinda..." Jeonghan was at loss for words, he grabbed the back of his nape as he felt himself getting so embarrassed. "It took a lot to stop myself, you know." Seungcheol began. Jeonghan felt his cheeks heating up.
"I wouldn't do anything that would make you uncomfortable in any way. We just slept, nothing else." He continued. "I watched you sleep soundly beside me. My bed felt warm and full, like everything was perfect. I couldn't get enough, Jeonghan." Seungcheol met his gaze.
Jeonghan could feel his heartbeat rising up, it felt like his heart was ready to jump out of his ribcage. Seungcheol who was known for his very intimidating aura is telling him things that no one could ever imagine. He felt so special.
"Remember when I told you that I heard you studied in Seoul High School?" Jeonghan nodded, "I don't know if you remember me but I was your seatmate back then." And then Jeonghan remembered that one guy in his class who was popular for his looks.
That one guy who kept on talking to him even if the topic was non sense. That one guy who gave him chocolates every Valentine's Day and told him that he has a lot of it. That one guy who has a gummy smile that annoyed him a lot because he thinks he's too cute. It was him.
"No way." Jeonghan shook his head in disbelief. "Yep. And I used to have this...huge crush on you..." Seungcheol bit his lower lip and looked away. Jeonghan could see his ears slowly getting red, it made him smile. "I kinda had a crush on you too."
• awh poor seokmin : (
• actor jeon and actor kim for their movie
• but what's really going on with soonyoung and jihoon? 👀
• 3xp0s3d by jihoon
• line up ladies!!
• sounds like a good movie tho i wanna watch it :(((
• allkpoop back at it again 🙄
• boss is already waiting for jeonghan
"Hey," Jeonghan started when they finally calmed down from laughing too hard. "Josh texted me and told me that they're waiting for me." Seungcheol immediately finished off his coffee and stood up, "Oh sure. I'll drop you off." Jeonghan blinked, "Would it be okay?"
Seungcheol tilted his head, "Hmm, of course. Why?" Jeonghan shrugged, "Aren't you late for work?" Jeonghan said, it made him look at his wrist watch. Indeed, he was already an hour late but he doesn't care at all. 'Crap. Jun must be looking for me by now.' "Nah."
Seungcheol offered his hand, "Let's go?" Jeonghan smiled widely and took his hand. Seungcheol held his hand until they reached his car. He opened the door for Jeonghan which made him blush. The moment they reached the MBS Building, Jeonghan didn't feel like getting off at all.
"Jeonghan, we're here." Jeonghan snapped out of his thoughts. Seungcheol grinned, "Looks like someone doesn't want to get off." He teased. Jeonghan only rolled his eyes. He opened the door and was already about to get off when Seungcheol grabbed his arm and pulled him back.
Seungcheol placed a kiss on Jeonghan's forehead, "Goodluck on getting that debut broadcast." Jeonghan was frozen for a moment but immediately went back to his senses. He looked at Seungcheol, his ears were red as hell. Jeonghan slowly shook his head with a smile.
Seungcheol was taken aback when Jeonghan suddenly kissed him on his cheeks. He flashed an angelic smile that made Seungcheol's heart stop for a moment. "Drive safely." Was Jeonghan's last words to him before he went out of the car, leaving Seungcheol frozen on his seat.
• so seungcheol texted jeonghan and he couldn't believe that he really said something so cringey
• and then seungcheol just realized what he said. he mentally cursed himself. he just called jeonghan 'baby' and he sounded like a whiny baby.
Meanwhile Jeonghan couldn't stop grinning to himself because Seungcheol was being too cute for his fragile heart. He didn't mind Seungcheol calling him 'baby.' He actually likes it.
• these lovebirds istg
• 3 hours later
• jihoon is a smol aggressive soul ??
• kids these days smh
• grandpa wen doesn't understand
• so much love for these two awh :' )
• resident hansol just finished his 1st 30 hours shift
• someone's early
• seungcheol's first photo of jeonghan on his twitter and his friends are...not surprised?? except for chan uwu
• but can allkpoop also get a life pls
• fans' reactions + memes
• twitter is a mess
• seokmin's tweet confusing everyone even more 🤦
"So let me get something straight," Seungcheol says as he gently puts his utensils down. Jeonghan immediately stopped eating and looked at Seungcheol innocently, which made him giggle a little because he found the small gesture cute. Seungcheol cleared his throat,
"I have a crush on you, you have a crush on me too so..." Seungcheol trailed off. Jeonghan already knew where this conversation is headed. "Wanna make this thing work?" He looked at Seungcheol, who wiggled his eyebrows teasingly. Jeonghan couldn't help but smile.
"Yeah, sure." Seungcheol's face lit up. He was stressed, he had 6 clients but luckily they were just small cases that are easy to solve. Leaving him with the possible homicide case that he will probably ask for Junhui's help. With Jeonghan's answer, POOF! goes all his stress.
But Seungcheol still wanted to make sure so he asked once again and looked straight into Jeonghan's eyes, "Really?" Jeonghan nodded with a smile. Seungcheol blinked many times in surprise. "So...are we like...kinda dating?" Jeonghan giggled, "Yeah. I think we're kinda dating."
• jeonghan is clueless
• seungcheol too
• jeonghan uses his own meme
• but seungcheol gives zero fucks 😎
• in the middle of this chaos, mingyu gives his fans a spoiler for the movie
• director ji comin' thru
❗❗'Eclipse' Trailer❗❗
• IT'S REAL!!!!
• seungcheol's ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶
• a month later and finally d-day of jeonghan's debut live news broadcast!!
• jeonghan is nervous
• a proud boyfriend
• nights and mornings with the couple
• wait whAT?! WHO'S ENGAGED?!
• only brighter days for this couple!! 💕💕
• (present) jeonghan's clingy boyfriend
• a compilation of seungcheol showing off his boyfriend on twitter
• part 2: gdi seungcheol yes you love him and we know it
• seungcheol's account turned into a jeonghan fansite and the fans are loving it
• jeonghan accepts the challenge!!
• part two: they are so whipped for each other ugh :' )
• seems like seungcheol got busy
• wen junhui just freaking S N 🅰 P P E D
• lmao what's good allkpoop
• they are back in each other's arms and they've been cuddling since morning til midnight 💖
• AFTER 3 YEARS! 💖 1/3 (their life as individuals)
• 2/3
• 3/3
• and our main characters are doing photoshoots :')
• updates on the couples! ❤
• of course we can't forget the main couple : D
• where are they going?? :o
• it's their 3rd anniversary!!!! 😌❤
• jeonghan why is h---oh.
"Babe, can you pour me another drink please?" Seungcheol asks. Jeonghan sat up straight as he was resting his head on Seungcheol's thighs. They were his favorite kind of pillow, he wasn't going to deny it. Jeonghan reached for the bottle that's just sitting beside his feet.
As his hand grasped the bottle, he noticed a pretty shell that was slightly covered in sand beside it. He smiled and grabbed it too. "Seungcheol, look the shell is so pretty--" Jeonghan stopped midway of his sentence when he showed it to Seungcheol.
He tried shaking the shell, "What's wrong?" Seungcheol sat up too when he noticed Jeonghan was staring at the shell seriously. Jeonghan looked at him with a mischievous smile, "I think there's something inside the shell! What if it's a pearl?!"
Jeonghan was so excited about the shell he was holding that he kept on shaking it in front of Seungcheol's face. Seungcheol laughed at his boyfriend's cuteness, "Hannie, we don't even know if it's a real pearl." "Oh, right. Wait let me check."
Jeonghan opened the shell slowly, afraid that the pearl might jump out all of a sudden. Much to his surprise, it wasn't a pretty white pearl that greeted Jeonghan's eyes. "Seungcheol..." Seungcheol smiled, "What do you think about spending more anniversaries with me?"
• what's happening ????
• OHMYGOD ?!?!??!!
• pre-nup pics!!
• finally some good content from allkpoop
• we can't wait too!!
• finally d-day!!!!!
• some greetings from jeonghan's bffs
• and greetings from seungcheol's best buds too!
• what did seungcheol sent him?? 👀
• wonwoo coming out of his closet + the image seungcheol sent
• dating scandals
• seokmin will be live tweeting the wedding of the year!!
• live tweets from seokmin
• everyone is tearing up
• a small excerpt from their vows
• facts only our vocal god seokmin 👏👏👏
• wedding's done!
• officially Mr. & Mr. Choi ❤
• reception is lit
• awh mingyu :' )
• close your eyes kids!!
• a week after the wedding
• dinner night in paris :' )
«────── « ⋅fin⋅ » ──────»
a/n: aaaaaaaa it's finally finished!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ im so happy that my first au is getting so much love from everyone uwu im so sorry if i somehow disappointed you in any part of this fic lmao i hope i'll still see everyone in my next au! 💘💘
𝐋𝐚𝐦𝐢-𝐬𝐚𝐧 ⑰
@𝙙𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙮𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙡𝙨 𝙟𝙚𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙝𝙖𝙣 𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙨 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙝𝙚 𝙞𝙨
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